3. Amrican Poet Darkside By R. Cary

Amrican Poet



Into the darkness when hate seeks our souls

We curse the bliss of given life to prevail,

But only in the Darkside will true human faith

Become our certainty so we will never fail

Sulking impunity ravishing my mind into a darkened plague of hated disease detesting each step of human faith, a self loathing awakening a sickness till death lurking like a blackened myth; my will consumed in a nothingness never seen, never imagined layered in depths portraying reality as a passing existence unable to grasp; God help me with my very last breath

Screaming terror within a tormented soul releasing my ailing burdens blistering, no burning flesh through bones, human mortality feeling eternity’s war pursuing conflicts of human enrage, a lifelong battle, a battle through history, a battle you hope you never feel

The sinner of sanity despairing pleasure of human deliciousness into plated consumption for darkness depleting my soul of lighted nourishment betraying my eternity forging my birth to a destiny of ashes, past sins sourcing, leaking bloody waters curdling my throat with gripping subjugation knowing no bounds but the will of evil's wrath until I can force a breath, my soul will continue to be devoured until I no longer exist

Temperature boiling Satan's soul heating my anger into a frenzied delirium of waking pain 

To capture me into a molten state flowing across that I see, a destructive worthlessness 

Becoming my muse laying a path of psychopathic rage that now is a danger, soon to be 

My evil slaying sword

Welcome to my Darkside, my insidious rage

Lurking in your corners of hate

Feeding off your frenzy of pain

Seething to breed within

Transgressions to ravage

Despairing you into my will;

Another conquered soul

In darkness you will live

Weathering storms of imperfection 

Rattling my shell of a fragmented self;

Breaking my phenomena, conceptions

Constructed into moral demise

Feeling no boundaries; lost senses, 

Eternal structures faltering, crumbling,

As my inner myths begin to crack

From their foundations of monoliths,

A once risen pillar of strength

Becoming an inner failing of self;

In my life rests, humanity’s affliction;

A battle in eternity, each soul 

Torn from St. Lucifer's wrath

A struggle I will pursue

With burning tears

Of hope, that today, human pain

Will not have its day

Musing eclectic melancholy from perceptions

Daunting your task to serve to dug

Ditches burying each step you take

As a laid grave, burying scattered

Ashes of self as a lost seeding

Until the day you sprout once again;

Staring at your layered reality 

A sabotage of my own doing

I stare into your soul

Saying, this is my consciousness

And I will make you bleed

Into eternity’s hell bound hell

I am the believer, the metaphor of human conceptions, an angel of brutal deliverance walking upon this earth tearing walls of fear into rivers of faith

I seek vengeance, the blood of evil, the purity of my pain as arisen transfusion when my dagger meets your soul

Giving my worn heart to grace using my shield defeating your purpose of disdain upon humanity

Craving blood as my creed, I am the hunter of human pain

Luring you in, my venom of choice coursing your soul

Your veins streaming with my consciousness of Good;

Feel my essence, my justice, my intrusion upon your soul,

Feel my scathing glare palpitating your heart as I enter your soul

Coursing the righteousness of Good

With my river of faith,

Undoing the evil that pains you,

Unraveling the disdain that made you

With no escape, your eyes begin to bleed exhausting your fight

Only acquiescence will flow rancidity

From the hell of your essence

My passions unfiltered, my desires to build conceptual perceptions upon

The targets of my soul, a gargoyle of sorts hiding in plain sight, just look and see

My eyes staring blatantly upon you, a feeling you cannot escape, encompassing you

As my gaze enters your soul you try and look away but the depths of the oceans in

My gauntlet being laid for you mesmerizes you into immortalization of purpose;

My stare, brutal in transpiring purity upon soulless victims is my intentions of wrath, a new form up risen from beyond

My initial grasps now nothing more than a tale of oh, so much more;

Guiding inertia to new deceptions of those I care to see demolished

My teeth grinding behind my guise, a rupturing of mountains occurring

As I seek to move this earth to a new world structure of this is...

My integrity growing, my brutality resting, a passive resistance

Imploring constructs I only wish I knew, tilting to anew,

My desire to give with relentless pursuit of a mind eternally devised,

A gift of it is all so simple, just listen and life will arrive

A long told story, just the same as before, with only the touch my life can bring

My duty, my care, my purpose does not change, my will bearing upon this world

Just as each have their role, mine is simple and clear, a life long story told many times before

My vengeance bleeding my creed conquering legends of myths

Deciphered acts of human despair baiting challenges to arrive,

I am the nightmare of your sinful desires

The brutality of your repugnant tears

Feel my rivers bleed upon your soul

My penetrating glare disturbing your essence

Feel the light of my spear 

Piercing your darkened fears

Feel my passion, feel the impulses beating my soul

Through Ravaging Pain I have endured

The slayer of pain

I now stand tall

Wielding my sword,

My heart will feel

The slaying of anger,

As the story of St. Michael of wrath,

The acting vengeance inside of you

The veracity of conscious choice

Battling into a warrior's stance;

Striking darkness, slaying evil’s pain

Breeding hate lurking to embellish 

My long lost disdain,

A conjuring from within

Shaking with despair

Only heaven can help

My blood thirsty tears

Conquering souls of epiphanies arrival,

Further my vision goes

Further my acts of growth are shown;

Acts of attrition guiding my eyes

Sorrowing the pain of my wrath

Scouring my brow as I enter

The brevity of evil's stance

Sculpting the faith of my concern

I walk into the valley of fear

Bearing only my heart

Living in truth as my epiphanies arrival

Fighting through encouraged rage in anger so I rise beyond contempt and into spiritual strength

Wrath, as my warring soul to devour the antiquities of fallen angels scouring the depths of hell,

Into the darkened darkside as my goodness of penetrating faith in a consciousness of pure light

Relentless ambitions suffering in the looming fires washed into graves of eternal damnation

Lighting visions of hope in the eyes of demons scouring to release their plagued existence

This is my journey, to enter the realm of eternity’s flames until light will persevere

Strengthening the path of goodness for humanity to decide

Against the crackled whip of Hades' flames is purity in human resilience

Rising against eternal despair tendering souls of evil with the choice of light;

I will rile my anger, protrude my ancient light as my sword of justice

Releasing my soul for unbound raptures of a rage the dark has

Never felt since the dawn of man, my brutality of courage

Encompassing myself with the wrath of the Gods seeking

The goodness of right through souls of the eternally damned

Within the abscesses of the lurking leeches of human misery

Consuming the sustenance of their existence with one mighty strike;

My form of Adam existing as a mirage, living as a myth of the Gods of Greek

I seek vengeance, the blood of Hades on my dagger

My ultimatum of a God fearing man of brutal

Willingness to paint my canvas of light

In caverness darkened caves of anger

To bring Hades to a mural'd cave of blood as

Stained art of man's history fighting the plague

Bringing the rivers of pain to an antiquated

Story left for legends of myth to be told

Crawling my nightmares of fatigued succumbing to illusions 

Disturbing my grace through hauntings of my fears

Inescapable feelings mounting I surrender to what pains me

Letting go to the penetrating visions to bear my burden

Of a human born existence scorned from birth by sin

Only to bring my light to the nighted visions of uncertainty

Fearing my soul to bring my golden sword of strength

Carving against the veil of ignorance, I release my conceptions

Unleashing the wrath of the Gods into eternity of darkness

Light is born as my muse of trust, my faith when lost 

From all that is Good, darkness once was, my story to give

In darkness nothingness will live until we let go and give

Our light creating for our arch enemy of evil to believe

With one thrust of my faith, human hate and pain will be no more

I seek the Darkside to learn the truth about faith

To love what pains me, to rest in its bleakness

Only to discover in our fears is the path of light

With my journey into the black depths becoming

My truth in nothingness is where my light was born

Since the day of creation, the abyss was nothing more

Than a blank canvas waiting to be discovered

For an artist to arrive, to leave his mark of creation

With the colors of pure human hope and belief

That in evil rests souls living in the darkened cave

An allegory of our past, we only know what we are told

But with choice, against the shades of night's color

May arrive giving the path of light even in the grimm

Depths of lost souls lives a desire to see, to do good,

To choose a consciousness of choices over blind will

One day accepting all that is needed was a brush of light

Glooming distillation of your soul will flourish

Within as torn fragments encompassing the

Essence of traversing boundaries of self

Flaming in guilt, the evil paining you to fail

You take this burden of human hell of

The burning flames battling to endure

You take it all, a human story of history

You only cringe so today, your story will tell;

In me is the brutality of St. Michael's wrath

Living to battle the wounds of humankind

Bringing plagues of sinners into his streaming

Lighted path we were all meant to follow,

Giving hope as the grace of my muse

To never stop, never fail, a living essence

In purity of spirit your inspirations will

To be adorned in the one who only lives in light

Shallowing depths swallowing my dignity losing myself 

Inward in a feeling of lost causes grappling in despair

A place I adore all to well as my reckoned battlefield,

Chosen to engage from purity of the experiential

Leading to challenge my construction of self seeking

Knowledge of St. Michael's destiny to devour the darks

Wrath taunting us from afar, now from deep within

This is my journey, a hidden hell, soon to be light for all

Entering the gravity of my ambitions compelling me back

Into my art of ravaging pain, slaying beasts of the belly

Devouring eternity’s womb growing hatred of heaven,

A battle long fought, a battle I pursue, my war in this world

A living artifice of God's story of the archangel of light

Soothing comfort in the womb of evil, darkening my eyes of midnight

Cooling from grey fortunes misguiding me here, a feeling so perfect

In another life a past journey, to enter the beast of the belly

Gnawing for sustenance, gaining momentum of pursuits

Remembering my story, a never lost granule of strength

Living in me as my consciousness of lighted will of courage

Never forgetting the duties I implore, my rabid belief defeating

Hell bound glory, a human history of sins, each step I grow

Each journey I become, the conscious of light, evil's star of pain;

Rupturing the rapture of my rage to incise my wounds of blackened

Rivers of destiny against good and light meeting my precision

Acutely striking as I continue my path lighting the beast of the belly

Torching the souls of the damned, penetrating flames of the Golden Lion

Roaring the light of humanity’s perfection with the precision of my 

Symbolic metaphors relentlessly encouraging in each soul to give

Soothing perfection as you walk this day fighting in given faith

My reckoning conquering the depths of my Darkside

My journey of fortitude submerging my vengeance

Into an unknown conviction my story begins to thrive

I like you have suffered the tears of mistrust

My draining integrity ripped from its soul

Like a virgin of purity I learned the goat

Of hatred and pain lurks with its hooves

Belittling myself as a starlight dimming;

Antiquity of ash and coal seeking to crush

The diamond lying to be built on this earth

My soulful existence navigating the floods of humanity's resilience

Into the dark my heart endures tearing my fears to unknown dreams

Enduring my courage to never surrender 

To my enemy of my beating heart

Where my inclinations of faith palpitates

Engaging with my arch enemy of my light

Draining blood disgusting my essence, I only dig deeper, fighting to incur

Upon the souls of death, my ancient beauty of light will transpire

Until the grimness of this abyss quells in fear of my courage to wrath

Navigating the discourse of purgatory's lore, I further begin to breath through the pain I endure

Revenging my soul across the Darkside of night, within the depths my sinking breaths have risen

Acting on my vengeance, my heart felt creed, an aspect of self I have longed to live to deny

My lust to devour so insatiably fed as a delicacy I wish my heart did not crave

Laying in rest but feeding off the blood of evil I drain, the lord of Lucifer taunts my

Coveted source of strength hissing upon my desire to ravage his own brutal hell

In the Darkside I fight for humanity's pain, but with each battle my bleeding creed

Looms between the light I hold so dear and the acting revenge that soothes my soul

Lurking as a living purgatory as my battle to never let my passionate faith deny;

Even in evil there is light, in darkness all can still be seen, my purpose must remain pure

In my duty of essence I fought from my vengeance to live in the purity of the human spirit of light

Conjuring the depths of my soul begging for transcendence to be, my heart searching for admiration

Pleading for the darkside to end, for my faith to endure in the darkness of human plight

Holding disdain and my chronic feature of self purveying fear, willing not to quit until the end

When I conquer the slaying of rapturing fervor haunting myself as a muse of human hope

Accepting the endurance of my heart aching to live in painfully designed, artfully constructed

Burden of loving the pain in my heart to breed inside from the darkened myths,

The beauty of being a person born of the gift of light, bringing the lore of evil and hell

Into my sculpted faith of humanity’s pureness to rise from ashes of faltering tears

To tear conceptions of enlightened purpose from the woven fabric of my consciousness

Disturbing the rupturing fragility I awaken to break so my gaze of faith guides me

To enter the infernal heat of my suffering as a sinner of consequences enduring

Depths of darkness to further encounter the demented rouse leeching to drain me eternally

Until a have fallen from my internal wrath built of a warriors grace, now brought to my knees;

I fight to the end living in the river of heartened pain flooding my body with black pools 

Living in my veins consecrating my deliverance into the hisses taunting my goodness,

Into a destiny I conquer to endure, living to fight in this black mist of history to give you

The faith of your purpose to never die, to the last drop, every step you take the flood

Of evil's river never to swallow the light of your soul, the artistry of your created creed

Musing your will of the Golden Lion's strength of human faith so the Blonde Beast of human will

Encourages the destined acquiescence of fear to your Ravaging Pain of an artist's choice;

Living in suffocating evil rotting to devour, grasping the brutality of your purpose to give

The entirety of self, an Art of Self walking each step of faith in burning will scathing your vision

You hold so dear even in the Darkside you only choose to live as Human as Art, your duty to decide

Resisting the Fractures of your soul as your divinity in Endurance, with one last breath 

The strength of your will guiding your intentions to give the dark abyss Infinity's bliss;

This is your purpose, in the archetype of your soul you will learn to define, painting your art

Of fighting the lurking demons of human hate, pain, and fear; as you rose today, in your 

Destiny to decide, I am a human born of the light, sent here to deliver my wrath upon disdain

Never to break, never to die, to seek the vengeance of the light of the Good so not one more human

Will know the darkness plaguing our existence; this is your purpose, in your duty you will rise



Amrican Poet Darkside

By R. Cary

Copyright 2019

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