This Room By R. Cary

This Room 

By R. Cary

Poising deliverance pursued as existence of truth within

Hardened doors protrude inward pressuring engagement

Condensing corners surmising introspection of self

Entering this room open spacious letting my disgust live

I enter determined to pronounce sanctity in seeking

Space in my heart for where my frailty rests

Provides me with acceptance of not only myself but others

Allowing, no, acknowledging this need to love, to care for

Our vulnerabilities where our true humanity lives exposed

In this room widening, heightening, I will only let my heart grow

Walls expanding; pain, hate, internal fears, constructs

Constraining my breaths deeper into the volume of this room

Feeling purpose in loving my disdain, finding its purpose

In this room pressure assuming life in crafting forbidden

Entanglement entwining my pure self with myself denied

In this room truth looms above around ever expanding

Inhalation deepens deeper to caressing determination

Boundaries uplifted, as I seek to love this room, to fill

This room encountering its breadth with endearment,

I will only ever seek to love this room, to grow this room

Within my heart I will always feel this room, give to this room

As a loving of myself, as a loving for others, as a loving for all



This Room

By R. Cary

Copyright 2022

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