8. Amrican Poet Infinity By R. Cary

Amrican Poet



Gathering myself, so burdens may endure

Giving myself the rest of this life

So I remember what this is for

Allowing calmness in a heart

Giving my best self in each moment

For my moral conscious to be pure;

Each action an opportunity to decide,

As an opportunity to give,

My sense of caring

Is what every human deserves 

Resilience is my color of choice

Sprinkled in hues of 


An artist of many, a communal

Work of art;


Across a chosen canvas;

A masterpiece,

Pure genius,

An artistic creation,

Plurality heeded;


Love your art of duty

Not giving up

Never dying

Until the canvas can

Be revealed;


Enduring to muse

A new artistic


Rising inside your soul,

Today your 


To a new theory of purpose

One after the 


Our artistry will prevail

A vision of 


A new art form rising;

Let it rise


To deliver to this world

So all can see

The fight

An act in itself, your true 

Knowledge gained

A life lived

A life you can admire 

A loving life


I have given all I have

A bit of pride,

Self dignity,

As you take the time

To stare inward,

To see

All you have done and

All u see


Make your heart smile,

A feeling of 


Built off your giving of duty,

A relentless pursuit


Your human work of art

Risen inside


Power of pure human will,

The Blonde Beast


As your inner light

To pursue once 


Your vicious purpose

Unrelenting and


Your colors of choice

Now chosen,


As your living gift

Of living,


Giving this day of strength

A human that


Walk in your journey with unrelenting belief,

Shadows of fear quelling your steps

Into darkness, amid



Lives your

Guardian of strength

A journey never known

Until those steps


Your story of blind faith

When you can't find perspective, unsure of what is next

Pressures assumed mounting in conjectured aphorisms

Stand where you are raising your chest, beating your drum;

I am the Blonde Beast, the strength of human will,

Fighting for what is right with the courage of the Golden Lion,

The brute force of your nature rapturing your heart of faith;

Feeling the strength of your ancient light filling your soul

Clenching your fists, tightening your jaw, showing your pride

You stand to rise, showing your spirit as

The one who chose, the one who will rise

Defeating petulant evil with pure human grace

A story of history, defined in moments, delivered through

Men and Woman of a storied kind

A barrage of senses foreign in ourselves

Muting extroverted conversion of faith 

To a mind full of wonder and belief;

Inward exploration, a universe to define,

A voice of conscience always arrives

Overwhelming afterthought, once was foresight

Now a sovereign new star, a galaxy to be

Spiraling in steps faster it proceeds

Each tone of time a new pattern pulsing,

Radiating light into the black hole that once was,

In this universe, as all births began

A mighty explosion, a brewing of matter;

Will this day show its power of the all mighty 

Light set to endure, for aeons to come

As a new guardian forever giving faith,

An ancient light, arriving each day anew

Giving humanity with the gentleness it perceives

A seeming complexity when your eyes are well closed

Just open your eyes and all will be conceived

A vast immenseness traversing through time

As your path, your journey is destined

Luminating as a gift from those living before

Our humanity we are given, each step to be taken

Those of the past, once believers now giving

Our future now shown, our eternal journey now sewn;

A quilt in the stars, laying its warmth

As our souls were always to be saved

In comfort we can rest, our stars as our guides

Just rest tonight, because tomorrow there will only be light

A tender soul, a desire to give

A life to live, a heart to show

Living with, in purity I rise;

Destiny of Infinity, today I arrive

Becoming a lion, golden in sight

Lives as our purpose, shining;

Our true selves into each day,

Lighting the path for what we 

Engage with tender care;

With only a heart to wear,

Loving life from our eternal

Souls created through our muses,

Our search for our birth of life, 

A shining bright built within;

Just let it go and follow the light,

A growing belief, a soulful might

By a simple step of saying

I accept the Golden Lion

Bearing my burden to grow

In this life and the next

Only my life will I give

To my created purpose

Wearing the Golden Lion's

Hearted purpose of life

Lift your spirits for rebirth,

A celebration of renewal

In our journey revival is

Always our trusted tool

Of our self and purpose

Charging our muses,

Recharging our light

Giving fuel to be burned

As we do our work

Wondering bliss running

Through fragments

Scattered to perceive

A missing memory

I someday hope

I can truly see

No pain, no feeling

Just duty bound glory

Eyes piercing, boundaries conceptualized, my glowing light pursuing

Strength of mighty fury compelling compulsions of a story living

In men / man / woman of inspiring will of the human conscious

Tearing into realities turning convictions from faith aspiring,

Ravaging truths tormenting empires of hated viciousness

As angels of darkness fighting with St. Michael and his wrath,

Disturbing each lost soul with our claws of eternal truth

Courage in compulsions

Faithful to be better, a way

Of forming an art,

A path of forgiving

Never not enough again,

Relentlessly pursuing

An unknown future;

Perceptions may be blind,

Foresight forbidden,

Only days of building,

A conscious grinding,

Methodologies of will,

A mindful abstraction

So my life becomes 

My purposeful art

My, our story defeating hell

Reigning in my rallying call, an act of introspection

Only my soul will know,

My boundaries exploring feelings of being,

My journey surviving;

An association of like minded wills

Conquering through the nature of the sublime

Existing to exceed, nourishing to fear

The path of human righteousness willing

Goodness to heal what was once beyond repair

Craving my passions to never surrender

Delivering in time the externality of my soul

Bleeding through crevices seen to breath

My lucidity startling ambitions; 

Pursuing an act of twenty years more

Staring into the taunts of the devil's ill,

I turn my cheek screaming you will bend to my will!

Pursuing my delicious appetite of oh, still so much more

I rest in the uncertainty as my cuisine of blind vigilant faith

Moving aside all that does not fill my life long goals;

This is my journey, a story of us to tell

Shielding my golden armor breaking 

All the stories evil will never live to tell,

A standing force letting hammers be thrown

Building in each sledge the strength of a human born

Thor living as my muse of impenetrable will

Conquering in silence as a symbol of my

Constructed acts built for the light of others,

My true definition of this life being of purpose;

Giving with your might, shielding with your light

Consuming the pain of all, devouring disdain 

A wearisome venture but do not fear,

As I walk this earth with the Blonde Beast of will

And the faith of the lion shining in gold,

I only know one way and I walk in it each day

The only true duty is what I mean to each human 

Existing as paths for an ancient archetype soul,

Giving intentionality to a time of times lost to unfold,

Who in each we are, who we are to become;

Through each moment anew, to open your heart

And pledge to give your light, wearing 

Your destiny with the wings of St. Michael of wrath,

Not a moment to deny, not a glance that will not lie,

Every touch of the air your wings well felt;

In this every human on earth will prevail,

Never to falter, never to deny, in each action

Lives a consciousness of choice, a perspective on being

In our truest self, a divinity discerning

Carving into the wind moments of your life

Defining human ambition as more than a story,

But acts of determined humanity to 

Walk in this earth to brighten the darkest days of night;

Through a simple human action of saying I will only ever choose 

To be a human giving his faith as light

I know exhaustion

But I also know brute will

The simplicity of an act;

Tearing of boundaries,

Perceptions, realities 


Look into the mirage

Past the shapes of

Deception into what is,

We are all just a bit more

Than our shape of human form;

Inside each an energy of light

Always unbound, limitless if found

With just a small act, 

Our souls become our true

Shape of forms,

Giving new definitions

To what exists in-between

A further sense of self

A collection of a whole

Constantly infusing

The density of our hope;

Exhaustion, fatigue will

Simply exist no more,

A passive bruteness of will

Becoming one simple step

Accepting we are an idea

Transcending the landscape

Of temporal thought and being

Into the truth we all may find

With just an act, a step;

Reality of your shape

Is just a construction of

Your mind;

Just look a bit beyond

And you will see

No shape of this world

Can hold the mighty

Strength of your starlit heart,

An ever living star burning

At your core,

That never will die

Always remaining bright

Just changing its shape of a form

Exploding in a moment

Only to give life a bit more

Living its duty,

To die in perceptions

But reality past deception,

As a mirage once lived in

Now a truth to convey

The shapes we feel

Are constraints to be,

A passing of growth

Encouraging our passions,

Rapturing our rage

Like the sun of this earth,

Turbulent and with flare

Giving life to earth

A duty we will endure

Burning with our fire

As the source of human light

Entering the darkness of nothingness is the greatest feat a human may know

Breaking the boundary of human constraints to enter the gates of externalities realm

To trust the in-between, to trust the unknown path of your life taken as,

Human resistance to laws of governance holding your physics of a shape to define

Our temporal state of definition it is our duty to change, to unbind from our form

Releasing in us our potentiality through steps of uncertainty, steps only faith can lead us to take;

Across life, this is your purpose, following that which fears you, that which you cannot see through

Challenging human conceptions of what our perceptions of limitations we are told,

Breaking boundaries of experience with small acts tearing reality to its knees in acquiescence,

Giving in our pursuits, defining what can be as a consequence of our being, our will;

We cannot do anything but continue to step, as the first into the dark is all it takes

The hardest intentionality of our concern now a pattern of faith to follow

As we once were followers of those before us, it is our duty to be leaders of history,

In only one lesson can we teach, the art of nothingness as the truth of light

Releasing all from the plague of fear haunting the history of us, as humans

It only takes one act, one small step, one act of courage to give us our strength;

These moments of choices, to enter metaphors of hell; the nothingness

Breaks the boundaries of our shape through human will, through a choice

A story we find all around us, as boundaries of dark become paved roads of light

Gathering myself from the boundaries of inception

I only look through the layers of reality subdued

From two points a path was venturing, now a 

Lineation of consciousness passively aggregated

Into a symbiosis of an analogy when organicism

Was always the living breathing intricacy of our souls,

Inception just the metaphysics of the intricacies told;

In perfection of pursuit is the only reality we now know

Invigorating endurance thriving to connect

In inward affliction passionately thriving

Seeking the Darkside showing my colors

Of faith in conviction worn as painted

Symbols telling my story of humans living

The life of the Good, the path to build better;

Even in the metaphors of hell, our light only

Loves the enemies of humanity living in sin,

A choice we all wish would never take another soul,

The only way we know, living in us, turning each

Page of our lives discovering compassion's bliss,

As each consciousness sewn to the womb of evil

Lives a kind and caring soul that will only suffer,

An endurance into a path we have set to free

Giving the consciousness of choice for generations

Tainted by the blood that we know evil can spew

Now given the journey every human should know

The story of overcoming the darkness of a human tale

I am the metaphor of striking grace

Within my soul living to seek, 

Only that veil of my determinist fate

Blinded by my vision trusted to my 

Alexanders of history living as the

Great warriors relentlessly pursuing

Pursuits given to us long ago at birth,

Just look and see how history has 

Unfolded into an undeniable truth

Each path laid as each choice decided

Leading to the amalgamation of us,

A human story told only the God's know

The heavy breathing, the salacious desire,

Salivating to feed on my pursuits, to devour

In the cradle of darkened pain living to breath

My heart only beats stronger, my desires

Feeding my soul from its eternal river of faith;

I as you never give up, only giving more each

Step of pursuit, a never ending story to give

Bringing life to exist each moment I live

Filtering the love of my heart giving atonement to a sinful history of Adam's lore;

In my narrative of living, feeling the burdens of being a son of Eve

I only seek certainty to give on this earth that our story may change

And humanity will no longer live the tragedy of a religious story told;

This is my duty to enrapture, living as walking scripture as I can;

Resting is not an option, only the duty to live, to breath, to fight, to struggle,

To live in the uncertainty of a battle worn in life, living up above

Between the skies of my brethren past is my soul resting to give

My faith in giving painted across the speckled sky as those before,

My life endures the fate as many so maybe just maybe, the sins of 

A religious story told through the lore of Adam and Eve will be no more

Soulful exuberance laying deep within

Your life your journey, a hedonist perceived,

Letting life unfold, letting a story be untold

You only seek to relieve the warrior's soul;

A muse, an art, a conception on being

Breathed into life through faith in the Good

Desiring origins ordained as our path,

We seek in the depths of the unperceived

Through the mountains of human light,

Traversing our gaze as a vision well sought,

An unrelenting muse giving each right

Leading us in so we never lose our best

Definitions of self, our essense always fused

In the duty of our art, our purpose

Only to lead with the Goodness of light

Enduring desires within the spectrum of my soul

Ever so clearly asking in this life I live to be;

Acted out of creation, designed to pursue 

Life as intention, life as inspiring hope 

Blessing my desires compelling my heart

To endure the perceptions scouring innate

Sweltering burdens born as risen inferno's 

Lighting my inner fire so I will never die,

Never to cease to conjure my strength live;

In each breathing breath I carely take

I will live with my desires burning to pursue

That which gives, that which proves humanity’s

Identity as a soulful creation for purpose

Designed for each of us to live with the pulsing

Of our hearts as all we know, all that allows

Us to grow, all that is our artful human design

Affecting my affections as acceptance of others 

A broken barrier of emotional distortions

Giving me the strength to let go

To open not just my mind but my heart to be seen

As always, grace with the slightest of caresses

Eases my soul knowing the feeling of loving again

This is your duty, to give to all

A moment, an act, a statement saying

I care and this day I will show you

My words, my beliefs, my actions are

All a unified one, all the best in me

And I give that best self each and every

Step in my life, as my very own

Consciousness of a loving choice

I sink into you, a tide pooling me in

To the waters of faith, brushing my tears

Absolving my life of any human fear

Draining a once consumed human being

Drenched and streaming in rains flooding

My river of the damned, rinsing sins worn

While entering the Darkside of being;

My purpose being etched through the mighty

Courage of solidity channeling the storms

In my history ravaging my soul, a cataclysmic 

Disruption balanced through the eternal Good

Holding our hands on the narrow path of right

Until the river returns its glory of human light

Leaving the damned river of tears and fears

As a now giving source of divinities purposeful

Intention to only deliver our goodness of

Brilliance radiating our human lit hearts

Holding within me the dearness of my care, hearts and minds alike

Woven into my soul's fabric living in my humanity as I lay to wake,

Awakening me to persevere at first light, holding my consciousness

Tightly, closely, saying my prayer's for the world to shine their truth

To wear their hearts of armor telling a true story of human belief

I only look each day to find my source of light, inspiring me to rise

Without question or concern, just a duty in being, with an easiness

I thank, with a comfort long sought, with a pleasure now living in

My heart giving my soul some peace to rest, a life now being lived

Only in duty of purpose will my life now give, as I have learned

We are all here to serve, on our journey, our vision of faith

Now an art on being, becoming our work of art soon to be seen

Forging new definitions, taken as acceptance into my life;

Further the journey to surrender to the force of our lives,

A reckoning in this world is our purpose to provide, to give,

We know no other way, serving graciously when tiring whims

Chasing our souls, when life is in front of you but duty calls

Foregoing at times the pleasures of living so others may live

In the solace of their lives, a feeling I know all too well,

A feeling we all know too well, but in life prevailing goes beyond

Our desires and perceptions and into the eternal of belief

Living a life of fullness in many forms

Something at times I don't see, what is

As my nature screams everyday, just is;

I seek to further a life long ago, it will 

Arrive like all that has come, well built,

Takes time, my arch enemy of burdens

Will soon cease, as I trusted this year

Leaving behind a life still living in caged

Tears of a history a quarter century past;

But only forward is my muse, only fullness

Guides my heart, seeking to perfect growth

Unlearned, a will to engage with a childs' 

Thoughts of accomplishing with ease,

All the while living in today with a bit of hate;

Only encouragement, only a salivating chin

Learning to focus, learning to let go, in this

I have always looked at you and said

Let me see, let me learn, then I can show you

How to be better, just as I; my only purpose

Perfecting in each step, my only truth I have lived

Acts of kindness and caring comes in many many forms

Giving to my life my visions blinding my purpose to act

As a movement of my body, my soul, my physicality of

Space and time as motion compels me to expend my

Energy and source light to build constructs of imagination;

Constructs of theory breaking boundaries of aesthetics

So consciousness of truth and reality will give our souls

A new vision of light that in our hearts we will only prevail

The tale of a warrior's pride protecting

The Iron Gate of human steel of strength,

A fortitude born of a shared art of giving,

To each other, for the protection of others

Building bonds sealed to the warrior's 

Breath as his heart beats with the courage

Living in his shielded strength molded

From the gates of the iron lion's heart

As a fortress no force of this earth may

Enter, no evil will make its way, only 

Pureness of the Good will live this day

Brutally tearing down malicious walls of distrust 

Disguised in perceptions, a tempting Lucifer story

To drag us down from our pursuit of who we are

Compelling in each our own Blonde Beast to rise

A vigorous rage against the demons of hell’s work

With the silk of my tongue lashing of my righteous

Being in this earth cannot hold my eternity of my duty,

A life born of us roaring with our mane's of heaven 

Pain upon the split tongues desire to manipulate

What is pure as rain, what lives as the almighty's muse

Fighting when our teeth are bloody, resisting all that

Dare get in our way, living in truth is our mighty reign,

I only cringe into my soul with a fury this world has 

Never known to see, living in me the strength of us all

Giving me my 5th pillar of strength; as my body quakes

With the strength arising in me no beast on this earth 

Will ever live to know nor will I fully understand till

I rise to the heavens above, a journey I gain to enter

As a warrior I have learned to be, as a warrior is all

My soul was meant to be, a gift I now thank you for



Amrican Poet Infinity

By R. Cary

Copyright 2019

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