December 30th, 2019

I have swum through the river of delicate erosion

Sabotaging myself with fined attunement and acute savagery

As an artistic infusion of self as an unwanted disease

I found faith in the river of the damned, in my vices of pursuit tormenting my blissful light

Damaging a once pure soul, once thought to be dead, now living in vibrant beauty

Once forgotten, a mirror of concern; I reflected without light, found my way through the dark

A forbidden precept of a human born into the light, fighting against darkness, again engaged

With my path well lit, my journey well worn, my sleeves no longer tear

When emotions are conceived;

In courage I stepped forward, as a warrior of human faith, a human story to see

I fought the wicked concepts of a human’s demise, living in disdain as a theory on being

Withstanding the brutality of human desires, virtues now lived as vices, quainting my natural

Instinct to abstain from a poor life not lived, but while engaged, just a bit of me held steady

So I could transpose my desires as a script of what each of us should be, a theory of self

A simplicity in being, to bring forth our lives to live in how I believe a human life should be

Even when everyone writes your ticket to hell, you fight to the bitter end

As light living in darkness, but darkness not within,

Confined to a notion, a notion not of your own, tied to a self, a self not yourself in being

You never gave in, you never fought more than was needed and when tough times arrived

You never fought the dark with darkness, always being true in some form

Never engaging out of the same human pain, even when it wore you well thin

Always leading, always driving, when the decisions arrive, this is who I am, now you can see

As a matter of choice, with a consciousness of knowing

This is the path I chose, I will wear it to the end


© 2019 by R. Cary