5. Amrican Poet Endurance By R. Cary

Amrican Poet



Running against transgressions portraying my art

As my visage of determination giving to my life

As a muse of enduring gauntlets overcome,

In duty dignified arises acts of human perseverance

Rising to live in the human born art of endurance

Living in lighted design, monotony swaying a breeze no longer

My passions laying rested dormanting fervor's guise beneath

A subdued heart never to be tamed, only burning to caress

Fires woven into the fabric of my soul flaming into desires

A hedonist born tearing plagues from the seams of conquest

A pleasure in enduring, a relentless nature living as my 

Unique design transcending the essence of human life

A destiny awaiting begging me to give

My life, my heart, my bleeding art

Upon the graves lived into my soul

Forgiving a history still begging to be fully known

Living as a myth fortuning my existence

Enduring to live in faith destined in your beauty

Finding in yourself the self acceptance to rise,

Risen beliefs conquering the anger of 

Self-neglect and lacking appeal to low self-worth

You conjure from the myths of beyond your sight;

Living muses of history of all that each human

May in this life live to be, love in the heart to see

The beauty in your faith you now persevere to wear,

Laying your determination as you relentlessly 

Pursue your best self of Good living in the light

Given to you on this day so many years ago before

Walk into your semblance of born human strength

Beckoning the awakening of your calling from inside

A soul always born to be yours living as your truth

To guide you on your journey as a vision of human prevail

Through your Art of Self true faith is found

Digging into monotony of self-hatred

Scorning the edges of what it means

To care in this world, to give in this world;

Your endless pursuit of purity in doing

Will compel your boundaries of 

Self-reflection leading you never to lose

Your human born vision of only striving

Into the path of resistance, the path of resilience

Until your steps have endured to overcome

The bounty of hell taunting your true self

To stray from the path of the Goodness

Given to you as a decision to simply decide

Raise your mighty sanctuary lighting your story

Into the living light destined for you to follow

Through the darkness of wrath and the river

Of the damned your one true truth will be found

Faithful deliverance envisioning your design

Unraveling inside an inward compass arises,

Pointing your direction of concern, your hearted

Intentions bring your true self into faithful fruition

Warring conceptions divinely enlightening endurance to rise

For a life to live riveting exposure as your aesthetic of appeal

An eternity breathing conjures adorned in human aspirations

Delighting your inspired inspirations to live a soulful rise

Into the ravaging truth spiriting the brutality of your will

Loving your willful deliverance of authenticity to live

Your true self to incite loving endurance to thrive,

Only your heart guides you to devour you artistry today

Forging your empire of truth relentlessly pursuing

All you believe to be true, all that you live to be,

Shining a destiny each human only hopes to live

You grab the strength of your duty to fight

Surrendering your soul to an art larger than you

Letting your nature become a destiny defined

Leaving behind visages of appeal

You walk only into the light seeking

Your sense of duty to endure, to be

Your truth as you again ravage your 

Pain of old and enter the gates of 

Golden pureness conquering fatigue

Conquering the frailty of human kind

To live as lived art of human endurance

The only muse you relentlessly pursue

The only compulsion your art now knows

Giving your spirit of fortitude now seen

As your giving inspiration of human giving,

A journey of never dying, never surrendering,

Only pursuing as rampant strength

Coursing the boundaries of distinction,

The boundaries we challenge to surpass;

Each moment living in victory in unity

As a narrative I will soon live to define

Bounded by wraths holding your self conscious, 

Steadying your design of purposeful pursuit

You seek to engage, you seek to unleash

Passions flowing through your flowing heart;

Ready to give, ready to overcome, ready to

Live in life as a symbol of care and belief

Letting endurance be your muse, your light;

Only forward, only giving, onward you go

Into the storms admiring your grit

Holding your conscious of choice;

Only forward, only in life to prevail

Your journey to endure has began

Arouse your conviction to your visions of truth

Laying to rest for discovery to be procured

Deep within, as you have always known

The beauty of your true source of light begs

To be opened, to be lived, to be known

In your life and the life of others you touch

Unravel your unconscious furthering your vision

Past your human born constraints of boundaries

And into the truth of the life you have endured

To bring yourself from the Darkside living

In the architecture of your humanity's light

Listen dearly to your truth of existence

Deep inside your ancient light's muse

Is your beacon of calling, giving you grace

To hold near and endure to simply care

For yourself and your ventures, that

In this life your sense of accomplishment

Lives as giving your best self through

Enduring for growth each step you take

Deciphering intangible melancholies loathing your past to despair

Through your heart of desire enduring ravages of self

Your story becomes clear;

The pain, the toiling of hell's lamented misery is simply a muse

On your journey of discovery, through relentless fevers of courage

Truth in hardship glistens the edges of your soul

Duty and purpose, holding your value near

Is where our young hearts are built, forged, destined

Past perceptions of human concern

And into the bliss only human perseverance can give

Instilling progress towards lighted truths

Journeying your story traversing this life

Inspiring your will past depthness of hell

Only through endurance truth with heal

A story of surviving our gifted battles of faith

Allowing us to seek inward defiance against

What we love but seek to grow seek to touch

As an act of kindness showing our art of care

Bringing your story of justice in truth of self

Giving admiration of atonement for venturing

In darkness only lit with the flames of the

Darkside, our alter egos of unvirtuous vices

Thwarting disintegration as moralities war

Living in the human divinity of your duty

Enduring as a rapture of loving human strife,

Only to live this life of the Blonde Beast of will

Paving certainties conquering delusions of a self denying

The truth in your beauty as art intending your new gracious

Appetite enlightening this earth with each breath you take

Savoring the joy of sharing enduring myths of the Darkside

Loving your accrued veracity resisting to die

You only look inward letting yourself be guided

From light lighting your way from the Darkside

Of human death and into your path now well lit

Blindly you awoke to rise in endurance

Your new life's creed, your faith to believe

We can all fight, we can all never die

Only in this, our heart will truly bleed,

The purity of being human, a beautiful 

Sight each of us can see, holding ourselves

As symbols of faith and resurrection

Waking in our risen selves to be 

The one who endured, the one who endures;

With our new strength in tact, tomorrow

We live as human beings of guiding light

Beating the torrid reflection of torment lamenting my essence

My body ensues to breathe a self lacking human recognition;

Acting from deep within myself as muses of old fight to bear

Brutality waring of a lost cause readying its own self to rise,

Shedding skinned layers torn in the pure bliss of ravagement;

I only seek beyond the visions of the Darkside through truth,

In my purpose in this day, as in the last, the next, I will give

My duty of self through transgressions breaking my soul,

Inspired endangerment threatening a ceaseless existence;

Only in my Darkside of self will I truly learn my human art

Feeds on the dignity and purity of relentlessness as my muse;

Never giving up, never to die, my beauty of art given as my gift

As I touch my caressing soul upon each soul's path to be endured

Constructed narrations living in the metaphors I breath

From the light of my conscious I swear upon this grace

Given into my destiny of history telling to be shown

Reflecting human life as a journey discovered and held

As mounted exhaustion never to back down, never to

End the venture of climbing to summits never touched;

Only your brute heart of warfare delivers your stare

Transcending concerns or fears, delivering only my will

Reaching ascensions of heights rising, further to push

Further to endure, never ending growth until these 

Mountains of corruptible challenges cease their existence

Only leaving the idea of pursuit of right and good,

The pursuit of one man of many living in the truth

Of human blind faith, in justice my heart will only endure

Walking in the river of your chosen destiny into your lighted source

Your inspiration arises torturing your journey beyond constructs

Conceived when your life was chosen, but you only seek more;

More endeavors of fortitude building your character of strength

Soaking in the light when each mountain is built for your conquering,

Your life as discipline and resilience to the path no man has walked

Rise in your passions pursuing in your heart

Touching your stoic nature to take a few steps further

Through a whirlwind of emotional pain gathering

Within a war torn self-infliction on how to gain

What was lost in the Darkside, never seen again;

A lurking demon haunting me every day I wake

Portraying visions my life no longer can conceive

A vengeance at times compelling me to live to never die

At times a whole nother story I have no way to deny

Transforming the pain of history into what I believe;

A path of overcoming my heart beats to bleed

Using my duty to endure so the Golden Lion's heart will see

In our heart exists an exuberant war

Full of pleasure and pain, full of faith

If we take our burdens and only rise

Forbearing an elated grace to give 

Another day our true light of love to see

When we give our hopes and desires

To an unknown future and only compel

Ourselves to bury inward to heaven’s

War fought in many forms, fought this

Day is your only sight, only this day

You will fight through in your duty to endure



Amrican Poet Endurance

By R. Cary 

Copyright 2019

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