Crimson's Truth By R. Cary

Crimson's Truth

By R. Cary

Concaving tombs built through these canyons of human grace and faith

We atone with deliverance and sanctify through movement of our hearts

Upholding truth, upholding this fight burying ourselves into conviction begins

Holding our gaze, assuming this toll as the sky begins to descend,

A new journey has arrived, the Gods straining to provide, in only in us

Survives, the warriors facing what looms, the gravity weighing our souls;

This sky gathering, thunders of grey consuming, pressuring

Facing inward holding our beliefs upward as our faith against condensation

Misting the clarity darkening our sight, the horizon once so far away

Grazing our souls, as we enter this storm, a metaphor of heaven’s war

When conviction has turned to haze, when integrity has been weakened

We congregate through unity of this tenacious story living in the cornerstones

Of faith and cornerstones of hell holding ourselves to this life’s eternal womb

Releasing our souls across these lands with the breath of eternity’s flames

Lighting morality as attestation, purity in purpose of the destiny of human

Goodness, kindness tendering souls of evil with our ancient light lighting

Our tombs over these canyons, across these mountains challenging, arriving

Into our path encouraging in us to rise giving our will across these skies

Living in our requiem resting our souls in our own self-sanctuary of faith;

In the river of the damned we proceed embodying acceptance of this bridge

To cross these passages in litany, congregating persuasions of our

Strength of might narrowing perceptions flowing against this gauntlet

Streaming, enticing our consciousness in our battle, as the sky befalls,

This is our journey, letting life descend, we raise our shields of golden armor

Broadening our hearts conceptions of human faith releasing tenacity in

Courageousness, as a phalanx for our souls, as this river narrows our bridge

Grows stronger, more resilient protecting the guidance of these mountains' peaks,

In this, we breathe our creed of brutality, savagery, as we never relent, never die;

Tombs excavated as the purity of our pureness becomes tainted by evil’s consent,

The duty of our purpose, a crimson river rising, to hold our vision of light’s gaze

When Taunting’s whisper in our ears, when these canyons seek our souls 

We learn the truth of human grace, bloodied and embattled we venture to 

Conquer these mountains building this bridge for all to walk, solidifying destiny, 

Determination carving the truth of this river enduring ill rotted detestation 

Ravaging our rapture, with faith under attack we will only build this bridge of

Pure iron, our molten solidifying our dignity in purpose when our souls are incised; 

Sanctity distilling against this river of red isolating into a form of crimson blood 

Draining lost ambition, but we will not demise, we will resist desolation as our

Tombs seep red onto our souls, forging our bond of Iron Eros, the truth of the

Story of us all, fighting with only faith in each other so we meet these mountains 

Ends, where our grace lives when these canyons narrow and our tombs weep, 

We only build stronger bridging the path of fortitude surrendering to our resilience; 

Born of iron as our gifts to the Gods, but it is in us that we rise, in us faith survives

Turning crimson rivers into humanity’s persistence, the truth of these mountains now told



Crimson's Truth

By R. Cary

Copyright 2022

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