6. Amrican Poet Golden Lion By R. Cary

Amrican Poet

Golden Lion


Consuming my heart, my soul, my humanity in being

A spirit genuine to Aquiles myths, Aurelius as my muse

I was born to be yours, my purpose by artful design

I was born to be yours, a man guiding human faith

An inward introspection developed through blind belief,

Through vigor of frailty;

I will fight as long as you, never giving up

Never a moment of death, until you die

A metaphorical failure of saying I can't;

This is death, the day that you perish

When you give up, when you stop

It is up to you, your burden to endure

In yourself you will discover purity delighting your spirit

Soothing your tormented acquisition of demented

Grace sinning the sins of a sinner;

A self enraptured in grief through a consciousness

Grasping evil’s fruited temptations

Spoiling your angelic soul of birth

Built in the rivers of streaming heirlooms; 

Relics of humanity in myself today

I see all of us when I drift

In this flowing gaze

Across human history

I now perceive,

Our hearts



Gnawing integrity brittle to my bones; 

Rawness and disgust eating my senses

Into a person disintegrating to exist;

I plead for faith, tear for hope,

As my soul is torn before I forgive

Shimmering eccentricity sparking your soul, tantalizing your spiritual awakening  

Consorting an artist’s interpretations of human born design 

Courage and pain arrive for a life taught 

In callings you will rise, in life as a giver  

Never fading, always running to fight  

Evil's path tearing through conceptions  

Of challenges attempting to surmise  

The opportunities to be taken, to be stolen 

Through fear of hated pain that you  

Will never cease, never give in too, ever;

That is your destiny, so you will never die 

Perspiring to give my qualities of existence 

My shape, my faith, my carnivorous 

Resistance to my challenges to subside; 

Always driven, always enduring, a life 

Loving through the goodness found in pain, 

This is my story, a giving candescence,

Diligence in surviving affluence of hate 

Integrity of assurance unlimited between

Sanctity consecrating my essential being

Litanizing forbearance of preclusion 

Tethering my perceptions of self, a beholden 

Intrinsic value buried in obligatory morality 

Exhausting into a consumptive soul  

Absorbing conflictions hunting in peripherals; 

My vision ingrained, granulating perspectives, 

Only my will gravitates my concentric illusions 

Into perceptions delighting into an organic whole 

Breach your definitions of a dying distrust

Leaving your inner self to live forever free

In the world in front of you, asking you to be 

A servant of humanity, giving your body

Your blood, your absolute uniqueness

To a faith in you, as each can discover

Acted creation of an artist’s muse, 

Penetrating scars of human disdain

Rising brilliance traversing the cadence of your perceptions

Perspiring to endure, admiring to arisen constructs

Furthering your soulful essence of the golden shimmer

Engaging to be your divinity in ascent to a higher self

Pleasing eccentricity in surreal destiny drifting your dreams 

Luring me to succeed pursuing a self-resurrection,

Only if my mind could see, not insanity, but a belief

That in this life hard work will grow past human pain,

Relief acquired as a human entering the gates of heaven

Here on earth, a peaceful pleasure ascending upon

My heart, my mind, my life as a human work of art

Fighting in my art constructing new theories of old

Seeking to define the breast of my eternal womb

My birth, my burden, my relic of synthesis

Coming to life, a paradigm of flesh

Transcending my own earthly soul

In my fight between heaven and hell

Having walked in the rivers of the devil’s disease

Devising my act of human courage

To banish hellish deceptions from

My war torn soul; purgatory uninvited,

A soul lingering between pain and bliss,

Fighting for my soul to be free;

In my life rests, humanity’s affliction

A battle in eternity, each soul 

Torn from St. Lucifer's wrath

A struggle I will pursue

With burning tears of;

Hope, that today, human pain

Will not have its day

Unleash your cravenous disdain gorging on your aptitude of self

Gnawing into your soul, debilitating yourself of worth

Living in antiquity’s pain, a depiction of heaven or hell in the flesh;

It is your duty to endure, your duty to engage

With a human born battle, to let your soul rise

Through metaphors of faith, your life will become

A story of yours, a story of overcoming;

Your very human story of fighting for the light

Through a consciousness of choices

In your decision to decide, today, today 

I will not let human pain decide my fate

Procuring a rapture of humanity; in each step,

One after the other, further I go, to battle hate and anger

As a human of light, as a human who cares

In each day I will rise, giving my best self

Into my matter of purpose, a divine decision

That each of us may take, each of us to give

Past perceptions of indignity in living human hate

Conquering disdain and pain, devouring our essence

Because today I rose and decided, I will only live in the light

As a humanitarian pursuit, as my life's purpose

Let him be your muse, your guiding light

Delivering divinity of faith for you to engage

Into battle worn confliction

So hell is no longer a haunting,

But your history now retold

Once a love of strife

Now a life of believing

Raising your mighty mane, 

Your golden shield of human strength

A re-purposing of your journey

With the Golden Lion as your muse

A new history of you becomes 

Your life's story you now choose

To see,

You are a human work of art

A creation to see

A human to be perceived

Living in light

Painting your creativity

Upon this earth

Upon each fellow

Human of faith,

Purpose and belief;

Bringing your imagination

For inspiration in theory

That each day

We will color this earth

With our best selves

Delivered as art

Felt as humanity’s 

Mission to give

In each other, 

We will find

Creative works of art


Deliver my river of faith

My streaming consciousness of concern

My flowing guidance of belief

So I can stand in my purpose

My pursuit to ease

Humanity’s plagues

Of hatred and pain;

Giving myself as a muse

That I, us, we are better,

Better than petulant 

Disturbances of distaste

Corrupting our reflections

Swaying our convictions

From anything less 

Than our best human selves

Love your concentric circles of self,

Give your compassion of care

An undying love,

As you always have for others

So today, only one truth will arrive;

At times you are lost in layers

Lacking love and care 

Perceptions in your labyrinth

Laid in rested thoughts;

Corrupted insight,

Myths disturbing inception,

Heart hidden in perception

Each corner unraveling,

Truth rising from beneath

Aesthetic visions lighting

Your low self-worth and esteem

Capturing your pure soul,

Disturbing in thought;

Boiling concepts of fate

Giving rise to your

Only true faith;

Buried in me

My origins beginning

In my circles of self;

My heart and soul rests,

Exposure beating;

To breath moments of 

Truthful existence

Persevering to live

Until only one circle exists

Breaking identities pervading you in a distant vision 

Escaping dragons of flames broiling in thoughts

Igniting in the fire of pits reckoning your pure self;

You only see the scales of hatred in your line of sight,

A mental disturbance, an identity engulfed, you fight,

To break the gaze of hatred pain and human guilt

Releasing the destruction burning in your eyes

Holding your gaze through the dragon muse

You see truth in the beast's eyes, the devil in disguise,

Clarity consuming you, burdened with shame to 

Release the evil leaving you distraught and in fear,

Your body; your will screams to look away

But you can't, stuck in his trance, you only pray

Hoping your voice is heard, you only pray

To the new world incited through sensuality in choice

Caressing you at times as sins, at others for you to feel

Humanity’s gentle soothing of a pained human existence,

Inciting your exhilarating arousal stimulated through belief

Compelling you, me, us when comfort neglects our concerns

Leaving us on the water's edge of the rivers of the damned

Only to polish our ornamented subjugation to conceptions;

Never faltering in our ideals, arriving when needed, as a guiding

Lit infiltration of our senses, a thought remembered, a form 

Stifling human consciousness with relentless pressure on us

As a sin's decision will arrive, the Good will give you the opportunity

To follow the lighted path of choice, pleasuring your inner eternal self

Incurring a wrath from the Gods

You cringe with vengeance

Ravaging your soul,

Burying your pain

Obliging hate as anger

An emotion of conquering

Your enemy of choice,

The conscience haunting

You in this earthly world

In your vision of intentions

Riling in you your Blonde Beast

Of guided human will,

A risen strength to 

Seek blood with your fangs

To suck this evil from 

Your very own soul

A fight for all, occurring within

Your mighty hind legs

Bearing brutal force

Lunging to transgress

A mortal sin for the light;

Devouring inward,

You begin your fight,

Life and death resting

Unknown to you, only;

Your blood to drain

Giving yourself at all costs

So no human will ever

Feel this darkness;

In battles of eternity you now thrive

A story of myths

Once held by Zeus

Atop Mt. Olympus

Now a story of man

When man decides

This is who I am

The wearer of brute

Endurance of pain,

Battling fatigue,

Exhaustion of mind;

Still climbing

Never stopping

Only up,

Where the oracle rests

As one feat

Gives humanity a feast

To devour this story,

Our story to be told

When man decides

In the might of the Good

Humanity rises

Zeus a muse no more

In each other

Is where human strength

Topples mountains

And eternal evils

Come to lay with Hades

In stories that are no more;

In human faith I give

My pursuits, my beliefs,

In overcoming

Are right before me;

Us, only climbing

Each mountain

Now resting above

Another challenge

Another conquering

A destiny now shown

Feel the Golden Lion’s soul encouraging 

Your faithful endeavors

Your inner raging pain as anger;

Fuel to your fire, its seething wound

Giving you inertia compelling you to fight

For the birthing existence once conquering at will,

Ready to engage with all the mighty’s fury

Focusing your heart of blood, passions enraged

Your loins firing pistons fighting wrathing disdain;

This is your duty, your God given purpose

A human emotion passionately woven into

Textured human existence encouraged to will

The mighty force of the Golden Lion to roar

You self, your soul, your ancient muse to a new world order;

In faith and conviction the mighty will rise,

Against history's demons acting as a plague of black

Following the bestiality of illness and pain

The reckoning of the weak pulled from the river

Cascading to a tired and beleaguered soul,

When one surrenders to the darkened bottom

Living in each for us to battle a forlorn story

Only surrendering will come, only one choice to decide

Let the plagues of deceit and self-hate absorb your soul or;

Just open your eyes and the river will be no more, 

The bottom abyss nothing but hauntings lost,

A recanting of nothing more than a myth; 

Satan, he has never existed, just deliverance

Of a sainthood story, fallen with grief of wings,

An angel's demise, who through him we know,

Two stories to be told, one of our savior,

One as a metaphor threatening our salvation

But both a narrative giving us a choice

Between the river of pain and a turn of the cheek;

Each of us to decide a history of evil or a new world of light

It is your duty to endure

To climb this mountain everyday

A cliff of self-reflection

Always looming;

Attempting to swallow 

Your spirit rising;

In moments you will decide

A persona dignified

A human giving

To lead this charge

Of mountains of great;

Challenges mounting

But risen too,

An ascension, 

A leap of faith

For the next grasp

So others can see

To always endure

In moments of 

A fainting heart,

A solo leap

Without recourse

To the next moment,

Ready to conquer,

Never looking down

Only up, where 

Human faith can rest

Until then,

Only endurance will

Prevail as persevered,

Until this mountain

Becomes its

Soon to be lore

I am the encourager of human will

The perpetrator of faith

Delivering my strength

Upon this earth

Upon each rotted soul

Only I will endure

The story of me;

A history of us,

The never ending

Pursuers of the Good;

Never fail,

Never give up,

Only the light

Will give my soul

Upon darkened

Nighted existence

Forging swords of fire, sharpening your piercing eyes

Desiring your will, your entity will transpire

Into a story of self, a story of strength;

Perseverance, a human told story,

Your own brilliance of faith

A destiny aspired

Acted creation

Of an artist’s muse

Penetrating scars


Soothing assumptive

Soothing to whither,

No longer lacking,

A coming together

In mindful belief 

In Infinity's totality,

An effervescent

Glistening perfection

Into your soul,

Your lighted muse

Forging your path

Giving you courage

The strength to arrive

With the Golden Lion

Always by your side

Give me the strength of courage under fire,

Engaging my fears with my brilliant flair

Bury your soul in your convictions

Garnishing your awakening

Holding in cyclones of wrath;

Fury held as an uprising

Your rebirth uplifting

Self-compose battling,

Raging into convictions of truth

A series of decisions

A meeting of minds

Conscious veracity

A vortex of will

Overcoming banality

Destroying the mundane

A higher state of overcoming

So nothing can tame

The hearted faith within

Tiring no harm


My own feeling,

Feeling long gone;

Yet I pursue

My audacious goals

Perceived failures

Broken to my will,

Exhaustion fallen

But still I climb

To heaven’s guide,

Just keep going

The only thing

I truly do know

Resting insurrection inspiring

Fountains of faith

Erupting self unwound;

New breaths devouring

Faintness of old

Finding beauty in truth, a mesmerizing force

Unrelenting to begin, a new found faith

History a beginning, a history never ending

Into theories consumed by my soul

In time will be God's given truths

As will all, time will show, a belief, a person

Caring to give for all, a self-sacrifice, our duty

Begging us to begin each step when we awake

For this, as the next, is in its own, a brand new day

In the touch of souls, an experience no angel knows

Pursuing our senses, meeting our existence

Is human conceptions transpiring in grace;

Just a glance, a stare,

A moment of bliss;

In potentiality a feeling


Humanity's art

As the touching of hearts

Conquering each affliction tolling your beliefs

This is the story of your life, ravaging pain

Beginning to thread a conscious unraveling 

A woven heart breaking, mortal sins engaging,

Pursuing a mind, locked on the abyss of fatigued existence

A forged will enduring beyond conception

Devouring an avalanche of conjectured rumination;

Challenges mounting, it is my life's purpose to endure

But, as I learned once ago, with just a wave of my heart

My pure eternal self rests in courage of blind conviction

Archaic art, caved into our humanity, a new theory is forming

In me lives your guided truth

Your monolith of courage

Strengthening your gauges

Teaching you to fight

When lost souls become

Devoured earth bound

Patrons of slaves to evil

You rapture from deep

Within your God given gifts

Fighting with your mental

Structures of faith defining

This is who I am, the will

Of human stories, a true

Song sung human who 

Simply cared to give 

Himself to something

Larger than himself

Feel my beauty, my encouraging mane

Brought down to this earth to give you light,

As your muse to pursue, your golden 

Shining art of purpose; I am here to

Ravage your human pain and devour

The wrath of evil upon your soul

Let me ease the hauntings, the short term evil

Bringing my coat of the Golden Lion to will

His evil disguise to be buried in my fur

Stitched from each devil I slay, just for you

I am the wearer of evil, slaying your painful

Perceptions of humanity's difficulties in

A living life burdened in brevity, a purpose

For overcoming to show itself upon you

Encounter your love and beauty, innate solitude;

Inspiring beauty living in aesthetics of pleasure

Tantalizing spectacles luring your gaze 

Fighting into the winds, struggling for 

Air of forbidden myths, the knowledge 

Of all, the pursuit of being my best 

Seeking justice of self, sighting my 

Thoughts in courageous ventures 

Aching my heart, but compelling  

My soul of willful transcendence 

Dug into my constructs demolishing concerns 

Readying my gaze with focus of intent; 

Cherishing compulsions of old, 

Fruitful ambitions traversing 

A mind scaling combusting integrity

Tearing into structured ambivalence, 

Tattered weariness, an ethereal consumption; 

My soul living to conceive;

Hear my battle cry, my Alexander of fear

Marching in tandem, consuming

Rage in brutal storms 

Of nightmares dying

I am to breath 

My aether of air,

Conjuring myths

A monolith living

Furthering my identity,

Through passions and care;

In walks of brutality

In oceans of tyrants,

Mind battled scars,

I will rise;

Forcing my destiny

Aspiring to give

When opportunities decide

A person, this is who I am,

As humanity’s guide,

A star of streaming light

Dying in pain when I cannot give

My childish self of inspired

Caressing’s into the path of the light

Chasing Infinity’s invigoration encouraging my rupturing vocals

Vibrating into paradigms erupting disorder to order; 

From chaos of ambiguous hatred between two souls,

Disembodied from their eternal state in this human world

With my guidance from the Golden Lion's roar, I will be

The new found faith in this new world order

My gift, my burdens sewn together delicately into seamless momentum,

A consciousness unending, only goals purvey my existence;

Rivers running as currents disturbing your mind

Into white wash of fantasies; your being long lost

To tumultuous devouring of an ideologue 

Fated persistence in a new theory of self

Crashing into the sanded earth crushing

Your convictions of honesty and truth

Living in your heart,

His loving touch,

Never seen

But always felt

A glowing warmth traversing your soul

Giving eternity in life,

A symbol of your inner strength;

Let your eternity 

Enter your guidance

Staring in translucence,

You hear the Golden Lion roar

Feel my goodness of your humanity, pulsating with the stars

Compelling courage in your light filled path

I am the wearer of Good, the muse in your eyes

Delivering pure human faith

Through my angels of beasts and wrath

Look further and you will see

I was born to be yours

Always portraying life through my light

An innocence conceived, a blissful state resurrecting your being

From birth to life, your humanity will exude

The deepness of my design, the reality of my light

Through your artistry my conceptions will be conceived

Open your soulful heart of exploding passions

Becoming a lion, golden in sight

Living as our purpose, shining;

Our true selves into each day,

Lighting the path for what we 

Engage with tender care;

With only a heart to wear,

Loving life from our eternal

Souls created through our muses,

Our search for our birth of life, 

A shining bright built within;

Just let it go and follow the light;

A growing belief, a soulful might

By a simple step of saying

I accept the Golden Lion

Bearing my burden to grow

In this life and the next,

Only my life will I give

To my created purpose

Wearing the Golden Lion's

Heartened purpose of life

Walk your faith to the arches of St. Michael exulting your human born

Predicates of a purposeful heart;

Here to fight, here to rise

Running to history's fate

Thundering your crackle 

With the hammer of your sword

The gait of your golden shield

Following your stride,

In dignity and righteousness

A masterful art appears;

Burgeoning, waging, exploding paralysis in blossoming

Self creation,

Casting shadows with sunrises,

Self recognizing;

Un feared,

Frozen seeds

Breaking boundaries icing personal

Growth and attainment;

A waged war,

A new seed born

Cultivated against

Grained destinies;

Allured out from frozen,


Another war waged

Another step of faith gained

Courage in divinity, a light arriving

Your true source of inspiration

Hearing a lion's roar

Commanding you to be

Your best human self

And you will truly see

The light, the faith

Your courage in strength,

A divinity risen, a life chosen

Through faith and art

As you listen to,

The Golden Lion’s roar

An evanescence of humanity glistening you to perfection

Envision your beauty extolling its presence;

Swaying visions of porcelain resilience

Unwinding density of shame,

Guilted mourning laying to grave

In solitude, free of remorse,

Dignity rising, a man undying;

Of destiny transpiring in each

Human striding for our perfection

Of aesthetic perceptions;

Mimicry of desire,

An innate concern 

To protect our 

Inner vision

Of artful perfection

Living in your muse of conviction and faith 

As I walk towards my path of strength, 

History's lion entering my soul; 

Courage will provide through visions of old 

Enter your domain of human transcendence beginning to beckon your eternity calling  

A horn of faith passing across this earth for you to hear, for you to listen,  

Heavenly appeal to your heart of human passions, of human courage  

Triumphing a self-dignity atoning to dance with the air of love and care 

Bring your articles of faith in your life's engagements  

Acting your divinity into your aesthetic appeal 

Showing the light you have been shown  

The music you have been given to hear  

His greatness in giving, your path to persist  

A fine attunement of a soul marching to bear

This is his sound, that voice in your head  

Giving you courage and strength  

When you feel you cannot bear 

A sound, a sight, a vision, let it be clear  

These are you paths, in this you will no longer 

Fear the path of blind human faith 

Hear my voice, my anger, my pain  

My conscious of concern;  

A destiny rising,  

A Golden Lion shining 

Raise your hearted flag declaring your name  

Born of shame, building to grow  

Indignity a thought no more, no longer 

Flaring your inception’s incited ruckus  

Ruining your change to receive  

That which is pure, that which is only human,  

Our destiny to arrive, our destiny to accept  

Boundaries to be scorned through human will  

Entering the gate of who we might be  

Through a thought, a belief, an ancient light  

From the stars above, our guided source of reckoning  

From the Golden Lion, your heart will only fight 

Today begins your vengeful wrath of dignity fighting

For the humanity of your life, for others to breath

Your invigorating light of your heaven's creed

Leaving a death of existence mired in self-defeat

Loathing left in blackened pools now colored

With the touch of your artistry of choice

Brilliantly canvassing this earth with painted

Exuberance of a human's soul giving in faith

Living in the path of humanly divined fate

Oh the passion, the fury, the desire for more

Aching to breath but gently being touched,

A self engaging to a future unknown but,

Driving compulsions that glory will rise

Through an act, a structure, a novel

So brutally relentless, as each page turns

Admiring unity in trust, building hearts of a mentality

Only discovered in the Good of pure human care,

Bettering of all through introspection of self;

Always seeking to be better, finding our paths

In our true self walking with guidance

We accept our faults, correcting to improve

Leaving behind paths never to be taken by another

Elevating the next of us to further conceptions

We ourselves only once dreamed of, leaving our

Darkened mistakes to be grown over by our resilience

To only go forward leaving our failings to grow

The conscious of those to venture where we left off

Giving in our end, the only true knowledge I know

The story of an idea, the living truth I hold so dear

Surrounding eternal wonderings with the journey of my soul

Enduring firing brimstones once boiling blistered defeats

Into cooling oceans of the courage of the human breeze

I fathom the destiny of my will coercing

Movements minding Infinity, a metaphor

Determining visions of old living as precepts of faith;

Beating your heart pulsing the veins of the Good,

Hell bound to admonished fatigue scouring beneath 

The battle of the skies, conjuring the all mighty to rise

Forming battlefields of human faith, an angelic rising;

Lucifer’s pain suffering to incur the right hand of God

A brutality of his will, the force of his day of reckoning;

40 days of flooding splurging red stains of 40 days of

Blood disdaining hatred consecrating; as the war ends

Destiny of choices consecrated in acts;

Blinding perfections mired in imperfections loss,

A never give up feeling failing to consume,

Dreaded moments of sustenance long ago atoned;

Living in the stained windows of another’s human fall from grace,

Human courage will deliver heavenly healing of faith

Roaring sculptured faith shining golden streams of human consciousness

Roaring infiltration for your mind to see your heavenly muse  

Canvassing the artistry of your roar, as tenacity of virtue

You only challenge with the mane of your hair

Standing in the anger of fear, the thorns of your crown

Resting in resilience born at birth, living through death

Let my roar deliver your truth, a destiny aspired

Roaring purity in forging upward to a heavenly muse

Inspiring your soul spring flooding your consciousness

To create your artistic light as a penetrating construct

Forbidding the dark giving only yourself as human light

Enrapture your soul with your Golden Lion's roar

Subduing your unconscious woken spirit

Filtering your disdain, your wrath, your humanity’s pain

Hear my thunder, hear my roar, my fortitude of strength, my endurance to be pure

Free from darkened acquiescence, from perceptual tragedies of faltering

Into the path of the Golden Lion, my inspirational muse

My path resisting narratives of declination

Living in my blind human faith

With the Golden Lion

At my side

I'll bleed it out for you

When I lose my faith

Walking on my grounding lost

In disturbance of belief

I will wrap my wounds

Bury my pain 

To simply bleed out for you

Love yourself to enter the bearings of my bliss

Covering your soul in my blanket of care and

Affection soothing shallowness of your once fractured self,

Feeling my glory of faith through attrition sustained

We all must endure the relentlessness of our lives

Blindly, without any knowledge of why or in outcomes

But in the act itself will relief be gained

In our journey, this is the lesson to be gained

Only living in the Good and furthering faith ascending

To endure, a building of self, a transcendence in 

Our highest ideal, our conscious to choose,

To keep going or give up on our beliefs,

A simple decision that does not change, a proof of the eternal;

It is your life to engage every breath of the way

Your journey, your story, today you will decide

Love is a theory presumed in our souls built into our consciousness

A feeling of faith that only if I can love myself, I will be given

Human loving care, in all of my life, wrapping myself

In a feeling of wings of my guardian angel, providing my care

As every human deserves, a tender touch of pure human bliss

That feeling of pure joy and pleasure in simplicity of experience

Human connection can be found, but in life, we are all duty bound

To serve each other, to be the light, the symbol of human faith

Guiding our humanity by the smallest of steps, the grasp of a hand

The grazing of a touch, just enough so we can all remember

Our brief existence has purpose, as we are living to create

Giving ourselves with a simple voice, a simple whisper

Caring to stand when one of us falls, so we always get up;

If we each serve our purpose to give our creation with a human touch

Our greatest human experience, our life as a human who cares

Walking a path of precious care, carefully crafting a feeling

Of unstoppable destiny, touching with the slightest of sights

A born truth that if we care, life will return our grace

Guiding each one of us into sublime wraths of faith

Destiny arriving in various forms

A reckoning of insight, 

Most likely through a beautiful muse

If you just stop and see 

All the light of the world; 

Taking your time and let life breath,

Invigoration of living 

What your life is destined for,

A path well lit, just care to see

A universe of consciousness 

Seeking to guide you, 

Lighting your path, so you can believe

We all have a purpose 

Our journey to discover

If we take our time so the light will be

A destiny arriving, a self becoming, 

As the seeking light has divined

Our eternal selves living a life

Of a human born journey,

Our becoming of self, 

A certainty in life, 

That we are indeed 

Sought by our own rays of light

Slowly you build

A life of hope

A life of living,

Your passions

Growing innate,

Touching your faith,

Visions arising

All you have missed,

A remembrance

Of what you gave

Of what you give,

The purpose

Of your life's

Joy and pursuits

Damaging in pain

But elevated

In strength,

Moments of

Endurance to will,

Laying down

To show my 

Heart of others as,

Pure human care,

A self recognition

Through others

You can be

What you love

About this life;

Perceptions in

A life well lived,

What it means

To each day

To bury your fears

And live towards

Commonality in

Being, a human

Of walking intent,

As a value of


Striving to believe

Our walks of steps

Are a true building

For each generation

Of God himself,

Making us at ease

One purpose to devise,

Divinity to thrive

My purpose 

Will no longer divide

My faith,

My forms,

My guided purpose

In me,

The Golden Lion will rise

Touching my soul

Deep within,

Holding my breath

Seeking to sooth

Seeking to believe

In myself

My history

My purpose,

A life's dream

Of a passionate


To be proud


My care

My commitment

That I can be more

That I may

Be better

Rising to

My muses;

A narration

That in each of us

If we choose

A higher purpose

We each shall be

Who we were meant

To become,

Humans of blind faith

Walking this earth

With intention

And design

Giving our souls

As God,

The Golden Lion

Has designed

Building conceptions out of darkened

Nightmares disturbing a once

Unrested soul

Admonishing fears as,

Heaven’s will 

To a guided truth,

Into your path

Creating art

From blackened night;

Forging your path,

Breaking barriers

Of human pain,

A destiny awoken,

Your life now lived,

Your life now living,


From humanity's light,

A gift you now bear

As a burden to give,

A life built from 



Living in light

Lay my path

And I will walk

With an open heart

Blindly following

The beating path

Pulsing my soul

With each step 

Courage will thrive

Drumming my soul

To the beats

Of my heart

Caring bliss

An act of kindness

Loving thoughts

Swaying your mind

Of eternal hope

That in life

Goodness will rise

In my destiny

I will arrive

In my journey

I now live

As never before

Free from a


Mired in pain

Shadowed in 

Guilt darkening

My lost soul


From the gates

Of bliss above

Into a path

Where only light

Is given

Where only light

Is received

The only destiny

If we decide

To let go of pain

And enter our hearts

Staring, glaring

An upward prayer,

Illuminating light;

A deliverance

Making this world

Of light to persevere

Fainting in breaths leveraging 

My inept extrinsicism 

Against my inner strength 

A brutality in patience 

A torn aesthetics

Does not mean inward confliction 

But Golden Lions of 

Silhouettes shimmering

Infinity's totality, an effervescent

Glistening perfection into your soul,

Your lighted muse, forgiving your path

Giving you courage, the strength to arrive

With the Golden Lion always by your side

Standing in your mighty stance

Filtering your disdain, your wrath,

Your hauntings pain, 


Courageous beauty into engraved

Art of a human’s beautiful coloring of

Conceptions of faith;


A journey, a path, a given perception

Allowing brilliance to flow inward,

As human hope;




Amrican Poet Golden Lion

By R. Cary

Copyright 2019

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