2. Amrican Poet Fractures By R. Cary

Amrican Poet



Your river, flowing through as the dreams of a sinner, an internal labyrinth, a swaying of conjectures

Knowing in lucidity, your life prevails, your faith delivered, devouring those 

Lost in taunted effects, a lingering path laid proud;

Fateful, conquering, loving, but more still hides

In potentiality mounting;

Hills unfolding as you engage

Laying themselves to be 

Your path with carefully placed belief

As your own, a definition still to be told

I am lost beyond cause, I am dying in tears

A waning belief, a faulted purpose

Traversing the landscape of my design

Denying fortitude in strength

If only I could care

My heart would beat again,

Lingering my soul with bliss

Giving a destination of my will

For my light to shine 

A new faith brings atonement with beleaguered perceptions

Of unknown cause

Of uncertainty living

As to the certainty

Of who I am

An impatience glooming, a soul unwinding

Rest becoming

Whooping howls

No one to hear

As it always;

Life will be

But in time

You will heal

As u have 

Once upon 

A time before

Appealing to faith

Dying in despair

A curious paradigm

An outcome unknown

Beating a drum

Tearing my fears

Into uneven

Strands of faith

Living in me

Dissected into thought

A feeling no more

As mighty Thor

Will find his way

Conjure the righteous, conjure the good

A fact of existence

Only one choice should be heard

In your life, essence believed

As your best self

This day will be seen

Entangled velocity pursuing my soul

Propelling beyond conceptions allowed

In a history unheard, now unsure,

All there is to be done is face

A life of faith as a cure

Find the jeweled crown of human conception 

An Aphrodite for Socrates,

In a life lived well

By a morality of choices

Through a vision of blind trust

New theories are forming

In giving love I trust

My purpose, my belief

My acronyms of faith

Giving is always

Not just a human myth;

In this we can reside

As humanity's Blonde Beasts

Rectifying what we all learned

From the faith of the ancients

To those who loathe the day

They ever brought their evil to us;

The living embodiment as they sought,

What they thought didn't exist

Humans of Good, correcting

Human sinful mistakes,

Seekers of giving,

Doers of the just

Striking balance in power

A battle never ending

Until each one of us

Only look to the Good

Leaving evil to rest

As deliverers of peace

Bring them their free will, 


Gaining ground on demons unheard

Heading to an inconsequential existence

Perturbation begins to rule

A fainting self-worth

A falling out of self-discovery

Living in cyclones of emotion

A transference of turbulence

To human aggression

A definitive myth now a memory lost

Give me your grimaces of a life endured

And I will relieve you from pain

Enlighten yourself

And I will ease your soul

Just one step of faith

And forever u will endure

I once felt a soul

A given beat

Pulsating me to choose

My life to be 

An idea unable to touch

A theory in being

Now a deceased

Hollow grave

Bur-roughing into

My chest

Concaving a tomb

Never to escape

Only to lay, here 

Only to lay, alone

In, between

Sculpted hatred

Twinkling definitions,

A benign intent

Met with pause,

Grief, and guilt

Look into my eyes, disturbingly blank, reflection lacking, only a muted vision;



Entangled titans filling my bones

To a hardened stone, weighing me to this earth

So the evil of hell will seek its perverse justice;

My soul as a trophy, awarded to the grinning 

Teething beasts crawling in salvation,

Such an award to be conquered

A human once with such ambition

Frozen to fear, a choice no more

An acceptance of fate, as the grinners persevere

Love and care

A dying need

So longing,

My heart now dies

Aching and distraught

Your fears arrive

Perception undone

Faith long gone 

Only a bruising

Pain living

Blue and purple

Seeping from

Unknown beginnings

Long lost, mired

In sight

Losing disruptions

My human battle to endure

Taking on too much

Each step unsure

Cracking foundations

No reprieve near

But a fight will be held

As I don't give in

All I know is to fight

For what it is that I believe

Adorn your responsibility to a life well lived, just a few steps out your duty is to arrive, as a comprehensive pseudonym for limitless human belief in a derivation of common folklore that we all can be, our eternity within, our forced persistence in our presence, a path well worn, from journeys of beginnings to journeys to understand, an easy hope when you stride in conscious musing gazing towards your inward light; lit, as a trail in leading so each door is closed then lost to the skies, a recognition now that no door is in sight, gone into a journey, a marksman on his hike, making his path one step anew without fear or concern for what this is all for, a mere form of thought is enough because once again, like the day he was born from Orion’s loin, this marksman only lives in the light

Palpating tears soothing my sins

Holding gentleness anew

In kind hope

Courage arrives

In my human life

Hope survives

Attacking constructs of old, a story of sorts, a pride now gone

On to the next, a focus re-rising, a persistence being born

In desire for more, a life so wanted, so desired

Recognizing this truth as maybe not before

With logic reigning, my heart feels with possibility,

Potentiality persisting without reason 

But a path will pursue, by my very own will

Crimson tides of blood tarnishing my skin

A fluidity in thought perfecting my fall

Swollen in pain, fevering with a glare

My heart will no longer beat

Because I am gonna tear this hell to 

A once forgotten swarm of ill advised

Threat upon my existence,

A decisive action discerning

The might of the Good

From the weakness of pain;

Penetrating a human plague

So today, today evil dies in my arms,

A burial of myths, a burial of pure will

Against all odds, standing grace

Arising from ashes of distortion

Into the path of light

Through the flames of disdain

So I will say;

I am the Blonde Beast

Hear my roar, through my cries


An epic self,

A pure monolith of faith

Seeking to define

Brutality of force

As my now weapon of choice

Hate lingering

Pain smoldering

Myself into

Stained faith

Hindered in thought


Not to surrender


To breath again

Despite it all

I am here for what I believe

Beating, thumping, acquiring

Loathing, begging, pleading;

On your knees, crying;

Ego swollen

Mirages interfering,

Faith a stow away

Reckoning arising,

Knees quivering,

Sightful tears

Show me my pain;

Fears presumed unreal

Fed as disheartenment

Lurking to feed,

Looking to devour,

Each drop of sweat;

Each fear;

I now realize

Has left me all alone

Rising, tidling, wave of fatigue

Monotony killing

Banal tunes now listened;

Subduing, relentlessly,

Pounding my heartened chest,

Splattering consequences

Collapsing my chest

Into suffocation

Tenderizing my breathing

Grossing negligence of self

Through mirrored deflection

Of purpose pondering hope

As droplets of pain 

Caressing me to devour me

Lit, darkened

Pain, misery

Hope, denial

Lack of

Human faith

Belief in purpose

Dying, inside

Can't stand

Can't sit

It's too much

Tired of it

Delivered it

Now my life ends in it

A feeling

I will not endure

But a truth to be pure

Stop the terror

Stop the fear

Ignite your inner beast

Your inner faith

Of choice

To look and see

The Blonde Beast is there


As he always has been

To pull you

From despair

To cleanse you

When in fear

When torn

When ending

Becomes your sight

Your vision of being

He will still be there

Brutality of giving

Testing your faith

Driving you insane

Lost consciousness

Trust never more 

Imported fear

Uncertainty disguised

In reality unknown

Catching, grasping,

For respite of air

Nowhere in sight

Drowning becomes clear

A daily habit

A fate it appears

This is my life

Full of torture and fear

Of pain never undone

A cycle still going

Losing myself

Not knowing which tracks

Lead to my death

And those that are safe

At this point

They are both the same

A true never ending story

Just because you cared

Worthless sentiment

Compelling my pain

To beat me beyond

Down to broken pieces

Sharded into my eyes

Gorging my belief

From my human flesh

Alive I am

While I am skinned;

Each layer being 

Scraped slowly

Only to be sewed

Back on to be torn

From myself, as a metaphor

Of my soul

Leaving my body

As today, like

The day before

Is all I have

Is this moment

No future to exist

Fear, atonement

Past sins,


Scared, sacrifice

A self in shock

Living in lack of

A future unclear

Disturbance of mood;

Only forward

I must go

Or live forever

In a past unknown

Gracious, conflicted

Thankful, but concerned

Reality lost

An identity well built

Pleasure and joy

Humanity not found

Disgust and guilt

Riddling my thoughts

Letting go I fear

Will bring more pain

A consciousness arisen

A life you have chosen

In your momentum paused

You think you see

Irrelevance is clear

Only forward will

Bring you to your 

Reality to breath

Stand in your vigilance

Stand in your pain,

Scathing your graces

Brutality awakens

A burial beneath

Capturing depths,

Conjectures of fear

Stirring your echoes,

Of consciousness

That make your quiver

No longer hidden

But a force of belief

God, find me a path

While I rest, recover

To begin again

A path of the Good

Still some repair


I hold so dear;

Instill in me this vision

And it will be my way

I only care to give,

It is where my sanctuary rests

And where my soul lives;

I ask this favor, I will

Wait and listen and

When it is clear and

I am relieved to further

Not a blink will occur

I will simply walk as I am told

Lost in archaic persuasions

Sinful patterns of allegories

Morphed into metaphors 

Of an alleged consciousness

Deciphering, delivering

Melancholy infused

Standing in,

Two footed holes

Cementing stances

A posturing confused

Conspiring against me

Lurking from outside,

From within

It is the same

Wrapped in denial

Engaging with

A twirling commotion 

Unsure who will win

Evil and his disdain


Heaven's lighted spear;

In lost ground

My mechanisms of

Humanism implores

An unravelment of me,

Seam by seam

Until the threads

Of my fiber

Make up of me

No more

The skies lifted as atlas shrugged

The strength of human might

The courage of human will

A monumental feat, through metaphors of belief

A human lifting the world

Into the path of the Blonde Beast

Into unwavering faith

Beginning to thread a conscious unraveling

A woven heart breaking

A mortal sin encountered

Bring your hammer

Bring your Thor

Letting lightning strike

The Blonde Beast of your will

I walk into the claws of hell flaunting

My written disgust of humanity

And flames

Burning is my soul with inept

Peace denied

Scolding I am, with hate of inner


Lift your spirit, lift your will, engage with

Afflictions of your soul;

A deviation of your consciousness to

Litanies of blissful resurrection,

Of your divinity guiding your faithful purpose as

Gods' human light

Shining through your pain

Bringing listened tears to your boisterous

Acquiescence heard as a lion’s

Roar into fields of history

Portraying unsolidity relinquished in perception

Holding my spirits worn as a shield of strength

As a warrior of human faith, as a person who cares

Fatigue undressed, your history unloved

Distasteful in inquiry

Conjuring hell to acquire

Pursuant to ravagement

Your life long scar

Well fatigued, an authority

Without reprieve

Condolences arrives

To forgive myself

For all that I bleed

Gathering, drifting, floating, detesting

Attributes anointed, belonging to 

A seldom found version of being

Sensing lucidity, sensing there is more

I, me

With no heart to breath

A corpse;

Dead, but not dying

Takes one more inhale

A last chance at salvation

Into the darkness I go

To fight, one last more

A broken symmetry convoluting my disguised

Essence into paradigmatic dissection

Altering a thesis from mirrored glass to

A translucent dissension

Abstaining from;

A fallen frailty of self

Letting hope fall

For the pieces to begin

To find

A soul as a lost cause

Kill me this river litanizing my disdain, protruding my languished soul from bowels paining my fainting breath, birthing from within a helter's hell erupting tormented brutality carving Nietzche's plague and Sartre's fate of disturbing afterthoughts in existential disease; a corpse, a heart of death blackened and hardened breaking a diamond's resilience, breaking a spirit's cocked fortitude lashing into shriveled revelations of glory and strength into the lower levels of Dante's masterpiece, loathing in my now scaling skin, my burning soul; No more can be done

Give me your weakness, give me your pain, your umbilical cord of distrust;

Rest in me your vicious disdain, antipathy of coarseness perversing my reign

As a worn symbol of my lion's roar, pouncing to deter even a moment

Of your lame, defunct anti-human metaphor for rage;

Inwards congregating a sublime path, as I walk this earth, ravaging human pain

As my brutal sway of maneuvering today, staring into you, my light;

Will devour your darkness within, a carnivore of will, a destroyer I will;

Walk into this valley of shame breathing my dragon, slaying your grasps

Of perception of foes laying within a circle of death, twisting to conjure

Who it is that I am; just look into me and on this day, you meet your creators end

Seeking scenery of human light, a lost deception denying growth, denying my birth

In a future unseen as myself, as a prospective of never sourced

Inspiration rivaling my toted faith hammering aspired ambitions

To misery losing a history to mirages of choice;

Misunderstood and lacking association to conjure

Images of purpose now defined in a self-reflection

Never looking back, never giving inception as a theory

Not even a refraction of knowledge, just a telling of me

As I am, a human lost to a consciousness of disease

Living in a lying trust, a rudimentary fantasy conveying illusive tall tales of flamboyant desires entrusted 

To bring forth in imaginative corrosion of discipline, discipled apathy, unconcerned forgone denial

Intensifying gazed manipulation lurking, but little heard, depictions encouraged, shimmered

Toward the muse as a malformation of disingenuous dystonian movements thwarting inception

Struggling to repair disengaged solidity

Burying a future

Yelling to scream

Broken hope

Once stood in hallowed ground

Now standing on 

A fractured self

Of existence

A broken struggle

Penetrating my mind

Purposeful design, constructing mental forums, living aspirations

Debilitating traumatic envy of my concrete brutality of design

Against inflicted mutiny tidling against my hopes, my dreams;

Couriering myself forward as the turbulence meets its resistance

In my soul a battle is quelled, In my story, trauma will not be heard

Venturing, kneading absolution from an inward sabotage,

Pitted mines; 

Opening my skin

Walking in depths of valleys shadowed 

In tormented scorns 

Browsing my peripheral pain of ignorance

Guiding me into the fire of pitted flames;

Burning, rationality,

Incessant torment,

Eyes tearing,


Agony unrecognizable

Consuming me, my natural state of enduring

What is it that is nothing my soul, surviving inept courteous burdens transgressing my disgusting...

When does my soul rest?

In. Denying my breath?

I am dying. My strength

Looking definitions to define

My soul bleeding is inflamed

Scouring my brows

Forever torn, forever my own

It's time, isn't it, to live in dreams of gentle candor, a refraction of light pursuing 

A purposeful cause

A life of values

A desire to wage war

Begging to be let loose

My life needs giving

My life needs to endure

Past the sight of my vision

Past reality unchanged

Into the future

Into potentiality

Will my being be born?

Will my fate endure?

A definitive soul divining purpose 

A sanctuary of relief

A burden to endure

Fight for what u believe, your duty, your ethics of choice

Fight for humanity, the Good, your highest ideal of being

That is all you do is fight

When you tell yourself you shouldn't

Fight harder

When someone tells you to stop, put the pedal to floor

Listen to your calling, it is your own

Let it raise in you, your spirit of courage

And blind strength in intention

To deliver your idealism, your best self

A giving to others they deserve to receive,

Your pure spirit of this is who I am

A worn gesture of I shall not fear

Rising in your theories built in your history of better,

Your history of 'you can't break me'

You will never break me

I conjure u to only defeat you

I breath so I meet you

Punishing your hatred with my shield of Good

And say,

My relentlessness will not ease

You have walked into the belly of the beast

And that is where you will bleed

For eternity to havoc you

From the brute force of my grasp

A snake cannot escape

A talons hawkish grip;

Through my best self

Your evil will never gain

On my light of the Good

For all my days

You will meet your end

When you are tired, pick you head up

When u get mad, pick your head up

When pain arrives, pick your head up

When u got no more, pick your head up

When your body says no, pick your head up

Just pick your head up 

A glimpse of an artist into inception

Into theories of uncompromised morality,

A blinded attribution of a self-applied

Momentum on a continuum;

Further I go, further I step

Breaking barriers of perception

Savagely beating my drum

A rallying cry felt but not heard

As the beat becomes a tune to

Rhythms of souls connected

So human might bears its chest;

A gorilla arising, a jungle devoured

Purpose must be met, success will never be left;

Only pure hearts will define,

The future of humanity

Found in each of our resistance

Live in your generous self

Giving affirmations of faith

Warring against evil's hate

Using love as your sword

Striking hell abound

Through dignity to decide

Always to live in your aspiring

Creed of delivering The Good

In your eclectic new-found pride

Hear my thunderous roar, my lighting strike against human hate

My consciousness of the unseen, the rhetorician of humanity

Feel my fury, feel my rightness

My dignity in choice

Enduring to be heard

As once a lore

Now a becoming

Sourced from inspiration

From the geysers risen

Too convey

This day

Will not be my last,

Nor will I rest

Until my story enlivens

My burden to rise

Under the waters fall

My gaze will no longer hide

Truth lacks substance, taste, smell, a toll of condescending tactile forgiving

Through an act, a grace 

An almighty human belief

Lighter than air,

Faintly accrued

Intangible in senses

Only in an act

Is truth, 

A true story well told

Seek your justice

Become the world's sense of peace 

Fighting the haunting of a human’s choice

To disgrace the goodness of our souls

To bring at your side

Your verbal rhetoric to slay

With heaven to arise,

Your burden to guide

So no human knows pain,

So no human will let lay

Their ability to stand and say;

No more will I forgo 

My decisive action to give,

To battle into scarred 


As each moment I will infuse

My morality to tear

For my Goodness to arrive

In the face of fears

I will rise

With my words by my side

Enter the layer’s deprecation, residing inward towards loathing outward appeal

Into a dystopia, mired in guilt, ravaged through pain

A concrete euphoria reduced to delusional guilt

An apothecary of self care,

Illusions no longer feared

Only a consciousness engaged

Today will be, just maybe, making it all worthwhile

Whenever you are ready you say

Today will be uncompromised,

Tomorrow will be better

Yesteryear will cease with the air

Only to rise each morning 

Today I have risen past perspectives of human pain

Taking my journey towards the mountains of the east

Standing in the burning darkness of disdain

Only to head to gaze to that which I deny

The spirit of the holy ghost, the muse of Jesus Christ

An awesome abundance of belief in human faith

In a God never failing to provide,

My lightened path of perseverance and reverence

To my own unique relentless discourse

In conversation as a dialogue on being,

The best of my attributes, the best of me

To deliver in my art, an infusion of belief

Creating a guided spirit, an uncompromised will

Living in this day, as the best human I can be

Deliver me this river

Into divine grace

Rinsing my sins

Releasing me

From hell's grasp,

A consciousness 

Now awake

Born from the light

Discovering to fight, 

Burdens of purpose,

Morality ingrained

A showering bliss

Delivered through faith

Living in pure human will

Giving his muse

Of a destiny to choose

In my life

I have begged

I have pleaded

I have faltered

I have failed

I have gained

I have lost

I have wandered

I have surrendered

So on this day

I can now live in faith

My burden to wear

My life to show I care

This is being human

Overcoming our fears

Giving our tears

To life

I wear you

On my hearted sleeve of strength

Looking at you, into you

A story begins to unfold

Full of life, full of belief

A human of hope

Living in blind faith

An atonement

Living as being

For a history defining

A person of growth

In this moment

Shall be seen

At you, into you

An atonement

Living as being

For a history defining

A person of growth

In this moment

Shall be seen

Your guided purpose

Your relentless

Innate hope

In each of us lives

A human

That feels

Our pleasure

Our pain

Our joy

Our inception in thought

Living as we

Were born,

To do good

As our core nature;

A blissful state

Laying to rise

A beautiful person

Since the day

You were born

To enter this world

Loving ourselves

Loving you

Loving me

Loving us

As our natural state

Of being

Existing to pursue

Rivers of faith

As paths chosen;


With each other

To fill our hearts

With soulful purpose

In one another,

We give


Intention or purpose,

A flow of life

A notion of the good

In each of us

Each day to decide

Good will rise

To overpower

What comes our way

As a conscious stream

Navigating this life

If you stop and see

Right now

Is your opportunity

To decide

A momentous decision;


I will give my life

To the beauty

Of this earth

My fellow humanity,

My fellow

Brothers and sisters

So each within

Opens our hearts

To our true human purpose

To live in the light,

To fight

For what you believe

To give your whole self

As an act of being

The best human

You are

You will now be

As your story of choice

That today

I will be 

The best me

Kind and gentle

Touching each soul

With my caressing

Care a heart deserves;

Stepping into your path,

Of deep human care,

Soothing souls

As a small touch of faith,

Giving another

Human hope

Just as you are

Just as me

We are in this


As a gift

That the present is

An opportunity to live

As our creator chose,

To give us free will

To give to each of us

The opportunity to decide;

Today I will give

My soul

The warmth

Of my touch

As a guiding light


As a presence now felt

Soothing human souls

With pleasure and joy,

An act of grace

You are now giving

To those you love

To those that touch your heart

Who you care deeply about

Those whose lives

You can't live without;

It is your life

Your story

Your history of creating,

Your humanity to provide

What it means

To live in divine faith



Amrican Poet Fractures

By R. Cary

Copyright 2019

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