The Mirror By R. Cary

The Mirror 

By R. Cary

Wavering inside this mirror against this image 

Portraying my truth negating my journey 

Of goodness, my belief of acceptance into ascension 

That this mirror reversed of sorts 

Reflects into towards my other self, the one I testify against

Desire to live myself against 

The one I condone, the one I rebel against 

Living in this mirror of self reversing my truth 

Of pure goodness seeing myself giving me belief to ascend, 

Accept that this mirror is me holding my nature of distorted 

Perversion in my pursuits of courage and strength 

Vanity in my disgust, betrayal of my most beholden values 

Morality deceived, a consortium of self-restructured in this mirror, 

As boundaries became blurred inception buried, my journey 

Into darkness a truth of facing myself, oneself, 

A truth of strength, maybe even tenacity 

Facing myself in this mirror the truth to define

That in our self-perceptions can live a mirror 

Of disguise or a mirror of truth, 

As our perceptions rely on our willingness to accept 

Flawed integrity is conditioned to our existence, 

Given as truth in this mirror encouraging me 

To rise, oppose against, fight towards myself, 

Acceptance of perception defining me giving me courage 

To no longer hide, as in this mirror is my truth to define



The Mirror

By R. Cary

Copyright 2022

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