December 26th, 2019

Your strength in your fight is your new definition of self

A conqueror of pain, a warrior of faith

Delivering your light when you could not see

Blinded at times, but never truly lost, as you now know

You were always still you, just struggling to survive

With your perspective twisted in a story delivered

Through mirrored lenses distorting your

Self into narratives of history foreign in nature

But now accepted as human growth

Your lessons to learn, your life to overcome

One day after the other, you never backed down

Saying one day, this day will be better

Until it arrives and all is understood

You are a human being, who lives in our purpose

To experience our challenges with strength of faith

As our duty upon us, as we were designed to decide

To no longer live, as the story of Satan provides

The pain it will cause if we give in

To our fears that arrive when we live in blind faith

Our fears just perspective, but always our choice

To rise to our risen selves, just as you have

Through your relentless nature

Always guided by light


© 2019 by R. Cary