April 10th, 2019

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Incurring a wrath from the Gods

You cringe with vengeance

Ravaging your soul,

Burying your pain

Obliging hate as anger

An emotion of conquering

Your enemy of choice;

The conscience haunting

You in this earthly world

In your vision of intentions

Riling in you your blonde beast

Of guided human will

A risen strength to

Seek blood with your fangs

To suck this evil from

Your very own soul

A fight for all, occurring within

Your mighty hind legs

Bearing brutal force

Lunging to transgress

A mortal sin for the light;

Devouring inward

You begin your fight

Life and death resting

Unknown to you, only;

Your blood to drain

Giving yourself at all costs

So no human will ever

Feel this darkness

No longer living inside


© 2019 by R. Cary