4. Amrican Poet Blonde Beast By R. Cary

Amrican Poet

Blonde Beast


I am the Constantine of human sin

Hear me roar my pain, my suffering, my

Reconciliation of self to run the gauntlet of despair

With growling tears of distrust, fighting the despairing

Tearing my heart without fear

As the punisher of human disdain, unsustainable fury rapturing my soul;

I am the ripper, tearer, slasher of human pain

The fighter against original sin, I am the Blonde Beast

Walking this earth

Devouring wickedness, decomposing its soul; I am the conqueror of human disdain

Ravishing the will of original sin

Defiant against evil, defiant against pain, misery's sworn enemy

Roaming this earth

As your inner beast of pure human faith

Listen and you will hear, my roaring light  

Penetrating your belly as you slither  

Away on the ground I quake 

Feeling the thunder of my mighty 

Fury of human light, goring on your flesh of sin 

My ambitions of bliss consuming you 

Tearing your tears into inner demise 

As I tear into your lacking soul 

My claws ripping into your destruction of self; 

My face bloody with your stained deceit 

You are no match for me 

As I rip and tear from my now healed soul

My fangs will tear your evil sewn to your soul leaving you unseamed 

Spilling your rotted guts for the hyenas of hell to feed 

Upon your seeping frailty being devoured by your own tormented  

Decaying senseless purpose of existence;

I will never acquiesce to your incessant banter of human unease 

Disrupting the courage of the faithful through ringing bells of hell 

Silently, passively, as an undertone of human faith

I rise into your path 

Seeing your frailty of sin 

Your weakness quivering 

As you hide in the dark 

Scared of the light,

Denied through the fangs  

Of the Blonde Beast of faith

Taking your fiery wrath of pain 

With a raise of my shield,

Thrusting my blue eyes  

Of faith upon you;

Look deep into my soul 

And you will see 

My wrath of humanity 

Here to deliver our faith 

Unto your unwanted  

Scaling self;

Shedding your skins layer by layer 

Unraveling your terror of sins

Discovering your true nature

Of weakened bleeding intentions 

Out of which you were  

Born of a fallen angel's pain

Bred into existence from weakness 

Delivered to me to meet your end

The Blonde Beast growls his consciousness onto the pain of your blackened heart

Laying in your defeated purpose, wounds seeping your burdens of loss, feeding the wolf of lacking and self-negation, driving his will, strengthening his desire to feed, on your pain, your loss, your weakened state

Resting in your own failures compelling you to lose, your once thunderous self to the frailty of losing faith, unable to reconcile purpose of will and human belief, your thoughts arrive only so you believe, your growing shrinking self

Attempting to overcome, the wolf continues to feed, the wolf of evil deceit devouring your grief, defeating the wolf of wisdom, the wolf of human faith; once the source of your mighty heart, now a long lost past fading your memories of belief

Until your self is lost, your roar is well quelled, your thunder becoming a long lost voice, lacking strength; courage diminishing, as you question your faith, your life’s intent mired in your tired disposition, showing your faintly breath

Your chest shallowing, your physical self displaying your weakness, each breath being sucked by the wolf of self defeat, the wolf of a bleeding heart, eager to feed on a lost cause, growing you into a siphoning state of despair

By the grace of his will and stare of his eyes, the Blonde Beast will always rise, carrying the faltering, leading a way 

To stand in the pain of humanity's kind, is the only path you should believe

Building your source of aspirations, crafting your inner self for relief from a framed perspective building perceptual change of appeared hell as a way forward, as a way of simply holding on to uncertainty remaining; with the light bursting to appear while sitting in the purgatory of hell, as a hidden deception laid to deceive the verbiage of description sitting as a passive being, but living for the day, when monotony does not appear and those near may survive the brutality of their journeys through the belief in you as the muse of the Blonde Beast

Tormented sculptures blistering your skin into visages of your worn exposure to your life's transgressions

Scarred upon you etching your burned indignity into boils leaking your perspiring soul as tears of your sculptured pain

Scar tissues of shame worn as dignity of choice

Beating your soul with impunity

Through torn veins of your internal jungle

Discovery of the Blonde Beast resides

When the lures of disdain against humanity

Allow your bluish eyes of faith to shine 

With the rage of the warrior beast

Battling the failing senses of a faltering self

Engaging with the claws of the light

To relinquish the serpent's talons upon you

Warring for your own pure soul, 

Tearing yourself to be reborn

For you to see,

In the path of the Blonde Beast

Is where you will thrive

As the thrasher of human disdain

As the punisher of evil’s pain;

The Blonde Beast will

Give you the light to fight

For the path of humanity's past

As with one step of faith

Brings your Blonde Beast to arrive

Dragging you by your faith, compelling you through self hate

Your fury of belief ravaged by the exposition of fear

Questioning your blind faith, your way of being

All you have ever lived in, being drug into hell’s scorn

Acquiescing into the gaze of the fire

Burning your soul at its edges,

Ashes falling before your eyes

Beneath you begins to rest

Your fallen self

In each of us, is an undeniable strength

When we live absent of light

If we fight hard enough

Through pure human will

He will arrive as your spirit to lift

You beyond your constructed melancholy of facts,

With only one thought, he will arrive

In various forms, in front of your eyes

With acceptance he will provide


Beauty will arise in your pain, in your hate

In yourself in your despair

He will provide

When only darkness is in sight

Challenging grief with the piercing of his eyes

To live with your soul exposed

And let the Blond Beast rise

Into yourself, into your eternal bliss

Guiding you beyond your human constraints

Tearing your boundaries into torn aftermath

Shedding your tears in human strength

Challenging those who deny your brute inward light

Into the pain you will arrive

As the Blond Beast lives for their demise

Gathering your wit drowning in sorrow

Your heart pulsing faintly

Shallowing in duration

Sinking your jaws into the hope of your relentless path reconciling your burgeoning exposure

Claws cringing for feeling

Eyes widening with reckoning

Confusion of faith arising

Nothing to grasp, substance lacking

Once climbing the tree of faith

Now nothing to see but your fallen self,

Another mirror of disguise,

Another reflection mired in fear

Perspective is needed

Perception well skewed

Only within you will find

The heart of the Blonde Beast

As your muse to find

Just one more reach to faith

And in you the will the Blonde Beast

Become clear

Filtering suffering into an apparatus of human courage 

Denying the drainage of tears 

Into the path you will arrive

From within the Blonde Beast will provide

Climbing thoughts of erosion  

With nothing to grasp, further and further you climb

Eyes piercing the crumbling burdens of your life

With your claws clinging to aether composed of brute will

Determination grinning

As you are seized by thought after thought

Your sabotage is near

Until the Blonde Beast becomes your eyes

He is always with you

When you sway into conjectures

Attempting to sabotage your inner strength

With just one more reach

You will never need to convey

Your frightened fears

Questioning your self belief,

With the Blonde Beast at your side

Your strength may reside

In your resting self;

Comfortable, a feeling at ease

Knowing your endurance is

Your true strength in a human’s will

Rise into occurrences of nature riding the air of his breath into rhythms penetrating your consciousness of unrelenting will

Slowly, beat after beat with the strength of his paws pounding the earth's dirt into rumbles of his coming;

In you strides of strength patterned against your heart; you begin to feel

The eternal roar flow within, a deeper understanding begins to arrive

A deeper feeling of the Blonde Beast ensued, carving into your heart

Your scripture of pursuit

Resting in his confidence of peace

Conjecture your faith

Conjure your eternity

Grasping the aether of lost cause

Growling behind chains of perceived defeat

Ripping into forbearance, denying your pain of physicality tearing your structure of self into shedding layers of resilience

Dragged by your own acquiescence 

Into faith in letting go

Evil haunts your patience

Appearing weak and battered

The Blonde Beast will rise

Ready to no longer allow

His beaten brow to bleed

The pain of others upon him

Broken thoughts of anguish, brazen veracity of will

Living in blinding aphorisms of truth

Inside your whispers of a conscious guiding you along the streaming rivers of life is 

A seamless precision of your ideals and humanity

Gathering your wit, enraging your desire, purposefully rising to your strength to endure 

Purity uprising, introspection furthered

Into the woods of fallen faith you will discover

The strength of your will

Lost to fallen shame

Your eyes are lured into acquiescence, your skin crawling with belief

Raging through the forest of fallen thoughts etching your soul

Crafting chaos into subordination through bestial inquiries into self molding guided attributes

Siphoning your sins into desolation

Carefully crafting your steps

Gorging on your soul, debilitating your purpose with tainted disdain widening your gaping self into a black hole of sunken shame consuming your senses from arousal, slowly flattening the breadth of your existence to a shallowing sense of self succumbing to darkening intentions penetrating your coursing blood into arranged splatters of yourself disseminating from the pulse of existence tunneling your escape to a narrow artery closing with each beat, trapping me, capturing me until I am confined to the intestines of a lost soul

Further I go, into the vortex consuming human will, your thoughts becoming mired in losses depicting your reality into pain and hurt torturing you into excruciating torment burning the skin of your soul, haunted into perception; your thoughts breathless, burning into ashes laying layers of your own destruction into fatigue of a lost soul being consumed through brute human hurting pain

Incite your passions roaring into being 

Procuring the Blonde Beast to rise

Posturing in strength

Your hinds pulsing to go

Into the path of pain

As only the Blonde Beast will

Your escape is in demise, shrinking yourself towards your centered blackness of grief, your tormented darkness arriving, a black hole, your intrinsic state of fear, breaths shrinking to faintness of heart gasping into your own shrinking self-solitude of eternal despair

Faintness is drifting upon you, craving you to devour more, feeding on your self of rotten fatigue exhausting you into lost litanies of pain

Looming abhorrence living in your malevolent disguise belittling your dark hurt of antipathy exhuming your lost consciousness from the pit holes of a distasteful existence

Disparagement will flow through you building your superstition of inflictions wounding your shallowing visions desiring your will to breath fires into bellowing darkness

Punishing the burden of despair

Feel my lightning of strength striking you out of existence

Hear my roar, my thunderous consciousness rising into your own blackened heart, 

Hear my crackle as I strike vengeance upon you

Encircling your darkened soul stained with your inked morality of pain

You pain my reality, tormenting my existence into dis-pleasurable hurt

Hindering my self solitude of faith 

My purpose of truth

My roaring sanctity living against sin

Pounding your sanctuary into ashes of discern

Forging my strength against your human spite

Using your brutality whispering in my ear

To sit in my standing strength of faith 

And say;

I have walked in the river of the damned and I have bled my creed

Slicing the veins of evil bleeding your false truths from this earth

Rinsing your boiling soul from its inept morality plaguing 

Humanity’s purposeful incites of truth

Ceasing your conjuring of human pain 

Upon the beauty of humanity

I am the Blonde Beast, taking your pain while giving you nothing but human faith

Devouring your weakness and scolding your scorn

Warring transgressions of failure aloft in clouds of dignity rising to my conscious flow

Of internal struggles, of my nature of choice

To live in my humanity with all its concerns

All its emotions of pain, hate, and despair

From love and faith, to evil of fear 

While resting in comfort of joy when I disappear

Into my solitude against contempt 

Laying in pure human bliss,

Each fight lighting a path anew

But only my heart balancing

The creations I bleed

Traversing my mind, landscapes of defense,

Mechanisms of defeat, lasting frames of thought devise

Quainted forgiveness disparaging conjectures of emotions capturing my bliss into mired dissolutions of pained sin, perceived through acts of human faith tethering a man between humanity and hell; siphoning his vibrance of belief and hope into tornadoes of disturbance battering his chin until it can't be pulverized no more, only to see my eyes wide open, saying, I will take no more, only the light will hear my roar

Weathering unearthed conjectures of the human spirit painfully lying beneath the earth's layers, beneath the feet of my soul, always present, but buried in my very human past ready to rise depending on my path of choice when uneasiness of decisions reside; I can only follow my heart's beat humming to my tune to what rests underneath, to what has driven me when lost faith becomes a presumptuous fate from a jungle of muses surrounding my visions of which path to decide; cluttered confusion becomes to rain onto my already well greened jungle of pained consciousness built a lifetime ago, looking to subside peripherals leading me astray from my beating pulse waiting to be unearthed, waiting to be heard 

Illumination begins to arise into your consciousness penetrating your built walls disguised as solidarity keeping you from streaming your stream of faith from flowing into your will, denying your perspective, devouring your consciousness of choice; flooding is long overdue, to tear your walls of isolation down

Awoken in me is the Blonde Beast to bear

My passionate fury of pursuit 

Crossing my synchrony of choice

My fateful promise of truth

Growling inside me with snarling

Brutality bringing my soul to

Engage with my lioness roar

Gasping for just one glimpse

One lighted stare, the blonde of her hair

Letting the Blonde Beast in

So life does not end, but begins

A fire lit, no longer dimmed and defeated

Truth is your path 

Guiding you through 

Darkness of light 

Building your resilience 

When the pains of life arrive 

Allowing you to give 

From knowledge of faith

Is when the Blonde Beast arises

Traversing concepts of truth

Roaring conscious of care 

Giving compassion of choice;

Truth is the power of the will 

The Blonde Beast's strength to rise,

Raging as a myth inside of you

Looking into your eyes, luring you in,  

In acquiescence you are quelled,  

In your failures you have faltered, 

In your pain I will live 

Caring beauty caressing the crevasses of your sins gently smoothing wrinkles of time

Skin crawling with intrigue,

Sanctity in defiance, 

Brutality in warfare,

Slain indifference to 

Melancholy of uprisal,

Let my anger toil 

In the bowels of the serpent

Loathing now devoured

Pain now beaten,

A brief psychological stint

Now kneels before me

For beauty to rise

When you feel like your drowning

Admire the beauty of life around you

Engulf yourself in it

Let your soul flourish with it

Encompassing your being,

Faith becomes all

Through the path of the Blonde Beast

The beauty in you will again rise

Beauty forgives our sins

Gives us peace in storms of torment

Brings us the light when all seems lost

Penetrates our souls when we are down

A beauty you will not harm

Will not deny through your flamed influence

As a perceived light, glowing bright

When human hurt is born

Trapping one's conscious of faith

In your perceived guidance of reprieve

Forging a path of deception

Compelling your sinful attack

Only to encounter the roar of his bliss

Resting for human choice to decide

But never letting one human life go by

Without the strength of my will

Giving each the opportunity to fight

With my heart bearing light

Encouraging devouring disdain towards truthful recognition inward to your undying soul;

Recovering enduring faith pulsing from your soulful beating heart;

Inside you bearing of hope lives

Your roaring light

Leaving transgressions against your will

So truth craves your true self into existence

That inside of you will always be the Blonde Beast of human will

Fighting the human condition of sin



Amrican Poet Blonde Beast

By R. Cary

Copyright 2019

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