Incandescent Tears By R. Cary

Incandescent Tears

By R. Cary

My eyes forgiving into incandescent tears, droplets of moisture falling

Beneath my sight, below my vision my character, the background of

These tears, who I am, who I have desired to become, the hardships lived,

Upon my face rolling down the lineage of my face, moisture condensing

Till a river flows lighted, filled with translucence upon me, these lighted tears

My history telling, a journey of deliverance discovering in these tears

Sprung from the river of my life, the canyons of my age as crevices

Forged into existence transposing my internal self to a self well worn

Lived, with scars worn, effort torn, confliction absolved into moral conflict

Learned, accepted in this journey, my life of growth courage becomes born

As these tears of incandescence deepen into knowledge as they traverse

The landscape of my life flowing from my beating heart pulsing me to further

This shimmer of light heating my self-belief and self-recognition I raise my eyes,

As moisture falls, my chest raises as my chin rises, my life now above my sight



Incandescent Tears

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023

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