December 12th, 2019

From Amrican Poet Human As Art

Engage with the beauty of your beautiful inquiry reflecting your admiration for a human life well lived

Forgive your sordid past and love the taste of your freedom of release, its delicate tendencies

Providing you with purpose beautifully constructed as an architectural wonder

Leaving you inspired to pursue the labyrinths of design, just for you to discover

As you have done before, venturing into the unknown, it is your intention to do again

Each twist a further love of life will grow, with each step, another layer of self will evolve

Growing each time, you stop and look, what is in front of you only for you to see

A reflection, a thought, you will see, the architect is always looking for your needs

Acceptance is your weapon, your sword of faith, no matter the endurance needed, it is your choice

To believe in your nature as divinity exposed through decisions of choice, your vision to see

In each moment, in each gaze your state may bring, a sight of hope, a desire to be

The human work of art your life has led for reflection in those who receive your gaze

Of glistening light with a softness leaving your soul unto others in your life u now bring

Acquiescence to your purpose, your acceptance to wear, as your heart beats

So shall your faith now bleed upon this world with fervor and strength to give to humanity

Your light now glistening with litany in hope, that each you will see will one day be

The artist they are; creative works of art


© 2019 by R. Cary