Inward, Unbound By R. Cary

Inward, Unbound 

After “Diving into the Wreck” By Adrienne Rich

By R. Cary

Into my sense of self

My body undoing

A centralized point

A new perception living

Deep within

Outwardly I am convinced

Discovery has arrived

The further I see

The further I go

Away from myself, away

Is my body’s undoing

Inward and towards I must

Retract with gravity

Towards, in away I only deny

Pulling with my might

My two hands grip tightly

My two hands pulling the rope

The world coming back to me

My sense of self filling

My body begging to understand

Within is where truth will arrive

Within is where knowledge is found

As I search externalities away

To my centralized point once distant

Now enclosed my body’s boundaries

Lesser I see, the further I go

A new discovery arrived

Inward lives my perceptions

The rope now well woven

Entangling my new vision

My body raveling 

My body no longer undoing



Inward, Unbound

After "Diving into the Wreck" By Adrienne Rich

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023

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