November 8th, 2019

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Walking in the river of your chosen destiny into your lighted source

Your inspiration arises torturing your journey beyond constructs

Conceived when your life was chosen, but you only seek more;

More endeavors of fortitude building your character of strength

Soaking in the light when each mountain is built for your conquering;

Your life as discipline and resilience to the path no man has walked,

Beating the torrid reflection of torment lamenting your essence

Your body ensues to breath a self lacking human recognition;

Acting from deep within your self as muses of old fight to bear

Brutality waring of lost causes readying its own self to rise,

Shedding skinned layers torn in the pure bliss of ravagement;

You only seek beyond the visions of the darkside through truth

In your purpose in this day, as in the last, the next you will give

Your duty of self through transgressions breaking your soul,

Inspired endangerment threatening a ceaseless existence;

Only in your darkside of self will you truly learn human as art,

Feeds on the dignity and purity of relentlessness as your muse;

Never giving up, never to die, your beauty of art given as your gift

As you touch each caressing soul upon each path to be endured

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© 2019 by R. Cary