Letter To: The Supreme Court By R. Cary

Letter To: The Supreme Court

By R. Cary

A woman. Her choice. Only in some states.

You say it is God’s right. Right’s, not hers. 

The baby’s right. And so, it is definitive. For now.

No one likes it. Not the mother. Not the baby. 

No one likes it. Everyone hates it. But some,

Some need it. And, as choice is your highest 

Freedom, free will your ultimate cause. Being right, 

It comes at a cost. Liberties denied. Subjugation to

Becomes the loss of right. How can I make you see?

When born out of wedlock, you are the first to say

The word. Abortion. But rape. Rape is God’s will,

Inseminated by force. Can you feel it, the semen,

The army penetrating your body. The fallen soldiers 

Dripping out of you. As you wipe, your body wilts.

Tears fall in line with the soldiers. Can’t you see?

Rape is defunct of choice. Then you make rape a right; 

She shall bear my child! The womb a growth of hate.

How can I make you see? No one chooses to be born

Female. No one chooses to be raped. But you have 

Chosen. The choice is not hers. The choice is the rapists. 

As you, yourself force your own will upon her. She. 

Mom. Mother. Sister. Daughter. I want you to feel,

To imagine this fact. Rape is real. To those you love

You now say, your body, your body is not your own.

This is God’s will. And to God’s will and our own,

You will bear this burden and surrender to the army

Evil has brought to your body, as is the law of the land.



Letter To: The Supreme Court

By R. Cary

Copyright 2022

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