Amrican Poet

By R. Cary

Amrican Poet

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Ravaging Pain



Blonde Beast


Golden Lion

Art of Self


Human As Art

Amrican Poet II

Arriving June 2023

This is your story, when you chose to live as the Phoenix you are

Loving inside, deep into the care of your cavernous

Heart, your void becomes your strength

Enduring blindly, only courage survives

One of pure conviction and one of burning desire

Igniting indignation of the purity of your spirit

Unleashing fury upon yourself, your soul to bleed

Tears of self destruction taunting the essence of your being,

But this is not that story, this is the story of your truth

The courage of your heart to know the feeling of this fight

To endure relentlessly until your battle is won

Until your two selves, one of this life and one of the next

Becomes your spirit here on earth, your walking truth

Built with courage, grown through faith, given to humanity,

As determination became the glory of your purpose,

As you unleashed the savagery of your heart on this mighty earth

By R. Cary

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Amrican Poet By R. Cary

Amrican Poet brings you into the world of R. Cary through over 50,000 words of relentless pressure on your reality. Just as you believe the beating and pulsating of your existence will cease, you will find yourself deeper into questions of self and reality.

Amrican Poet Features: Ravaging Pain, Fractures, Darkside, Blonde Beast, Endurance, Golden Lion, Art of Self, Infinity, Human As Art.

Start your journey. It is yours to take.


R. Cary

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