Weakend Effigy By R. Cary

Weakened Effigy

By R. Cary

My weakened effigy conspiring

The Exhausted Man touring

Pressed between my perceptions of masculinity

And canvasses of Madonna and Child nurturing 

Caravaggio's Judith Beheading Holofernes, 

My landscape purveys my sense of self seen in my 

Cringing brows. A mirror upon the ceiling visualizes

Distortions reflecting myself conspiring, sabotaging. 

A man of faith, a loving father of his children, 

Beheaded and forlorn. I have given my heart

The warner of the trojan horse being punished by the Gods. 

These museums walls are thousands of years old,

Time penetrates my effigy, time living in translucence, 

As a silhouette of an art of work my only sanctity of truth. 

But the mirror up high distorts my space in this room, 

Art pressures me to descension conjuring perceptions

My fading efforts unfold, a new story once seen. 

My effigy painted, as fading efforts arise when perceived 

The mirror deflects, rejects, denies my pursuits of goodness. 

My body assumes the hollowness of this museum's halls. 

I begin to accept, in this life pursuits in doing right, 

Pursuits in serving the justice of ourselves comes at a cost. 

My effigy will be lost in time. 

The truth of me, the truth of my efforts, 

As a work of art will not be my daughter’s truth, 

As history has observed, this museum now 

Displays a fallen angel’s wings burning in demise.



Weakened Effigy

By R. Cary

Copyright 2023

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