Dread of Acidic Tears By R. Cary

Dread of Acidic Tears

By R. Cary

The dread of acidic tears burning my future to misery’s company pairing certainty 

Persuading my senses to run to hide in momentum, my consciousness exhausted 

Wanting, lacking in thereof wondering amusement in persuasion of purpose chosen

My fated monotony prolific in destiny determined my tears run in conscious streams 

Subduing the future I, the I only seen in isolation, in fatigue, corroborating the searing 

Of my skin, burning a void, as I run in lacking movement, a constant motion of 

Existential paralyzation my future living in static agonized despondency as I learn 

To love in misery’s company, a resiliency sworn subjugating the present I to the

Loss of my future I; remorse confiscating my heart only seeks to concede against

My purpose of up high I reside, this toll will exceed my devised truth pursuing my 

Obligations, as I wait in denial; destination aroused, embodiment upends my recognition 

Towards inbound fate pressuring into distillation, this acid of my tears, the dread of my 

Momentum my burden to wear bearing my weight of this world concaving the strength 

Of my soul; excessiveness, this loss, widening this void extolling pressure depleting 

My consciousness into derangement hopeless futility wiping the stars to darkened 

Night; gone, deceased, leaving atonement no hope becoming unlit deeper this void widens 

The darkness rising, suffocating, to die of lack of air an inability to breath my chest 

Breathless, burning, my eternity swallowing the void born of acidic tears, eternally 

Nothing existing beneath my fate, only this nothingness swallowing the whole of my void, 

The atlas of my life, the void of our lives weighing upon the defined courage to live 

Until our burdens heighten into depths we can no longer bear, in the loss of the future I



Dread of Acidic Tears

By R. Cary

Copyright 2022

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