December 30th, 2019

In my duty of essence I fought from my vengeance to live in the purity of the human spirit of light

Conjuring the depths of my soul begging for transcendence to be, my heart searching for admiration

Pleading for the darkside to end, for my faith to endure in the darkness of human plight

Holding disdain and my chronic feature of self purveying fear, willing not to quit until the end

When I conquer the slaying of rapturing fervor haunting my self as a muse of human hope

Accepting the endurance of my heart aching to live in painfully designed, artfully constructed

Burden of loving the pain in my heart to breed inside from the darkened myths

The beauty of being a person born of the gift of light, bringing the lore of evil and hell

Into my sculpted faith of humanities pureness to rise from ashes of faltering tears

To tear conceptions of enlightened purpose from the woven fabric of my consciousness

Disturbing the rupturing fragility I awaken to break so my gaze of faith guides me

To enter the infernal heat of my suffering as a sinner of consequences enduring

Depths of darkness to further encounter the demented rouse leeching to drain me eternally

Until a have fallen from my internal wrath built of a warriors grace, now brought to my knees

I fight to the end living in the river of heartened pain flooding my body with black pools

Living in my veins consecrating my deliverance into the hisses taunting my goodness

Into a destiny I conquer to endure, living to fight in this black mist of history to give you

The faith of your purpose to never die, to the last drop, every step you take the flood

Of evil’s river will never swallow the light of your soul, the artistry of your created creed

Musing your will of the Golden Lion’s strength of human faith so the Blonde Beast of human will

Encourages the destined acquiescence of fear to your Ravaging Pain of an artist’s choice

Living in suffocating evil rotting to devour, grasping the brutality of your purpose to give

The entirety of self, an Art of Self walking each step of faith in burning will scathing your vision

Your hold so dear even in the Darkside you only choose to live as Human as Art, your duty to decide

Resisting the Fractures of your soul as your divinity in Endurance, with one last breath

The strength of your will guiding your intentions to give the dark abyss Infinity’s bliss;

This is your purpose, in the archetype of your soul you will learn to define, painting your art

Of fighting the lurking demons of human hate, pain, and fear; as your rose today in your

Destiny to decide, I am a human born of the light, sent here to deliver my wrath upon disdain

Never to break, never to die, to seek the vengeance of the light of the Good so not one more human

Will know the darkness plaguing our existence; this is your purpose, in your duty you will rise


© 2019 by R. Cary