Eternity's Flames By R. Cary

Eternity's Flames

By R. Cary

This is my journey, to enter the realm of eternity’s flames until light will  

Persevere strengthening the path of goodness for humanity to decide 

Intentions of human faith delivered to devour darkness’s recesses  

Attesting exigency pressuring into the truth of our journey to fight 

Against the crackled whip of Hades’ flames is purity in human resilience 

Depicting incarnation entrenched; strengthening, emboldened, lifting,  

Rising against eternal despair tendering souls of evil with the choice of light; 

I will rile my anger, protrude my ancient light as my sword of justice 

Releasing my soul for unbound raptures of a rage the dark has never  

Felt since the dawn of man, my brutality of courage encompassing  

Myself with the wrath of the Gods seeking the goodness of right through  

Souls of the eternally damned within the abscesses of the lurking leeches  

Of human misery consuming the sustenance of their existence with one mighty  

Strike; my form of Adam existing to arise to God’s truth of, ‘let there be light’  



Eternity's Flames

By R. Cary

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