March 3rd, 2019

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Love your concentric circles of self

Give your compassion of care

An undying love,

As you always have for others

So today, only one truth will arrive

At times you are lost in layers

Lacking love and care 

Perceptions in your labyrinth

Lay's in rested thoughts;

Corrupting insight,

Myths disturbing inception,

Heart hidden in perception

Each corner unraveling,

Truth rising from beneath

Aesthetic visions lighting

Your low self worth and esteem

Capturing your pure soul

Disturbing in thought;

Boiling concepts of fate

Giving rise to your

Only true faith;

Buried in me

My origins beginning

In my circles of self

My heart and soul rests,

Exposure beating

To breath moments of 

Truthful existence

Persevering to live

Until only one circle exists


© 2019 by R. Cary