November 20th, 2019


A feeling lost

A future in darkness

Pain un-felt

Only as whispers

My ghost lingers


Of my once strong soul

Fighting through faith

But faintness

Barely breathing

As my eternal self

Drifts from this world

Hoping soon

It will find its truth

Through one last gasp

I can only hope

This isn't my last

If I make it back

My purpose will be clear;

When I enter darkness

My life will survive

A surreal induction

To true faith

Of a warriors creed

Conjuring from within

As humanity before,

I will rise against

My earthly death

And deliver the artist's muse

An eccentric splash

No evil will escape

Painting with my colors

Ravaging the dark

A metaphor of light

Never ending

Even when

Nothingness is in sight

Deliver my courage


My self concern

For all I fear

To be lost

Never regained;


Light absolved

From its purpose

To find me

When I am in need;

Let me go further

Than my vision

Can perceive

In a step of blind faith

My end only a fear

Only a miracle

Will make my life clear

Blessing my sword

Given in destiny

Pursued in a realm

I have only imagined

A chosen life

long before

I was born

I stand as I rise

To only see the light;

A consortium

A will

A pleasure

A lie

Living in fear

Only a guise

Just let go

And life is yours


© 2019 by R. Cary