January 28th, 2020

Updated: Apr 15

I seek the Darkside to learn the truth about faith

To love what pains me, to rest in its bleakness

Only to discover in our fears is the path of light

With my journey into the black depths becoming

My truth in nothingness is where my light was born

Since the day of creation, the abyss was nothing more

Than a blank canvas waiting to be discovered

For an artist to arrive, to leave his mark of creation

With the colors of pure human hope and belief

That in evil rests souls living in the darkened cave

An allegory of our past, we only know what we are told

But with choice, against the shades of night's color

May arrive giving the path of light even in the grimm

Depths of lost souls lives a desire to see, to do good,

To choose a consciousness of choices over blind will

One day accepting all that is needed was a brush of light


© 2019 by R. Cary