Labyrinth of Design By R. Cary

Labyrinth of Design

By R. Cary

Built long before my birth, this life, my labyrinth of design

Given the choice I chose, as the Gods asked, I chose

This maze of mine, my venture into where I have failed

In a life before my consciousness knows

Suffering was my fear, a weakness of duty

To give myself of undying will as a gift to humanity

Pursuing through endurance my gritted determination

Making this world a more kind

Caring construct that all of us can give better

Be better, love ourselves better

Grow each other in acts of defiance of human born

Hedonism against our innate perseverance to all we love

The challenges, the pain, the heartache, our lived labyrinths

Are our design and ours to accept, as is the lives we choose



Labyrinth of Design

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023

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