Letter To: Ukraine By R. Cary

Letter To: Ukraine

By R. Cary

I devise to seek to know your truth, how existence

looms threatened, explosions near, your life you hold

so dear. Stifling acts in denial, life, a human’s life.

I ask you to see what is more. I ask you

to plead into integrity, plead for your strength

lifting your skies so your virtues will rise;

hope, the eternal, this is life to the next.

This isn’t hell, this is your battle against

the storied hell. Evil, its absence in thought.

You, the warriors of living human faith,

In each other, your ideals now live against the

absence you will bring life, defend your space of

goodness, a moral consciousness is devised. Your

lesson to us all. You told us once before in 1918.

You're telling us again. Pushing back against the

darkness. Lifting your atlas of the mighty us; in the

trenches with your nails, your spite, your hated

detestation you will bury the flesh, bury this absence

stained in soil; we heard you this time, when

Zelensky said to Europe, ‘this is the last time you will

hear from me’ we began to understand. This is an

Ars Poetica, how we learn from just a few words,

what your existence is. Your time, space, your pain,

your suffering, your leadership. In your part of the

world, you are standing for us all, the highest human

ideal and I pray, everyday, for your freedom to win.



Letter To: Ukraine

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023

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