March 25th, 2020

I craved to be beaten, I craved to bleed my purity as revengeful fate

From loathing beneath the mountain of Sinai, a crumbling soul to rest

Forever to seek solace as my beaten heart seeks rebirth from hate

Destroying the mountain of Gods raining down upon me; Thor's

Hammering of internal constructs sabotaging the blindness of my journey

As I seek the blood of all to feed my rapturous rage devouring

My heart with such brutality the rocks of Sinai only burn with my pain

Erupting Thunder crossing the heavens above, as I scream to from hell

You will hear my Crackle of my whip, you will bleed when my Thunder

Strikes the essence of your soul as deliverer of your fate; your death

Grasping my soul as vengeance will only surrender when the end

Seeks the blackness of my darkening heart disturbing the aether

As this mountain quakes to fury crippling its divinity of mighty strength

Seeking my purity of revenge I grab my hammer to rise to my internal strength

Lifting the courage of Mt Sinai on my back, life tumbling beneath me

My soul opens to be exposed, my heart still beating to bleed, my purity

Giving in me the Thunder all my heart will hear, as truth arrives

This is the story of a man's crackling whip and human born hammer of Thor

By R. Cary


© 2019 by R. Cary