Amrican Poet II By R. Cary Arrives 2025

Amrican Poet II By R. Cary, Arriving in 2025

Excerpt From Fire Heart

In us as ashes of faith, passion of dignity, an Atlas Higher of faith and conviction, 

A burning stream of fateful desires, burning to engage, burning to inspire dignity of our pride

As beauty sits as our anchor binding us to faith and destiny, the two resting in each other unopposed 

Discovering one, built from our path now shown into our perspective carving our eyes, piercing the light,

Vision now resting in the synthesis of our art seeking the beauty of humanity through the beauty of your life of the Fire Heart;

A self burning, determining, a new found destination leaning into my burning ashes of pure gold 

I seek solidity in fortitude beckoning my existence for purity against temptation

Enticing motions of thought for betterment of my soul, our souls, to live only upwards

Above, beyond constructs forging humanity, born of iron to a flowing untainted shimmer

Goldening dignity in acts of human goodness, kindness, as duty of our human born hearts;

Awoken, grinding my pursuits, heated by passion, fire, my incessant rage attuning, flaming,

A torrent of only faith, I brush my integrity erupting from just a kindle, my heart lives

Inflamed, risen from the ashes of the Good, heated to erupt as my new hearts muse

Igniting faith as my fuel, horizons of truth gaze into my excursion provoking intentions of purpose;

Heated to my core, seeking higher has begun tempting sensuous expression higher in us as rising;

Courage, goodness, the truth beyond good and evil afflicting monuments risen to the skies of our hearts

Into the unknown courage as self gives to this art; to rise, to love, to live in our passionate courage,

Our dignity uplifted over the mountains of history across the skies and into the faith of our hearts

Binding us to the truth of purpose in our lives to live with our fire hearts until higher has rosen;

Let the fire ascend to its burning light of human goodness prevailing in each step, within your depths, always towards

Higher and above, further and farther, towards our truth, determination inspiring victory of our virtuous souls as,

Fire as our art, our aesthetics, our eternity reaching into our path of courage, engrossing confliction into unity;

I walk this path as the armor uniting the determination of the mighty I and the tenaciousness of us, the story of Fire Heart

By R. Cary

Copyright 2022

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