Incendiary Acts By R. Cary

Incendiary Acts

By R. Cary

Roaring pressuring symphonies resonating from the hallows of the gods’ halls

beltering injustice incurred

enigmatic power perverse as the air swelters indignity

Bellows of hell chiming in dissent as the forces of power and brutality betray humanity’s disregard

forced from the car wrestled strangled subdued

but hell hisses for more a taser fleeing for life

Chiming flames descend at Castlegate where hallows halls meet burning


the beating pursues its violent destruction

kicking stomping fists declaring hell is here ravaging gods fall to their knees

a symphony in loss, the gods’ halls abandoned

three days later due to injuries sustained in use-of-force incident with officer

Tyre Nichols was dead



Incendiary Acts 

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023

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