Today By R. Cary


By R. Cary

My breeze signifies resonating what will remedy the I ask

Wherever my heart concedes, I will bleed; purpose recognized up high I reside.

What is it that my heart needs? What toll will exceed my pronunciation

Devised into truth, the fight in between is where my heart will live.

Seeking only my life of prevail, today my heart reaches into destiny

Pursuing obligations occurred, recognizing, waiting in denial, destination aroused,


Embodiment upends my recognition towards inbound fate, purpose, purpose aroused;

What will prevail against and in between? I have arisen before, but I ask,

What toll will exceed, what is the difference in how my life has been seen,

How I live, I ask from above my heart is filled with my humanity’s needs,

Its purpose designated, description woven, but lost in grace; when shall I arrive?

What will give, what will provide endearment to abandon my hearted secrecy


Forlorn’d through my birth, my heart only admires in detours lived in secrecy,

Whims sanctuary residing into formatted neglect; mounting imploring aroused,

Gentle loneliness bound to my antiquity lying in sophic nervousness

I will encounter of devoting prevail so goodness must rise atoning in

Sanctity addressing, occurring, leaving purpose of indignity broken into

Maliciousness exposing beckoning forgiveness devoured into conceptual


Lilies floating in insignificance; upon foregoing my life inquiring into conceptual

Deficiency, forward my significance is to prevail - how am I in theory, in secrecy

My art to be supplied, what my bleeding heart, unbeaten, descended upon

Willing intentful uselessness - about forgiveness, about intentful dissection;

Sharpness, in opposition I suppose, as the inquirer of recklessness, I enrage

Myself, warring against transgressions, what is it that will allow my prevail?


How will I wonder to entice endearment rapturing intimacy, in my courage, my prevail,

What will enliven – entwine undo engrossment; rise to depths of conceptual

Estrangement, wondering in purity to write with my heart alive, beaten,

Growing to love encounters wounded from my heart; I will thrive to make

My heart alive, I will urge constraint, while unwinded, undivided, and

Uninhibited as is the will in my life, in my destined entropy, as intimacy of duality


Containing my courage awoke, alive in my death I will seek life in my duality

Spoken on this day, my beginning as I rapture the closeness of my life in my prevail

My life in between living in a heart never to concede rising to ascension, upwards

Arising from within my neglect, against my transgressions my wounded heart has

Grown in constraint, seeking to know my human prevail; decisiveness in accepting

My conceptual estrangement endearing enticement of my courage, only to prevail


Spoken on this day, my ending always a beginning, always in purpose to prevail

Rapturing, beckoning, conceding only to accept in secrecy my life in my duality

Wounding my heart, is where my courage is awoken, with today, my last day to ask




By R. Cary

Copyright 2022

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