9. Amrican Poet Human As Art By R. Cary

Amrican Poet

Human As Art



Allow yourself to breath luminating breaths, 

Some self-reflection on what you brought to be;

Your life in the making,

Yourself well conveyed,

In each of us, beauty will always lay

Deep inside your creative indulges in life, 

To your interpretations relished in acceptance 

Sculpting clarity in thoughts

Bringing yourself to aesthetics of appeal so,

Your journey becomes well told as a phenomenon of choice

Roam this earth as a fury of faith, 

A disturbance upon your once lost soul, 

A torturer of fate, longing for 

A reconciliation in your disdain

A willingness to see, a willingness to arrive

In each step you will survive, another step of faith;

Further you go, further you enter, a potential of self, 

An arrival to be heard, an arrival to be seen;

Conjectures of an existence, a preponderance of belief

Unwilling to abide to a sworn state of thought,

An idealist in perception lacking in distribution;

Whether you doubt, an unknown 

Self-strangulation entails 

Of sorts; a moratorium in effect, lacking in belief

Living, still, in disdain

Forever is a feeling you are losing to procure through

Acts of defiance, relishing the thought of one day

This will end, one day forever will not be today

This fate of eternity as a fact of life

This fate of never ending causes me to despise;

Endings are needed, as my life, like all stories are

Lived stories that end, restart, begin anew, but 

Living in a story, a narrative that truly never ends,

Is the brutality of a human’s life, the bleakness we can perceive

At times self-imposed, at times a lack of control

But as all stories, if good, capture you, bring you in, enrapture your thoughts

Causing your soul to bend to the story's will, with no other thoughts

But exists in the plot, the scene, the characters, as the 

Novel unfolds, requiring you for the story to be told;

You will retain your faith, that in time, 

This novel of creation will one day close its binding

A blissful thought, 

A recompose of feeling, 

Saturated in belief

A centricity of force

A current of thought

In a diversion of faith driven,

Epiphanies arise in accrual;

Arising in you is the sight 

Of your soul,

An intrusion of self

A prospective lingering

A Destiny of choice

A mountainous rock of exposure,

A gathering of pain 

A gathering of deliverance, 

Apprehension of thought 

A moment of consciousness 

Arising in turmoil of

A scent of all that can be, a will to enter, a healing of wounds, procured through faith, a believer in one day, this pain will heal, this life will provide

A swift judgment of self through

A cynical death, a wrath incurred

Delivering your strength, delivering your

Disturbance in unrest

Let it rain upon hell as depicted strength of your will as a burden upon his skin of fire

Burning are your intentions, burning will you be to blame as you use his fury against him

As a cynical nature with the strength to fight, with the passion to heal

Even those scorched from centuries derived heaven’s pain will be consumed through light

As a decision to take, a decision to be had, to put out the flames ignited so long ago;

Pure faith in thought, pure faith in all, in each we can in time begin to leave our hell 

That haunts us from a history so long ago;

Step into the graves of a glory past

Let go of your epitome and live in your uprisal,

In your tears resides a blissful joy

Give me your surrender, I will show you true faith

Pained into existence through a narrative ill defined;

Each step a moment in time, each moment a rise in faith,

Every step u take I will be beneath you, making the ground break 

Fracturing your structure of self;

Gathering wits of exposure lit through incandescent tears of denial,

Rumination through a deathly surmise

Symmetry of self in rise;

With your pained existence exhumes a soul;

Transfusion of self to release your sins;

The savagery of a birth, the monotony in a choice

A Catering of self for the weary, delivering 

A caricature of a life in grandeur

Living as an apparatus of human will, 

Parting with loss as a path endured,

Larger than feeling, larger than being;

Atonement unlost, never found

Graved in senses unknown, a burial arises

In ashes I was assumed to be, in ashes I will soon be seen

With a blow of the breeze or with the slightest of breaths;

A Blonde Beast is building, an act of attrition unscathing, 

As the mighty fire burned words of wisdom unsmouldered;

Flaming into breaths of new air, flaming into consciousness unheard

Embattled and engraved to a tomb with no boundaries, a burial denied

Across the paths of all that came, extinguished with ease of a tongue

Further scattered the Blonde Beast becomes, as his words are not contrived

In each is his guide, in each the Blonde Beast lives, his ideas of pure faith

Intertwined with you until the ashes bring us once again to a perceptual death

Aching brilliance lavished in grief propelling propositions of unrelenting pursuit,

A belief in architectural fury ravishing minds of intent, a lashing of tongues furthering 

Concepts of human creation delivered through their own concrete form in divinity,

As a reception of thought, a belief in theory, an ideal caressing the skins of our souls intertwined; 

Through fate, lasting in faith, a purposeful lacking of cause but strength arriving in the benign; 

Inception of one man's intent and another's blind faith

Conjugations in disturbances surmised from a guilt of consciousness,

Lathering yourself, repetitions purveyed

Surveying your own landscape for demise,

A removal of self

Separating thoughts of indignation inward,

Throbbing veins excreting

Blood stained droplets of conjured persuasion

Berating inceptive thoughts occurring within you

Built in a flowing scheme upon your consciousness

Derived from your own fears arriving;

A rise of pain

Flowing deep within 

Your self lost in the current within,

Brutally its presence is upon you,

Stains accrue as the landscape changed;

A new path delivered, but in each a stain endured

With the rise and fall of your chest, a new path

Is carved within,

Only your sins remain

Until you know yourself no more

Beat upon your ravaging of sin,

Give me your pain and I will wear your sins

Allow me in, so you can rise

Beyond conceptions you have not heard;

With a pulse,

With a pulse from within,

You will stand to rise once more;

Forgiveness is your path,

Forgiveness of self will ease

A caring tale of belief, 

A caring fate you will believe

Looking within, the light will shine forth

Compel yourself as a systemic supposition of faith,

A glorious becoming of self living inside as a furor of being

A passionate soul ready to rise

A beat of persistence

A burden of proof

That you always were, the human work of art your history will show

No longer to live with the precipitous burden upon your life

No longer to live in the burial of your soul

No longer in your struggle for faith,

Starting within you resides

Through a reconciliation of self

You will say;

Today I conquered fears of uncertainty reveled in distorted

Conceptions of thought drowning my consciousness to rise from the

Waters blessed as uncompromising blind faith in a resilience

Delivered as a gift of strength as pursuit without sight, vision;

Without light, a darkness once resided now itself drowning in my 

Strength, a system of faith, blind to intentions but accepted to incur;

To arise in your soul the strength to follow

Living in your pure belief in your purpose,

An uncompromising persistence upon my beating heart,

Pounding at my soul, pounding my blood to flow

To continue on its path with each pulse stronger than the last

To conquer the landscape of my life

Carving my path, flowing as life will show,

Guided without purpose, guided without sight;

Pure persistence in a fate unarrived

To live in the blinding glare of a shimmer 

Penetrating your fate, arriving to deliver

A self once lost, a self yet to arrive

Your own self-discovery looming as a shadow of belief;

A recognition in sight,

Your vision swayed 

As you once again remember, your life is one of blind faith

In faith you will arise, in faith you will become

A radiance of bliss

A peaceful thought of becoming,

A scented person of light

Shining with your brilliance, shining in pure hope

That each of us will become, armor for this light

Forever to discover, forever to rise

A denial of fate, a denial of self

A conflict arisen

Your life to decide

To gather your intuition

And step into this day

To fight your conflict

To fight what has been

Your narrative of despite

Your narrative to change

Endured against time,

Pain and anger looming inside

Your fight now defined

Your perspective still unchanged

Two history’s meet,

One that has been, one that has come

Further you go, deeper into faith

Further you go, to discover the truth

Yourself as a human work of art or,

Yourself as you have always been,

As the fury of the fight engages

You hold steady in one thing

That you are just as you are 

A human work of art

One that lives in pain and suffering

To one day be forgotten

That one day you were suffering

But today, today you say no more

Deeper you delve, deeper you encounter

Your true sense of purpose, your true sense of desire

Inscribed in your history yet written

Your sense of self still yet defined

As the conflict endures, you will fight for more

Fight for your sense of what could be

Living in the uncertainty of definitions

In you still lacking to be seen

But one day after the next

Because you took each step as a step of faith,

Looked deep within to discover;

There is much more of you still to see

Fight the burden upon you of despair

Disparaging through swarming fears of ineptitude;

Rest in your relentlessness,

Never ending;

Decide against your disdain of self-indignation

Arriving in your sense of efficacy against

The absent feeling of loss,

Against the gravity of fallen falters

In your burden rests;

Acts of defiance loathing you in purgatory,

A perceived mental state

Tearing your consciousness into shelled halves 

Disorienting your sense of efficacy in self,

Denying your freedom from your dichotomies of self

Keeping you as a miraged state in being;

Blinded in your pain

Blind in your hope,

All you can do is fight,

Fight for freedom from hate

Fight against the ravishing cravings upon you

To devour yourself internally, a self-consuming future

Anguishing you to fight,

Configure yourself as an acquirer of Good

Engaging with the bounds of humanity

In pursuit of your undying nature

To make Good as your matter of being

As your self derived state

Delivering your faith upon this earth

Not as a matter of choice, but a matter of self recognition

Devouring the pain of man, living in pure light

Free from bondages of familial descent

Free from petulance in your past

Adorned to a life for you to live

Told so your story may live,

For each of us to be relieved

Of our own suffering of choice,

To make our own decisions to stand up

Against configurations of hate

Through your light of the Golden Lion,

Each one will rise;

Rise to the strength coiling your heart,

Rise against your self-hatred

Rise against the pain that haunts you

Rise to your occasions of bliss,

A state of being

As your manifestation of care,

A purposeful design,

A strength that will not weaken

Consuming your fears 

Against the darkness;

You have willed this fight

In you lives a breeding

Pulse of purity in being,

In you lives a vigor of faith,

In you resides 

Your person to be,

A living purpose of design

Created for yourself; 

For you to bleed your soul into life,

Weathering all that arrives

Weathering the fight for all to see

A craving for others, a well lit sun

Guiding those from dark into light;

Beckon yourself to answer your call from within

Derive your strength from your past

Let humanity bleed from your heart

And pulsate through your veins

Dig into the graves of antiquated theories surmising your rise,

Quell the influence of what haunts your gaze of influence,

Conquer the ill defeated against subordination of fate,

Gather your indignation; further your tidal to rise

Glare into your transparency of self, as an aesthetic beauty perceptually entwined to 

Your journey rousing your eternity of self now becoming your existential self built through 

Pure emotions of human pursuit annihilating your recited myths told in lored tales disguising 

Your true self as a fantasy running in parables dismantling your conceptual belief in yourself, 

Laying hidden through illusions devised to deny you to become what you have always been, 

In others you wanted to see, an aesthetic beauty transcending human confinement delivering 

Your truth past mirrored facades reflecting a self-imposition upon you as a chronicled narrative ruminating your senses into monotonous allegories self denying through conceptions built; for your denial of belief in who you are, a person to be perceived, a human to be defined, not as a tragedy retold, but as a human who has been, is no longer no more; your true narrative, now a human work of art

Crash down upon your pain delivering your thunderous roar

Of brutal force of narrative construction pounding granules of self

From disparate sand of glass made of clarity and translucence, 

Visions seeing past the mirrored distortion of self

Let the light guide you through your new lens of 

A battled self well worn, nailed together through 

Your own carpentry of self-discovery and self to be

A well created piece built on this earth

An act of compulsion,

An act of uncompromising will,

Forbearance of grief;

A lighted path will flow

From the rivers of faith

To carve across this earth

For which others may flow

As a guided map for self-introspection

Venture into your disguises of a revengeful theory of self

Into the flames of vision penetrating your soul,

Acquiesce to your feelings of your human blind faith

To run the gauntlet of demise

Giving yourself to your theory of purpose

Giving intention in thought so you may 

Leave behind the denied substance of self

And live in your true life's purpose

In your natural proclivity in being

With feelings in motion, your mind becomes adrift

In painted figuratives raging against your beliefs

Tormenting your desire to be, holding you beneath

Your clarity of pursuit, your vision to perceive

Further than sight can see, past emotions of precepts

Into your embattled self you transpire

Against swaying conjectures dragging you down

Towards a history now becoming long lost

Attempting to deny your path now shown;

Inward you look, at first finding nothing to be seen

To only look closer past sabotages of perceived fate,

Past the inclinations of human frailties of hate

Finding inside, you're a mind forgiven to fight

For perspective in foresight, belief in one’s light

Bringing yourself to right, a life built of your might;

Thriving in arrival, thriving in pursuit

A lifelong lived, a mind well worn

Tired in your destiny, and a bit torn

Between two theories

Two of which still well shown,

A conception of a narrative

In pursuit of anew

Your conflict arises

Yourself is subdued

Quietly you pursue

Quaintly you fight

One against the other

Definitions of self ensue;

Persistence in your fate,

Time will subdue

Giving you, the strength to endure

A battle still to be fought

A life still to live

You will never give up

You will never lose your fight

When all is beleaguered

When you feel you may fail

You will look inward to remember

Your intentions and pursuit,

Nothing will stop you

It is always up to you,

Each moment of your life

To bring yourself to

A life guided by light

Decipher your soul, raise your fate for existential denial

Of a self long living for its desired exposure

To bring yourself into this world 

To create your art as a perspective on being

As yourself as you are

A human of creation

A human of art

A human work of art

Designed to give

Designed to be perceived

Just as you are

A beautiful work of art

Waiting to be seen

Waiting to simply be

Your moment of purpose

Living in your eyes

As a new history retold

Traversing your landscape of self

Devouring an eternity of thought

An identity has been defined

An identity has been abandoned

Conjured rumination has surmised

Freedom in thought now lays inside;

Deep rooted from within,

Your new self has incurred

Through your story of strength

Through your story of being,

A human like others

Living a life well procured

Follow your path, follow your instincts

Of desire and will resting in your built

Pillars of faith,

Recognition in each block built,

One after the other,

Layer after layer

Your tower of belief

Now standing tall

Now risen high

For all to see

For all to rise too

Your ascension to be, as all should be;

Their own human work of art

Built one step after the next

As a pillar risen,

Your symbol built,

As a metaphor of strength

Acquire your persistence

Relentless as you are,

Live in your will,

Devour your pain

To act on your compulsion that,

There is so much more

In a self procured to a new fate,

Fighting for strength

Fighting to abstain

From a tethering sense of self

Now balanced and apprised,

That is all it took

A long time ago

Was one blind step;

Engrained human faith

Derive your will from you past indignation of self

Use your dying years of death to incur

Clarity in your depth of inflections against

A previous courier of longing

To a wearer of your human blind faith;

Allow yourself to live, free from your narrative of pain

Disposing of your aching heart

To live in your artistic poem created in darkness

So you can live in the light,

As an aesthetic of self

Wearing all that you are

In exposure of self, an exposure to be;

I am a person, with all that I am

Nearly dispersed into dust upon this earth

But gathered to entail, my story to tell

With a will never failed,

I spread myself as incurred faith

To bring you to this day;

My humanity rests

In my written soliloquy,

My beauty will be seen

In aesthetic appeal to deliver a self endured,

You rise to your occasion of bliss

Delivering your perspectives defined

In accrual; you have been built

In your beauty you will show,

Your aesthetics in transcendence

As belief in who you are,

A human work of art


Live in your affliction of admiration, admonishing your ancient self to a memory drifting

Into a landscape foreign to your consciousness now living as your way of being

Deliver your true self into your life streaming free of your burdens once seen

A perspective once mired, now a story of how your freedom came to be

Find your sanctuary of self in proclivity fascinating your insight

Live as the ravisher of fate depleting the soul of the fire 

As the executioner of choice, uncoiling the will of the serpent

Decapitating its slithering tongue of sin fueling your fire of disdain

Drive your faith upon yourself, an evolution arriving

Your compulsion becoming, abiding by

Your human belief in what one day will 

Be your sanctuary of art, your masterpiece of creation,

Your haven of self sliding in-between purgatory’s edges

A creative expose of synonyms descriptive of your faith

Daring to give depths of perception scouring your burdens

Of you war chest challenging the blurred lines of heaven and hell;

Encouraged to incite, derived from the ancient's divinity 

A burden to lift as a silhouette of those before you;

Two earths to live in, a synthesis in your art

Bound by duty, driven by morality assumed

You continue on, an artist of reality

A new interpretation to be refined

Inside you discover, a person no longer adrift, mired in loss, devoured by pain

But an inward light, glowing with each pulse, guiding with each beat

In your journey of self, in your journey in creating

Your human work of art,

Transcendence is occurring

Through semblance of self-casting shadows of mirrored identities

Woven together as they always were, residing in you now as your circle of self

Drawn from your own story, depicted through your life, an act of creation

You are here to define

Your self weighed against life 

A self spark through an act of imagination

Lighting yourself when darkness was near

Forgiving yourself as you were

Sorry from deep within,

A sign of your core self

A perfectly caring human who at times went too far

Lacking reflection in decisions, continually on your path,

A relentless nature, never without remorse, never without compassion

But always with your heart, living in your light

Abstaining from pure darkness when temptations roared

Using your core beliefs to traverse your landscapes of life

Retaining you as you through a process now clear,

Seeing yourself as a depiction of self

Worn into your creations with a signature your very own

Showing you, as you always were, a person of loving human care

Walking in your winds, letting yourself sail in the breezes gliding you across this earth

In your newly acquired arrival of being, in your intentions of purpose in life

Touching the souls of those around you with ease in your heart,

A motion of gestures always from the kindness you are;   

You engage without knowing, you engage without insight

Just gently bringing your palm to heal

Those wounded souls that if only they knew, what you know

That as you have done, others may do;

Heal their ailing self from a life not their own,

From pain incurred, pain that one day may be removed

From burdens upon their existence, in pain will be derived

Their true sense of being, as in others they have seen, inward

They will arrive at their own source of light, as inspirations for all

Creating in themselves, their own creation of being, a work of art 

Living as a muse for perceptive arrival of imagination to derive

Inner strength that one day will lead them to be, 

Their own human works of art, leaving their colored depictions

Of self to color this earth, just enough for others to be inspired,

For your winds to carry in your gentle breeze;

Your mark as an artist on each gentle soul you touch

Guide your deliverance of faith into the path of beauty 

Resting in your peace of brilliance, 

Always living now in your seeing light

Shining from within, your exuberance 

Shown through tender acts of care

In the slightest of movement,

The softness of your touch is felt

Just slightly, as you pass by

Your presence is now felt

Raise your consciousness of a soul divided

In antiquated theories of self past

Touching yourself through transposed expression of your beautiful art, 

Raising your consciousness of past theories of a self into a soul well woven,

As a soul appearing as it was originally conceived

Linger no more in frailty of thoughts ensuing divisive discourse, 

Conjure your aspirations beyond tones of a symphony in the distance,

Attune yourself to the vibrations of an ancient lyre, built deep within 

Residing in your own choir of prose forgiving cravings of the obscene;

A vibrant melody, vigilant when even in despair

Pursuing your reception even when you do not hear

Your orchestra of choice, has never been so clear;

Your constant muse of persistence, as your will you declare

Your listening voice of faith, now your path into the light

In layered precepts coinciding with your discovery 

Through your journey away from perturbed self-reflection 

Disingenuous to your nature to rise your risen self past mirrors of 

Distortion into your metaphysical ideal vibrating choruses 

Choreographed to the beat and rhythm and of your soul

Lift your disguised tranquility, your perceptual acquiescence

And deliver your veiled existence through 

Your undeviated persistence holding your own form of theology,

Steadfast to your arrangement of unwavering belief,

Conforming your ideology of thought

As now an entity of integrated conceptions;

Your acumen of intent, now a freedom to live

Script your dictations of furtherment,

Transcend your concepts of conjectures inward,

Gathering your sense of self, gathering your layers beneath

To arise from ashes of dusted disdain,

Quelled no more, your blossoming occurs

Atone into your kindness lifting inspirations in spirits of human beliefs,

A conquering of self, through a pure act, a touch of light, your kindness is felt, Gently,

Burdens are lifted, your true faith has endured

Now a transcendence of self

An aesthetics exposed

Deliver your transcendence as a purposeful design arriving to this earth as your own divine providence saturating your soul in ease of self residing in your being accrued in a realm influencing your intentional acquisition of faith gently redefined as you always have been, as you have now brought forth; in semblance you now exist, you can now breath, your whispers of human light

Enter the realm of conscious semblance stirring echoes now subdued to their banality of discourse once rotting your soul, now an afterthought of consequences denied, an effect of passion for this world, to be better at a natural human state

Sublimation once awoken lays dormant in delusions, no longer an ill fate

Resting yourself in peaceful human belief;

An internal war fought

A human struggle gained,

Human triumph occurs, semblance endured

Penetrate your own consciousness to arouse instigated inception of thought kindling introspection of ideation delivering your self imagined pursuit of self for resolution of an identity imagined now becoming woven; an intimate self now known

Delivered through a previously pained heart,

Risen against infiltration of your mind

Adorning shields of strength against the brute 

Will upon you through discernment of 

Consciousness fracturing your once splintered 

Self from frailty in being to strength in choice

Crumbling your cracks of self into cemented 

Definitions of a singular purposeful design 

For humanity to see, for you to be,

An artistic impression cultivated from inward 

Insight tearing down constructed idealizations 

Of a self unapprised of its own true nature

Pursuing conjectures of a self

Your true nature now living,

No longer broken, no longer cracked

But a singular pursual of your own 

Illustrated life painted in your vision of hope

Tell your story of rhythmic despair as a story of blind human faith 

Devouring the pains of human life bringing your humanity to life

As a beautiful pursuit,

An act of persuasion

From the darkness to the light,

An act of being now gained,

Your act of living now 

An illustration of human faith

Listen to your heart, listen to your soul;

Its touching occasions of bliss holding you 

A float, obscuring the darkness, asking for your gaze,

Asking you to hear its beat, its vibrancy; 

Your source of light,

A constant muse inspiring 

Your human aspirations

Leading you to divinity,

Your beacon of light

Delivering human faith

It is up to you to see, what has always been there

What is always there for you

What will be, no matter what you decide

Even when you break

Its pursuit undying

You are never alone

You never were alone

Your light is relentless

Your light is your own

Finding you when in despair

Influencing you once again to care;

A light always shining,

A light always gleaming

Live in this idea, in your freedom of choice

Knowing if you only decide

If you only let go and have faith

Your humanity will rise

Your self, a human work of art may lay

In guided light;

You may choose to live,

A decision of blind faith

A decision to lead

Deep inside, this decision rests, born into you

As a human will willing to be

Your consciousness of concern,

Your awareness to arrive

No longer misguided, no longer a depiction

Of a person tied to history's boundaries

You arrive into yourself as atonement occurs

A letting go of self,

Freedom becomes found

In your own depictions of reality to show

As you influence this earth

Through your story of strength

Your struggles to endure

You never gave up, your struggle will show,

You freed your existence from a story not your own

A fight endured, your faith well worn;

In this story,

Human faith will be shown

As you endure, each time once more

You did what was asked of you

Letting go and living in faith,

Allowing your narrative to now be told

Live in your destiny of choice, ravishing the fatigue upon

Your soul, a consciousness divided chasing freedom to decide

This gift now upon you

Your soul no longer plagued

Unleash your freedom as an acquisition of faith

Carrying sparks imaginative in a new perspective of consciousness 

Show your artistic interpretation of yourself defined inward,

Gazing upon your soul of others exuding your identity of self

Now living in freedom of strength in a 

Struggle of freedom; you decide

Purpose your new self as a tool to devise visions

Upon you as a sanctuary of relief;

A sight of intension, a sight to be

A human who has struggled, a human who has survived

Now defined

As a human who chose to decide

Relinquish your intricacies of self letting go, 

Analyzations disrupting your influence of purity as,

An open canvass to receive;

As a reflection in those that see

Their own ability to become

An open decree

Of human aspiration

Glimmering in being  

Arose and awaken

No longer living in shadowed apathy of self-loathing

No longer living in your relic of a self-reflection,

Disdain subdued;

A new life now lives,

It is who you are now becoming

Your best version of self

A life by pursuit,

Realization accepted

Transcend your plight against your arch enemy

A foe well conceived

A foe feigning to survive;

Light your illuminated self

As your muse rumbling to fight

Bringing forth, from an ideal now seen

Stimulate your inspirations as an impulsive beat

Conquering the ill defeated

Consuming voraciously any darkness remaining

Once a combustive sea of flames

Endured as incandescent light

Bring your insatiable ambition consuming your soul

To rise to your occasion of bliss lighting

Your true essence ornamenting your grace of

Human humanitarian poesy

Elegantly across the world

Your truth now embarked, a new reality conceived

Conceptions of the mind, you have now become

Illuminate your self expression interpreting this gift of humanity 

Lighting impulsive reflections into a self

Eclipsing our history leading us on our paths

Of destiny to decide,

Revolving figuratively, to live in the dark

Or choose human light

A decision to say to each

What will you decide?

To live ungregarious with flesh unraveling,

Lost in intentional design, floundering in perspective,

Drowning in dark waters of deaths pursuit

When light hums freely across your existence

Caressing you through steps in life

Always silently, always without resolve

Just simply is, a passive whisper you never pause to hear

Until you stop and say

I cannot take one more step

When you drop to your knees

Pleading for it all to stop

For the bleeding of pain to cease

For mercy to find your path

You beg, you plead, denying what is next

Fighting against the lyre attuned to your soul

Saying I will not acquiesce;

Further and further you go, deeper into your soul

Scavenging for faith, sheer death if you don't leap

The pleading ensues, you cannot let go,

Fighting till the bitter end

Leaving hope to a whisper unheard

Your structure of self-closing,

Your fight is ending

You no longer care

Your purpose comes to an end

Unrealized, that is all that is here

Not in death will you die

From one perceptual death

To a metaphorical demise

Your light whispers, to give you faith to care

If you only knew, misguided as you were

The light always arrives through angels of myths

Giving you the strength to fight

A new definition entailed

A new fight to occur

To simply stop and let go

To take your step of faith

When stopping must live;

A new system of thought, 

A new system of being

A transition to appear,

As a sudden burden of death

Just another step of faith

Transpire your aspirations as your source of strength 

Conquering the unconquerable delivering your 

Transcendence through perspiration of brute force; 

Engage with the Blonde Beast within tasting upon the 

Delicacies of human pursuits as blinded faith unyielding to death, 

As courage to live in vibrancy inspired oscillations into your 

Discourse of trust of your path unseen but touching your 

Existence with the drumming beat of your human light 

Pulsating into aspiring connotated allegories mythical by design, 

Human by living, divine through your transcendence

Enrapture your allure to perspectives of faith at times foreign and lost in disguised insignificance in one’s life towards one step after the next as a system of being ensuing purposeful intentional design of a self walking this earth glaring their light of a life of faith well lived, as a journey of being human, leaving historical fiction as a narrative of theories left in ashes of a soul exhumed

Portray your artistry of interpretive design as a source of conveying your journey of a story being told

That in each of us, our narratives are our own, just as yours is your own

Engage with your history as your living work of art painting your expression of the pain of being human and your veracity to fight against its lure trapping you in disdainful melancholy surmising your ability to see what clearly sits right in front of you; your ability to stop, let go and see, I am the human light guided and being guided towards a path only not taken by choice, a path arriving simply by pausing to let its source of strength reach your existential self; a simple but many times elusive thing to see that requires nothing but for you to stop and simply let go, then the light will let you see, what has always been your guided existence without effort in intent, the purest state of being

Look carefully and you will see your craft of creation is a beautiful sight to see

While you have lived torn and destructed inside the will of human despair

Your journey of strength now defines your purpose in life;

It is not in the strength of persuasion or the art of rhetoric to define

But in your strength to take steps with no reason to have faith

As a matter of being, as an existential pursuit

To overcome life's obstacles through an instinctual desire to rise so;

In all matters of being

You do not run, nor do you hide

As yourself is well lived; scars of perceived defeat no longer worn

Just as me, just as you, we all have the strength to no longer hide, to engage with life's perceived brutality if a new reality is defined in each our own perspective, but in each the strength to rise better defined as an act of human creation, an act of being human, creating our works of art as we now believe; brutality, pain, disdain are only concerned as a rhetoricians depiction, not as we truly can engage, as opportunities to live in each moment's decision, the opportunity to live in the opportunity to decide, to live blackened by the dark or in the opportunity of the light

It is up to you to live as you are, beckoning your call of influence upon this earth no longer scouring, no longer searching to see, but as a human soul living to be, as a true aesthetic self, bringing your ideal of your purposeful existence beyond veiled masks covering your human instinctual desires of self-reflections distorting your mirrored self once shattered into pieces and into your chorus of a self living in freedom through acts of willed faith bringing your identity born upon this earth to deliver your acts of attrition against a self mirrored through reflections of self definitions through narrowed scopes of human nature to delineate your vision inward, denying your ability to recognize within is your Blonde Beast to rise, thoroughly and relentlessly through an artist's concept of realized idealization of what one person can be, in their simplicity of self, a human of born perfection, a crafted art of creation.


Feel the impulse of self-exposure relinquishing

Reflective admiration adorning yourself to attribute

Your sheathing existence, masking your soul

Hidden in you a faith unknown, only your life will show

Through your gaze, admiration sways within

A capturing of self to endure, an acceptance of self to be derived

Quietly, yet subtly undone, the facade vacates

Externalities in posturing, for the self to arrive

For the self to be, no longer longing, no longer in demise

But rising in a blissful cadence, in a rising sensual

Experience of a life of hardship undone, a life of 

Waning purpose, among the sways, slowly admonished

Slowly occurring, slowly unraveling, a subtle effect;

A subtle release, now you are exposed, now you have arrived,

Under a sheath no more, a true reflection built off your impulse to be

An unmasked soul, an unwarranted thought, in your 

Life you now live, in your blessing you now give

In yourself you will now love, as you have for others,

As you now do for you; giving yourself as an article of faith

As a perpetration of human consciousness devouring

The scathing sins of a human story told

Living in the breaths of your breaths

As a burden of self-love and compassion

You can now live

As a matter of being, as a matter of choice

Ravel your compassionate soul in its warm solitude in being

Capturing your essence of light and human belief;

Admire your tones, live in your admiration of self

Compassionate and caring,

Not just for others, but of yourself as you are,

A small touch of caring

That you are enough as you are

A creative purpose here to design

Your intentions and purpose

A craft you will define,

As your existence will be,

An artful definition

Of a human that simply cares

Now for yourself, as you have done

For others before

Drag your ubiquitous self across the burning flames in no fear of pain

Embellish your stance as from a fury within

Fighting with blinded sight, with a vision to see

Your past perception faded as a relic of disease

Devouring your internal sources of despair

Engage with your true self as a

Muse of extravagant creation,

Your imagination inquired

Your colors to be,

As a heart radiating light

Guiding yourself


Into your self reborn

From where you came

You have journeyed to discover

A self evolving

A self becoming,

Blossomed from a soul 

You now live

As nature gives

Without effort or intent

Yourself to grow 

Live in your freedom of choice

Your life to decide

Only in the light

Will you revive

Your source of life,

Your beating pulse;

What drives you to be

Better each day,

A source of faith

For you to grab

For you to be

An impulse on being

A path to the light

Live and breathe in your disbelief

When your imagination leads you adrift;

This is your story, your life to be perceived

Only you can choose to allow others 

To accept you as you are,

If only you may

Let go of the mirror

And be free

A transition from

Disbelief to faith to be conceived

Only you can deliver

Bringing your true self to transcend

Your aesthetics on being

Yourself as you are

A work of perfection brought to this earth

Now existing as it once was

As a symbol of what all of us can be 

As you are now, again

Engage with your conflict unraveling

Your nature of beauty

Your source of desperation

Quieting your voice

Brought to this world

As an angel whispers

Delicately soothing the pain of others,

Allow yourself the courage

To engage conflict as it arrives

Your vision well ahead

Your sight beyond its grasp,

In this your essence

Shows itself to the world

This is me, and in this

I will be, as I simply am

An exposition of your art, your beauty transcended

Guiding your touches of light with each stroke of your brush,

Your brilliance arrives through your colors of choice

Painting pain and hate with your assortment of muses

With each touch of light;

Your allure becomes refined

As a gift upon you,

Your imagination now seen

Your artistry in effect, in humanity you create

A human purpose in art

Find love in your cycles of faith

In your human pursuits

Towards a life well lived

In your perspective of choice

Letting the blood of old drain

From a history of wrath

To decisions well made

Living in cycles no more

To a life well seen   

Shift your inward self bringing your aesthetics of truth into arrival perspiring your faith 

Through sleeves of blinded faith acting your will encouraged to be, as a lasting act in seeing 

Your reflection of light through arousal of intentions, allowing your beam of light touching 

As it did you, for others to will

To bring their best selves, a transparency in seeing, their lighted purpose derived from its source;

From the day you were born, to who you are now; 

Clarity consumes you, the light is well received

Letting acceptance occur; let yourself in, to your new feelings, your emotions pursued, your self 

Now conceived

A manifestation of life has occurred, as with all human beings

Self-exploration withstood;

Face your encounter with self-tolerating the self-exposed

Your vulnerability built out of strength, a new will to be performed;

Deliver your highest state of being, purpose now pursued

Let the adrift lay adrift, let your mirage thrive as aspirations to be inspired;

Your vision on being, now your highest state of acting

Aesthetics revealed, transcendence occurs

As you are now, a human work of art

Engage with the beauty of your beautiful inquiry reflecting your admiration for a human life well lived

Forgive your sordid past and love the taste of your freedom of release, its delicate tendencies

Providing you with purpose beautifully constructed as an architectural wonder

Leaving you inspired to pursue the labyrinths of design, just for you to discover

As you have done before, venturing into the unknown, it is your intention to do again;

Each twist a further love of life will grow, with each step, another layer of self will evolve,

Growing each time, you stop and look, what is in front of you only for you to see

A reflection, a thought, you will see, the architect is always looking for your needs

Acceptance is your weapon, your sword of faith, no matter the endurance needed, it is your choice

To believe in your nature as divinity exposed through decisions of choice, your vision to see

In each moment, in each gaze your state may bring, a sight of hope, a desire to be

The human work of art your life has led for reflection in those who receive your gaze

Of glistening light with a softness leaving your soul unto others in your life u now bring

Acquiescence to your purpose, your acceptance to wear, as your heart beats

So shall your faith now bleed upon this world with fervor and strength to give humanity

Your light now glistening with litany in hope, that each you will see will one day be

The artist they are; creative works of art    


You will find a conjuring

Of a new spirit arrived

A new grasp upon you

A mind born anew

From the light you have found

Yourself, as you were, as you are now

On your journey of blind faith

Your journey believed

Past the gazes of history

Into your new story of self

In your perspective of choice

Now received long ago

Through one blind step

One act of faith

Descriptive of who you are,

Turn your anguish into

Your fate of no fear;

Resilient in your thoughts

Unfading in sight,

Turn into your visions of sight

A strength to manifest,

Have courage to release

Inclinations of your mind

Further your fury of fight

For your narrative of choice;

Live in your vision of lost transparency

Of turbulence arose through

Self-deplored indignation

Panicking your senses into

Deprivation to endure sins of 

Your well pained eye

Of cyclical sin

Trapping you into a consciousness unknown

So boundaries are no more

In an aphorism of truth,

Your burdens well worn

With a warrior's grace


A thought

A reality 

A vision to be,

Through your decisions of ideals

In your mirage of dreams

You have decided to bring

For all to receive

Your description of faith

Your reality now seen

Through your mirage of dreams, in idealist expression

Impressing upon this earth your armor of belief

Usurping rationality, debilitating fears of analysis to 

Smoldering constructs of defeat compelling

Your mirage through the manifestations of a dream, a reality

From a thought to acquired inquisition of self

In stories of decisions now made, perception has arrived

We have all lived in our faith of choice

In the terror of failure

As a written history of pain

But each of us have a decision to make

Today is a choice, a decision to decide

Today I will be better

Today I will no longer hide

With fear long gone,

Dying in antiquities

Of yesterday mourned,

Only in steps forward

Will my attention be held

A new path inward

A consciousness of choice

With one foot in front of the other

Each step I will decide

To live in the beauty humanity provides

With just a moment's perspective

It is my life to decide

To live in my narrative of choice

Living in my humanity as art,

With others I shall be

A human work of art,

My life will be seen

I have dug into the trenches of death scouring the depths of my disdain to discover

I have so much more to offer, so much yet to be seen;

Beneath it all, the misery of my human journey

Transpires a soul well lived, a soul I have seen to uncover

As a narrative of my own, my story will come to be

As a life of myth, as life I see, we each want to live

In our own brief existence; we each have our story to show

I have swum through the river of delicate erosion

Sabotaging myself with fined attunement and acute savagery

As an artistic infusion of self as an unwanted disease

I found faith in the river of the damned, in my vices of pursuit tormenting my blissful light

Damaging a once pure soul, once thought to be dead, now living in vibrant beauty

Once forgotten, a mirror of concern; I reflected without light, found my way through the dark

A forbidden precept of a human born into the light, fighting against darkness, again engaged

With my path well lit, my journey well worn, my sleeves no longer tear 

When emotions are conceived;

In courage I stepped forward, as a warrior of human faith, a human story to see,

I fought the wicked concepts of a human's demise, living in disdain as a theory on being,

Withstanding the brutality of human desires, vices now lived as virtues, quainting my natural

Instinct to abstain from a poor life not lived, but while engaged, just a bit of me held steady

So I could transpose my desires as a script of what each of us should be, a theory of self

A simplicity on being, to bring forth our lives to live in how I believe a human life should be

Even when everyone writes your ticket to hell, you fight to the bitter end

As light living in darkness, but darkness not within,

Confined to a notion, a notion not of your own, tied to a self, a self not yourself in being;

You never gave in, you never fought more than was needed and when tough times arrived

You never fought the dark with darkness, always being true in some form,

Never engaging out of the same human pain, even when it wore you well thin

Always leading, always driving, when the decisions arrive, this is who I am, now you can see

As a matter of choice, with a consciousness of knowing

This is the path I chose, I will wear it to the end

I, as each of us, know human pain, sometimes perceived, sometimes a force of nature

But each time pain strides its blunt savagery upon us, we must decide, who am I to be

In the volatility of humanity, only you can decide, to respond to the dark or live in the light

Then you can live in your own narrative of choice, a consciousness in being

A consciousness now your own

Brute strength of will constrained you from entering the gates of hell

Always fighting, always thwarting hell's human disdain

Towards your resilience of pure human faith

Fighting each day, knowing hell is only one choice away

Your strength now shining through resilience well built

Your consciousness now woven into your past well fought,

Against the pain and anger, striking you with contempt

Raising your heart upon your chin taking each blow

With faith in your human light, you stare within;

Finding your source of strength, hammering your human pain

Saying hell, I will never concede to your destructive path

To consume myself through disgust as a disease

Rotting myself until my soul is yours to devour

To live in your eternity of human torment, is not my story

I have beaten you back with my brilliance of art

Berated you to cease as an amusement of my whims

Through the power of faith, delivered through choice

Humanity has risen to a strength you shall never break,

Our belief in the light too strong, to vigilant 

Against your actions scorning your own history 

Failing to overcome your petulance against bliss,

Your ancient childlike behavior displaying your 

Disposition of hate against your self-inflicted pain

Living in your wounds bleeding your true feelings

Of someone in pain, simply screaming for your desire

For a touch of love and compassion and acceptance like all

Your path now shown, let humanity reign, as we will guide you

As we now live, each day, in the consciousness of bliss

Your strength in your fight is your new definition of self

A conqueror of pain, a warrior of faith

Delivering your light when you could not see

Blinded at times, but never truly lost, as you now know

You were always still you, just struggling to survive

With your perspective twisted in a story delivered

Through mirrored lenses distorting your 

Self into narratives of history foreign in nature,

But now accepted as human growth 

Your lessons to learn, your life to overcome

One day after the other, you never backed down

Saying one day, this day will be better

Until it arrives and all is understood

You are a human being, who lives in our purpose

To experience our challenges with strength of faith

As our duty upon us, as we were designed to decide

To no longer live, as the story of Satan provides,

The pain it will cause if we give in

To our fears that arrive when we live in blind faith,

Our fears just perspective, but always our choice

To rise to our risen selves, just as you have

Through your relentless nature

Always guided by light

You battled the demons of ancient lore, as many before

Purged yourself to the brink of compulsive despair

Only to fight with your inner vigor luminating

Darkness even when living in its depths

You continued forward, fighting for what you believe

Leaving behind your history you once perceived

Into a life of compassion of care

Now living to touch others with 

Your heart of beating faith,

Your soul now grown

Into your humanity guiding the hands of those misguided

Yielding your weapon of choice knowing each may decide

To live as you now live, beckoning your calling

Living as each human should live

As a symbol of light

Amongst others, you will now shine

As a human work of art

Designed to create

Humanity’s purpose to rise free

Through consciousness of choice

To live in the light

Is our life's path

As we were born 

Into the truth

We can all now see


You have fought the burdens of rage and anger seeking pain to devour your misery haunting you with destruction through self-indignation engaging with your human desires quelling your pureness so the dark may lurk to seek you out keeping you in your chaos of choices allowing your faith to be lost in perceptions of concepts eating your flesh, wounding your soul through whispers unheard, parting yourself into lived imagery depicting your aesthetics as conflicted between the two, yourself seen and who you are to be, a conflict in being we all search to resolve

Your path, like each of us is your own, your decisions, your desire to be better with darkness engulfing you, extorting the worst of you to rise into the world paining your eyes, causing you to cringe

But in your path, you found reflection of faith, while screaming for relief, as your strength in not succumbing when tombs of graves awaited my arrival is where my human growth revealed its sight to my vision seeking faith

Now saying, if only I knew to live in this strength then as I do now, resilience is a blessing, a system of human faith

You do not give up or back down, you engage with pure belief, simply living by the light, listening for signs to arise so you can learn, when to let go and when to dig in, now living in you as who it is that you are

Living in the beauty of the human experience,

Recognizing what lays in front of you;

Your life to grab, your life to engage

In your daily life

Humanity will be seen

Wearing your aspirations to be better

With your heart showing your true self

As a person that cares, as a person who loves

All this life brings, all your ambition can see

To be the best human you can become

Further you step into the rays of light,

Further you are guided, 

Blindly you have gone

Blindly you will go

To bring yourself to humanity

As we all will one day

Walking directly into our paths, blindly entering the challenges before us;

Unwavering in thought, decisive through human compassion;

Giving ourselves to become transfusions of human beauty

Once a perspective in thought, now a path well worn

Gauge your foresight of self through the idea of human love

Measure your success through each person who feels 

Your care of a human wearing their emotions

With a bleeding heart;

Live in the love of your heart well shown,

In compassion of self, now compassion for all

Tell your story through deliverance of your soul

Bringing your best self to life as it is

Walk into each day as humanity’s concern

Giving each day compassionate human care,

A belief in being

A belief in seeing

In your steps of faith, as all you needed to show

Blindly you go, with human faith you now live

You have engaged with your worst human dispositions

Finding love for oneself

Through beration

And disturbance of your soul

Carving out your true nature,

The Blonde Beast never to succumb

Giving yourself faith,

Your consciousness unwavering

You have the obligation to overcome

You have the duty to endure

Standing in yourself not as a pattern of fate

But as a human creating

Purposeful insight,

Of reality defined

Like all works of art

Transcendence will occur

Exposing yourself

As the beacon of light you are

Let the beauty you perceive blind you,

Building your constructs of faith

Layer by layer, your reality will be conceived

Lighted through fascination 

In the human definitions

Of a life to live

Guided by the light

Your heart believes

Just as you, I have done

We will overcome

Our animosity of disdain

Our pain to whither

Into ashes,

Flames burning no more

Love is your new source of strength

Burning inside you

Igniting your fuel

Propelling you through

Life as it is

A spectrum of emotions

And desire of concern

Motioned into being

For us to overcome

Given to us as choices to decide,

Fight from our inner light;

The strength to live within

As humanity exists

Just so we can perceive

Our challenges in courage

Our fight living to be lit

Through your human faith

Humanity will believe

Reality has arrived pursuing us to battle

As warriors to derive

Human nature portrayed

Through written narratives to decide

Your consciousness of choice

It is in each of us to give our truest self to each moment living in faith 

Through our most savoriest of sins, forging our identities when 

Exposed to opportunities to decide;

I choose belief and hope, I choose to be better

Ravish your life with blatant opposition to sins of behavior you have long desired to quell,

Creating a new work of art in each moment you decide

Bringing you exposition of art from a thought to fruition, from an idea to creation

Let your colors brush the brutality of life with your vibrant passion of truth

Collaging your artistry of human imagination

Exhibiting your courage to see

A new reality depicted

Your artistry defined

Breaking molded sculptures built long ago

Crumbling to the effects

Of new human life longing to be exposed

With each stroke you paint over veiled perceptions

Transcending your source of inspiration

Inspiring persistence in your relentless pursuits

Conveying your forms of thought,

Across your canvass of human existence

Washing resistance away,

Lighting the path to follow 

Through colors inspiring your belief in human light

So we can all live as human works of art


Being is your soul's purpose, an existence in self 

Your purpose to discover, your purpose to unravel 

A true self walking this earth, a true self yet seen 

By shedding your tears of your past 

By letting go of your history of wrath 

Your purgatory will settle, your fight will relieve 

A conscious being for you to see 

A person who cares, a person who is 

A passionate soul trying to be 

A beautiful art of perfection that I now want you to believe 

The beauty of the self is a burden deep inside of us  

A hidden gem in search of being sought, 

A seeking sparkle of human purpose  

If you can only see 

What lives in you as a  

Purposeful design 

In will of intention 

A discovery of yourself 

That comes to be  

Once you leave your purgatory behind 

A self imposed inflection of a human life lived 

You have given yourself 

For others to see 

Now it is time to let go 

So you too, will be


A human work of art 

A beautiful person in creation 

The myth of what it is to be 

A human being 

A soul well worn, a soul 

To see, a path of human life 

A guidance to follow 


Your steps in life have at times led you astray 

Your beliefs in life picked you up when you fell 

Each time after the next, you rose to stand 


Your construct of mind, your desire to be 

The formidable force you are, a fighter against human pain 


You do not give up, you never have 

It is built into you with firm belief 

To simply keep going, when all has failed 

To simply keep moving, when life entails 

Pained deliverance upon you, a relentless toll 

Of being human and suffering has accrued 

In your humanity, your history is told 


Your desired relief from what pains you 

Your desired resilience to what quells you 

Attempts to force you to your knees 

Forces you to acquiescence to fate, 

A moment’s thought and you just may 

On this very day, say, today, I can be 

The strength of what I endure, a symbol 

Of human faith, a symbol of who I am  

Because today my pain has fell before my beliefs 

Certainty in your strength, belief against a painful fate 

You grasp your sense of self, your sense of purpose 

Gaining yourself from within, finding yourself in between 

Two stories of self, one in denial, one in pure human faith 

A story to be told, a narrative of intent, let your intentions rise 

To belief in yourself as the beautiful creature you are, 

As an incredible work of art, a masterpiece to be perceived

To recognize your shimmering light, an arousal of sight 

To become a fragrance of bliss, a carefully crafted art 


Faith in yourself is a destiny of choice 

As you write your own script, a narration  

To devise, a decision to decide 

To live free from self-inflicted pain 

A history for you to decide 

As one day you will see 

You saturate yourself with blissful purpose 

An expression of your art as a beautiful self 

A perfect pleasantry upon your eyes

A soothing comfort for your soul, 

A place for you to rest your own misery of self away;

A vulnerable self-expression, allowing you to be 

In you, what I would like you to see 

Is a human work of art, I want you to see 

An arisen perspective of human life, 

A belief in each of us to be 

A being of struggle and purpose 


With the strength to rise, with the strength to overcome 

All life's struggles, a purgatory no more 

If only you decide on this day, that you are an intention of will 

An intention for others, a perception for others to believe 


That they too will not succumb to hauntings in disguise 

Muses of a fate delivering deception in their mind's eye; 

Devouring our ability to release ourselves from fears of forethought, 

Conjectures of seeing, what is not our own visions of sight 

To continue to discover, to continue to derive 

From our pained struggles, is a self created 

Of paintings of artistry inside each of us; 

A dissemination of muses, purgatory released 


From within you must engage, from within you may see 

Your true nature resting to be released 


Your struggle to fight, your fight to be, built off perceptions,

Of who you want to be 

An illusion in the making, an illusion well lived 

In your thoughts of who you were meant to be 


If you just look deeper, further than the mirage 

Deep inside, you will come to see 

Your struggle to set you free 


Exists as a decision, to let your soul rise 

Against your burdens of perception 

That allow you to hide 


But as you rose before, stood in the face of anger and hate 

Stood in the roaring winds of your history long lived 

To endure once more, as a symbol of strength 

To be the one that lives in your perceived tragedy no more 

To no longer hide, but live in your own narrative told 

Through trials of your strength, burdens upon your existence you rise against 

Your self inflicted wounds, your burial of rotted flesh to decompose

Beneath this earth you will send your pained existence  

To send the symbol of ill will his desired metaphors upon you 

As a gift of your strength, I will allow you to live in me no more 


Find your destiny of choice to deliver a sanctuary of faith canvassing your art, transcending the human experience into divine collages of blind human faith

Let your inspiration accrue

Let yourself bathe

In your conjuring of self

In your will to rise

Gathering your spirit

Letting your light arise

A beautiful peace aroused

In perceptions you will

Again, fight against

Burgeoning conjectures now subdued;

Ill wanted speckles of

Your painted past

Now unwoven

With your narration denied

In your story

You will define

Your narrative of truth

Your self now defined

Through perspective and choice

You have freed your 

Condemnations of self, 

Your inward decline

And live free

As only you, should;

This is your path

For others to live

As you are now

Free from a history of

A declineated fate

And in your story of choice, others

In their narrative of choice

Just as you have, become

An axiom of human faith

That each day

We may all decide

Today will be different

With one step of blind faith

In your direction of choice

A direction of consciousness

That now bleeds

Toward your compass innate

Guiding yourself in this world

In every moment you now live

In each step of faith

Your story defined

Light your lit flame as your guiding light

Arousing the senses for others to perceive

Your desire to live, with your heart well worn

Once tattered and torn, now thriving in beats

A pulsation of endurance, a beating will to live

Your flame well lit, your heart well shown

With gazes upon you, you continue to grow

With each beat, your flame deepens its glow;

A lit brilliance, your life now shows

A strength and courage, a will unknown

In pursuit you are, to live as to be

An encourager of faith, in what each of us believe

The person we can become

If we only have faith and a desire to let go

Of our human inclinations

Our disturbances of being

To breed our dimmed lights into flames of human growth

So one after the next, feel each another’s light

Impress upon your warranted soul,

Exposure caressing blinded images of dystopia flourishing through 

Slides of realism diminishing insight to mere fragmented concepts derived 

In space and time not yet existed, depicted through art derived from a simple thought,

An idea to be created through mastery of self, an idea conceived in a realm unknown

Brought into this world as your artful impressionism of sensory experience flourishing through 

Revelations born into you as spatial circumstances occurring as light penetrating a line of sight 

A radiance intentfully arising as you open your eyes; turn what previously was inconceivable too

Born of the light, only you can see, an interpretation designed as your divine light into 

Perceptions of bliss, as a new reality conceived

A token of thought, a fracture of feeling, 

A new sense of arrival 

Your new senses aroused

Exciting in you a thought to be created

To bring yourself

As a perfect work of art

A warrior of all that could be

An artist of human canvases

Let the brutal warfare cease

Let it reside in your comfort of ease

You self of purpose  

In your perceptions you will lose your identity once belonging

To a self undisclosed, to a self foreign to you

Arriving when lost, just in time for you to gain

From your loss of potentiality, a new being will begin

As you always thought, as you always wanted to be

Now living from within, a new vision to perceive

Potentiality now reached, you are living as you are,

Feelings disoriented, acceptance must heed

As you now must realize, what you have obtained;

A lifelong accomplishment

In pursuit you have been

Now to be, living in

Your potential of self

Now not a thought to be

But your reality to see

You are what you have willed

You are what you started out to be

In this you will feel, isolation of sorts

Feelings of loneliness, as potentiality became fate

With understanding and care

That this is you now

Your desired state of existence

Coming to fruition of human will;

You can no longer look back

Into a self you once were,

Now a foreign substance

No relation to you

An aberration first perceived

In time you will feel

Not your history of self

But as you are now

As you always were, as you wanted to be

From the day you first conceived

Of all that you may be;

Uncovered in this journey;

Discovered through blind faith;

You can now look back and say that is me no more

Reparations endured as encouraged acts of faith,

A willingness to stand, a belief to say

In me rests a human of desire and inhibitions

At times leading me as lost, as others showing me

Lessons well needed to occur,

A built structure of learning

A built human out of a life well lived

A new-found ability, to arise when in pain

When humility in being pervades

You look inside and say;

Reparations implied, my sense of being unharmed;

Continue forward, so myself will lay

Not in my constructed shame

But in my strength to overcome

My human inclinations not as a fate

But a symbol to rise above,

In each step, in each barrier to break

A new sense of living, a past just a journey;

A path to be learned

One after the other

Until the day comes

When all lessons have been learned

Growing yourself into a human well born

Live in your potentiality in being, a thought, a conjecture

An image derived, from your sense of a human being

A desire to be, a vision to pursue;

Bring your imagination from a thought

Into your life of living,

Guide your imagination to compel you forward,

A lucid depiction of your aspirations attuning

From your light will derive

Your artistic impression of self

Upon this world, from a mere will of thought

Creating a departure from 

An existential crisis to be endured,

Past the fear of lost potentiality 

And into your steps of blind pursuits

Leaving your uncertainty behind

So your story arrives, a departure from, and ascension too

Uncertainty in deciding is a human conception

Born into us to guide us from our frailties 

Protecting us from losing our senses,

Our identities of circumstance,

Our selves built as defined by others,

Holding us captive, to outward appearances

Defining our being, to a definition not our own;

In this path you have shown, your fear in uncertainty,

Your fear of change, in losing your social consciousness,

A comfort in being, a reliance on others;

Fear resides, to protect yourself from losing

An identity well built, and identity well defined

But it is up to you to let go and have faith

That in uncertainty is built, a life free of fear,

A process to be entered, a step to be taken

As an opportunity in being, as an opportunity to decide

To deliver your true self, in despite of others

To build a self solely on self-reliance

Defining your being, tuning yourself to listen

To what lays deep inside

A longing for being, a longing to discover

An apparent artifact from within

That only you can believe

To be your true self,

For you to discover

So in time, others can see your discovery

Built from a choice, a decision in deciding

Through your acts of blind faith

That you have so much more

Uncover your wrath of fury persisting through your hatred in your own disdain

Forging your new self now holding its grip

Fight from your new found art to

Stand in your intrusion to truth

Perspire through saying,

Me towards only one path insight;

Clarity conforming,

To my true sense of purpose

Let your anger rise, let the muse be unseen

A force of action, a force in faith you believe

Let it in, the pain, the anger, the fury of your might

As a purpose you must bear

As intentional rising of disturbance

To force yourself from despair

Let it burn through you, to die in flames

A tangible feeling, to set you on fire

A lost compulsion,

Human emotions aroused,

Fueling yourself to soon extinguish these flames

Of your lost sense of self

Your lost dignity now gone

To inspire

While in search of;

I will no longer fear

My human emotions of grief, pain, and human despair



Amrican Poet Human As Art

By R. Cary

Copyright 2019

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