7. Amrican Poet Art of Self By R. Cary

Amrican Poet

Art of Self


As art as your muse, as creativity as your guide

Walk into this day and paint your colors of faith

The earth as your canvas, today you will give

Your human self, as a creative work of art

Build your consciousness rising in colors of choice

An introspection of humanity

Deep within,

Your creative flair

Arrives as inward light,

As a spark of human imagination,

A creative choice to decide,

Rousing your senses of integrity upwards

To an eternity of only loving theories

Living in your ideals, your thoughts;

Reality portrayed in life to decide

Myself as an art, a purpose by design

Put here on this earth

Only one choice, to live in your

Colorful convictions of human belief

Stepping into your life with

Nothing but pure human faith

A symbol of human creation

A beckoning of your life

Becoming an artist who

Chose to paint his life

With artistic impressionism

Giving yourself

As a human who cares,

Answering your calling

A beauty of art,

Yourself as an artist,

An artist who chose

To live in your artistic

Clarity of self consuming

Human aspirations

Lighting your soulful being

Through an existence of 

Self-recognition and cause;

Caring to believe

In your eternity to rise

Beyond constructs,

A mentality on being,

A self built wonder,

Through a myriad of dreams;

Insightful conjectures

There is more to be seen

Breath into yourself your burgeoning aspirations

Delighting your spirit, tolling your visionary

Quest of a human being, procuring

Yourself into grandeur, into your journey

Of articulated self-perception

Availing a spiritual awakening,

An inward inertia thrusting

Your brightened existence

Becoming from a path well conceived

Now a path well worn

Tear your blackened path of resistance

And sculpture your new self

Into existence,

An adversary now defeated

Your life as before

Has never existed

Onward you exclaim, into your glassless mirror once of disdain

Now your penetrating light of translucency foregoing apparitions

Of hauntings in your story of old, to a willed fortune of faith

In your light, through your conscious art

Arrival insulates

Your reality newly conveyed

Your artisanal self

Guiding indifference

Aligning your release,

Of human constraints

Open your heart, let your colors provide lucent affirmations;

These are my colors of choice

I will paint my sleeves

With emotions of loving grace

Painting onto past veils of deception

Revealing no more a pained existence

But a canvas of heart

An only human concern

To give to another, 

Your beautiful hidden art

Raise your soul, your colorful bliss

Lighting your path as a beam

Beckoning your common man

To reach for their ideals

Following in human steps of faith

Leaving your imprint,

To live in the light;

A painted path 


Your colorful soul

Can show;

Each step of faith

Now a colorful

Canvas on being,

Each to paint their own

In their journey

Our lives will show

Loring your muses from history's past,

Through artful design

Humanity will rise

Exhibiting your true self, a conjured essence crafted,

Conjectured, mired in perceptions

Your words, your art

Will be here long after you existed

Imprints upon this earth, your collage of self

This earth as your canvas, humanity as your concern,

Brighten your existence through your artistic flair

Growing your true self, into Michael Angelo's glare

Bringing an artist's faith

As your new burden of being

Making each day

A creation built

From artists past

Displaying humanity

As the best it can be

Just as today

You will be

An artist of choice

To be better each step of the way

Step into your burdens as an artist of choice

Designing each step with your artistic flair

Musing your conscious to appear

From a conjuring of faith,

Your aesthetics will appeal

Colorful streams

Gently colliding,

Delivering assorted

Versions of self;

A new freedom discovered

Transpiring a soul deep from within

A self inquiry proposing,

To feature an essence

Given in divinity,

Born from creation

Born to give

A self free,

As you were meant to be

A human valuing

Creation is all we have,

Creating our best selves,

A duty bound purpose

Forging your destiny crafting paradigms of art, breaking concepts of reality tinting colorful hues of perception

Depicting your impressions of a quintessential self canvassing your muses from a thought into being

Creating a cultivated imagination in inception for a conjectured faith constructed

A new art has arisen, a hearted sleeve

Of a caring pure soul

Unleashing from within

Your colors of choice

Raising to flourish

Craving your vengeance of your soul through purity of spirit

Uplifting hope as a prophetic fountain

Exploding from a life’s past; born again,

Life reengaged, a new inspiration imagined

Crafting self-exploration, absolving history,

Your self as art, your journey of becoming

The muse, the artist, the acquirer of pain

Perturbing human emotions of 

Sulking fear and guilt

Into spiritual hope,

A path well learned,

An expression of faith

All lessons to be gained,

As a human you are,

Seeking to discover

The truth of experience

Painting through your light

An angle to be perceived,

By just tilting your head

Your vision will become

To sights of our best selves;

A new way now beginning

Apprise your aesthetic delighting internal nourishment

Feel the light of the Good, celebrating your colors exuded


Sourcing manifested absolutions,

An eternal yearning of morality, pleasured

Appetite appeased, 

Sublime semblance aroused;

Muses of destiny absent in past

Restless, uneasiness

Now a purity of closeness

From within,

Your fountain now springs

Aesthetics of appeal with

Indulgences to self,

Painted splatters erupted into inspiration

In your story, your path, your journey

Vulnerable conflictions will endure,

Giving way for you to find

Purity in being, an idea of creating

Pathing your way in lessons learned;

Insightful reflection, sometimes felt

As harmful indignation of introversion

But heard carefully, is your story

Still being created, written as you decide

To find love in this life called art

Your story, yourself, a work of art

Still in creation, creating to be

The human you are, just look and see

There is more to the canvas, 

Yourself still to be painted

Bringing your beliefs to fruition

The artist begins to rise

Standing in decisions

To let your colors decide;

Only you decide

Which colors are yours;

A representation lifted,

Darkness of black unveiled

As lighted reflection

Of what you hold inside;

Vibrant fluorescents

Brighten the darkest corners

Of depth lurking to hold

An embodied prison

Thwarting your colors

As you spark imagination

Guiding your hearted muse

Hear your muse etching your aesthetics within your soul, sketching your art of ravaging rage as a new faith forming,

Blending colors from muses of old

Into inspired imaginations anew,

Lifting daylight from disdain;

Your journey as an artist will be seen,

From each canvas, your choices of 

Vibrant artistry decorated in emptiness,

Now visionary faith in human light

A pervasive allegory tilts your perceptions;

Senses receptive of new colors

Arising from deep within

Let your inner truth explode onto your canvas of concern 

Your life's truth thrown against your inner world of art

Portraying reality of design and purpose lighting

Your words, yourself as a beacon becoming

A mighty muse for the world; let them see

Just as you are, we are each meant to be

Wearers of color, brightening this day

Giving our best selves as a muse to believe

Allow your brilliance to shine, forth into blooming

Flowered fragrances of human blossoming;

A visual appeal,

An aesthetic,

Your life will reveal


A life of giving,

A fruition in becoming

Your self presumed flaring your ink of introversion;

Presented eccentricity,

An exuberant soul,

Resting to awake

To what dreams may come;

Vibrancy of faith,

Awoke to the new world

Always within

A portrayal of self

Few have seen;

Now you will 

Give to the world

An artist of human


Let it rise, let it be pure, as a risen 

Fountain bleeding ink staining your 

Muse of exultation dying each life of 

Proposed deliverance of a beckoning 

Inside ready to flourish, ready to give 

Admiration of human faith, love, and tears; 

In joy inherent tearing a flowing river of 

Blackened stains with inspired art of color

Transpiring your will designed in moments

Through a conscience of colors

An ocean of paints covering this earth

Bringing life to the deepest darkened souls;

In an artist gives an imagination of belief

Inspiring inspirations long subsiding

Your soul screams for freedom,

Done so by giving

Your true artistic self

Unleash your passion of fury lifting your spirited uprisal

Springed at the source of human creation, 

A lifelong journey

A story of becoming

This is your art;

Your creation of choice

Freedom in being,

Your self now lit

Enter into aspiring bliss acquiring your design

Through pure bliss of glory raging inferno's once

Living inside as darkened existence perspiring you

Into re-birthed eternity expressing admiration, atoning

In love for yourself, love in the humanity you so deeply know

Uplifting your voice of trust in your creations as purposeful

Destiny as God given will of intention upon your temporary

Earthly life, a metaphor of now, a project we are creating

Our divine purpose seeking our truth's in our human works of art

Weighing heavy, your heart fills with joy

Preparing to tear with pleasures arrived

Looking into your self long living;

Your colors begin to arrive

Realizing what you have always been

The color of faith, a spectrum of caring

Defining your soul, a splash of believing,

I am the color of humanity

The color of choice,

I will bring my artistic muse

To this God given world

Giving your soul, divinity by design

You reach deep within, freedom to roam;

A soul growing, a soul desiring to live

In admiration of hearts you see,

An experience of potential

As each will one day be set free

Etch into life imprints of destiny,

Ingenious determination,

Unrelenting desire

Allowing yourself

To blossom and bloom

Ripening to deliver

Humanity’s uplifting

Your life story now being written as it always should

A fighter for us

The bearer of light

Your only purpose

To breath your inner light

Your gift is your beauty of choice

A colorful arrangement tinting human

Perceptions of introspection,

Your gift to guide

Your giving light

Admiration becomes your muse

Giving your duty to your art

Now a gift of human giving

Walk into your inspiring self musing your existence into the path of others

Let them see, sense, perceive all that you have bled,

Now a beacon of humanity

Coloring this earth

Rising inside insightful exuberance, strength of passions;

Mighty tolerance for a beloved self living to give,

Giving to live in your soul sought human design;

Open your chest exploding passions of a colorful fire

Lighting a soul waking to rays of blissful intentions

Your source of deliverance shining to exude

Heartfelt passions warming your existence

For admiration to breed, for your soul to desire

Passion in self, your life of faith arising,

Your heart colored in shimmering rays of hope

Display your portrait of self belief and hope living as undying courage

As a human waking in the light, laying to rest in faith 

In challenges in purpose, overcoming to pursue

This is your new found glory, a self being written

Chasing only the Good, the strength of the Golden Lion

Between the dark ravaged by exploding light

And streaming sources of consciousness

Bringing each color as a metaphor

Each with its own burdened path,

But all a symbol of existential belief;

In you, as in all, a full human will be

Full of love, passion, lust, a desire to 

Be full of colors and born to be free

A human who only wants to give

As a human who was created to be born;

Their impression on this world

In original oils of stains painting

Your essence of inspiration,

A transcendence you are transcending

A life you now live in, a new painting each day

The world is your canvas, what will you paint today?

You are the color of choice, a history made,

A human walking this earth with purity

Of dignity and grace in one’s life,

A full array of colors 

Giving light its source,

A refraction of being,

Our decisions to decide

Flaring your penetrating force delighting pleasure in sensuality

Caressing swooning elegances defining spectacles of blind

Human faith watering humanity’s blossoming,

Creativity of conscience filling our souls with imagination 

Blooming our growth in our sense of aesthetic purity,

Conjuring essences of our spirit eternal

Uplifting shadows shading our colorful light

Revealing a sworn truth,

To no longer hide

Your blissful being

Shining forth,

Your colorful light

Blistering our inner ambitions of the Good

Our eternal pursuit of being better

We live to create on our canvas of life

We hold so close so dear to our hearts,

As once before, born ourselves as a work of art;

We give creation its purpose by the life we create

The lives we give to others, the gift of life,

Our true human purpose, a narrative we all know

Living with love for the betterment of man

All a form of art, as our touch reaches each soul

Each a Rembrandt, each with DA Vinci's code

Your own beating pulse of light invigorating

Our sensuality in the goodness of our souls,

Arousing kindness and care with tender brushes of art;

Each stroke of our quills hand crafted from the heart,

Depicting your soul as you walk in purity

Giving you the lighted nature of human pursuits

Coloring definitions of a human life well lived

Spreading pleasure and joy with your painted light;

Leaving your true self as a work of art on this earth

Bringing your inspiring self as lucent inspiration

Sparking creativity in imagining humanity as a God given

Decision to be a human of light or breeder of pain

A history of decisions we each will come to make

Your life, your decisions of color to wear

In each moment, you can bring your light

A higher consciousness, touching another as you arrive

From beginning to end, you will learn

As your art streaming the skies;

Light and beauty, your inspiration will rise;

Your life, your choice, a guiding force,

An eternal spirit awakened

Your eternal soul now living

Paint your heart beating his pulse

Lighting the hearts of each human soul

Now in faith the colors you bring

Aesthetically soothing, metaphorically invigorating

Carrying the burden of living in light

You have decided, this is who I am

From my soul, my heart I will live

Loving to inspire, carrying to deliver

What has been given to you

Internal freedom from human fear

Devouring a history of wrath

No more decisions are left

Only a set pattern lighting your gaze

You will never look back

You don't know how,

When the colors arrive;

Your life will be revived

Only to live in humanity's puritan bliss,

Positing your heart; colors exploding

From your fountains flooding, 

Creativity springing;

This is human creativity as freedom

Expressing your divinity as a muse of the Golden Lion

Guiding spiritual enlightenment as your Art of Self

Through the artistry you always knew was living in you

The human condition,

It's colored deliverance of all for a human to feel

Harnessing your inner artistry with self-belief;

Living light of colors, writing true human freedom

Into the path of others so they too may be free,

Inspiring souls with new found faith;

The human experience, a pleasure in being

It is in you, to inspire your truth

A living spring of human abundance

A living life you can proudly live

Giving your true colors as a matter of faith

An intentional work of art given to this earth

With your purpose defined, decisions at ease

Your only pursuit is to rise to this day

Engaging as you are, a true human of colors

Exciting your new spirit to arise

In you as a pure artist of choice,

Your consciousness awoken to blind belief;

Inside each of us colors to rise

Above our conflictions, into the light

You are more than just a human

You are an artist, created to create

Your form to rise, platonic in theory;

To live in eternity by that which you create

A purpose of giving, so humanity can grow

Into ourselves, history just a path

Our canvas to paint our images

Of being our best, ideals uncompromised,

Pursuing the betterment of all mankind

Now pick up your pen, your brush, your colorful light

And paint this earth with your heartened care

You deserve your full self, as do others

You were built just for this, to give and create

A life well deserved, a life of imagination

Reigniting each day your spark of belief;

Today like the next, is an opportunity to paint

Your creative self as a human of inspiring

Inspirations, in life you have chose

To be the muse of human light

Coloring your world as an artist of choice

Now a true artistic artist of the human self

Love your life as a creation in the making

Spurting from within your eternal imagination

In this your life will never end, as the Art of Self

Gives your spirit the waking to rise,

Each day to give yourself as an artist of faith

An artist that cares, an artist that believes

Your purpose is to be the muse of humanity's blissful state

An entire history written for us to have faith

As others have done before us, their lives created for

Our purpose, our decisions, to be guided by their light

You will do the same, this is your purposeful art

You are now the guiding light, a step of faith

Believing this day your art will provide

Inspiring faith for another human to imagine

Today I will be, as my light showed

An artist delivering my inner self

Touching from my soul within

My aesthetics of living will only be

My true human nature to create

My best self, my highest ideal;

This is my duty, inspired to give

Maybe I too shall life as an artist

Painting my colors upon this earth



Amrican Poet Art of Self

By R. Cary

Copyright 2019

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