April 2nd, 2020

Updated: Apr 3

This is your duty, your journey now lived, now taken

To live in what inspires us as people, to live as the Gods

To be the human being you can be, the human being

You are now, here to give in only the way you know

Simply as you are, simple as you can, that is all that

Is asked of you, to only give what was given to you

The purpose of being alive, the pleasure of giving

What your soul can touch, what you have always known

The pleasure of your smile, the grimness of your heart

As a well worn shield of human strength, the courage

Of your faith when all was lost, when you stood there

And just couldn’t say no, when you couldn’t decide differently

Letting too much haunt the perceptions of you soul

Allowing too many to tell you who are are, who to be,

This is your purpose, to give the human spark of light

Looking closely you will see, at every light’s edge

Is the shining bliss of your purpose, your golden

Glimmer of self pursuit for others, your unwavering

Belief that every human being can be better

Can deliver in this earth what holds true for all

We each have our heart to give, we each hold onto

Ravaging Pain while knowing we are Humans as Art

Living with the will of the Blonde Beast even when

The Fractures of our soul holds down our beauty

Of our Art of Self where the purity of the Golden Lion

Lives for us to fight in the Darkside our muse of learning

The human brilliance of Endurance so we can all

Live in the Infinity of the Gods human born grace


© 2019 by R. Cary