Undying, Un Wielding By R. Cary

Undying, Un wielding

By R. Cary

I resist, I rise, I will never die

My attempt to conquer the bounds of my body

I only fight, I rip, I tear this aether from this earth

Bounded to duty bound glory

My resilience my enemy of choice

My closest held fault

Blinded and naive I only move forward

Against and with I never resign

Willing my conscious, I will never die

Acts of compulsion, acts of desire

A philosopher’s hedonism of human born glory

This is my truth, my moral defunct of lacking

I scrape the pains of this earth with my pride

And ego inflating each day

To which I sing, this, my worst self

Who never lets go, who refuses to resist

Temptations of allegiance to blind faith

If this is the worst of me, then I accept me

And this is me, so get out of my way

Because my blind faith is bluer than the sky



Undying, Un Wielding

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023

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